Do you have friends who don’t like reading?


I’ve shown LOTS of cog’s to a large amount of friends but they never catch on to it because they don’t like reading and would prefer to play other visual interactive fiction even though I’d say most cog’s aren’t too linear compared to other interactive fiction where no matter what you do you get the same or similar endings.
Just wondering if I should get new friends :joy:


My online friend, Bonsaiforest, says that he prefers games with more action and less text. He also has some mild autism


My best friend doesn’t like to read, at least not without some visual element like comic books or manga or visual novels.


Mine doesn’t either. I tried to get him into it but he just wouldn’t do it I tried everything to get him hooked!.. but he didn’t…


I actually hate to read mainly because of my ADHD, but I can sit down for hours and replay these games over and over.


What I like most about cog is the replayability and the fact that no ending is the same. I like how you can customize a lot of stuff unlike in novels.


I used to be in a bookclub and of course my friends there liked reading, unfortunately I didn’t know COG back then so I couldn’t introduce then.
The people I know now…well, they kind of declare me insane for liking to read so there’s no way I’ll even suggest them a COG game. They don’t even read books for book reports.
Buuut, once my sister’s English is good enough I’ll try to get her into COG. Mainly just to have someone to talk to about it.


Not long ago, I recommended Guns of Infinity to a friend of mine who is kind of lazy when it comes to reading, the result is that he is still lazy but he reads much more than before and is looking forward to the continuation of the series.


my younger brother was (and is probably still) like that . Wouldn’t read a book , unless it has pictures . And then , he still won’t read…just look at the pictures . So when we were kids , it was a pain in the ass to play with him . Me and my older brother , were into rpg books games like D&D…so we go full imagination !!! which he couldn’t do . So he grew up to be the worst sore loser I ever met lol


The people closest to me (family, closest friends) do like to read, but I more often do run into people who dislike reading than I meet people who like to spend their time with reading. Most people I meet prefer to watch a movie instead of reading a book bc that’s easier and faster to do I guess.
So to answer the question I have some friends who don’t like reading. But those aren’t really the people closest to me. Sometimes I even find it kinda hard to talk with these people bc they don’t know the books I read and bc I don’t really like to watch tv I don’t know the movies/tv series/etc. they watch.


My brother used to hate reading. Hates reading novels, his textbooks, even the text-heavy parts of his games. Then he got a phone recently and discovered the game Choices, so now he likes reading, even CYOA stories. So far he’s read Choices and Ryan North’s Shakespeare CYOA books, and loved them all. I havent recommended him any COG or HG title tho, but I guess he’ll like most of them.

Although a downside to my brother becoming a bookworm is that he’s reading and lending away my books without permission. I don’t want anyone else’s grubby hands on my things hahaha


I can fully understand that. Hell, the last time I did lend a book to someone I got it back with a burn mark on the cover…


I have a few friends who don’t like to read and I’m always just like whaaat. But I’m growing to understand it. Recently, I’m not enjoying reading books anymore. CoGs and fanfictions, stuff like that is totally fine. But books? I’ve probably become bad at choosing which ones I’d enjoy - or the writing style and topics of many authors nowadays really just doesn’t appeal to me.


Sure. Most people generally don’t.


Same… I used to read novels fast but recently, it waned especially when I started reading CoG/HG. Probably because I could almost decide how the protagonist will react and whom I pair them up with. I do find some recent release books of interest like Lockwood and Co and Her Royal Spyness series and some historical fiction but overall, I dedicate most of time with CoG titles and reread of HP series. :joy:

Anyway, I have some colleagues who don’t like reading but I usually don’t push it though. I have friends who like to read but it seems they are not interested with IF and they want to use their money on actual books. :joy:


One of my best friends since junior high absolutely HATES reading. Even though he’s a genius (like, a literal won-gold-medals-in-international-science-olympics-and-tinkers-with-car-engines-for-a-hobby genius). He just doesn’t like wasting his time reading words lol. He doesn’t have anything like ADHD or autism or anything like that, just a normal gay genius. I showed him the CoG games and Hosted games that i am OBSESSED with, but he just told me to sum it all up cuz he doesn’t wanna read all of that lol. But he finds them interesting at least.


To fall back on what I said about my little sister, I tested her English reading skill and it’s better than I had expected. So I’m re-installing Sixth Grade Detective and I will give her my phone to play it on…I am actually nervous about it :grimacing: