Do you have friends who don’t like reading?

Well, my friend loves to read. But won’t read anything but children’s books, hasn’t read anything actually meant for adults in years. Making an exception for my work in progress though, so I feel pretty good about that.


It was a friend of mine who told me about COG. He told me about Zombie Exodus and how fun it is. In the beginning I was wary but, after getting deeper into the game and seeing how non-linearly it was playing out I loved it!The fun thing is I didn’t really know that I was into reading until I played this game. It actually got me interested in books and that was two years ago. Now I set yearly reading targets and complete them.
So, I thought if this can get me into reading then it can hook anyone. I told a friend about it and told him to play the demo of ZE. Next day, I asked him how he liked it. He had uninstalled the game by then. Said it had, “too much text”. Well…
I don’t really know how you answer anything like that. :expressionless::expressionless:


I don’t like reading. Shame, because I used to be very apt and recieved books as gifts for everything as a child: I’d gobble up to 600 pages a day in a fit of hyperfocus.

Since my abuse, no luck. I forget whole passages, books can’t grab my attention, and my whole brain is just a foggy mush. I’ve found playing audiobooks helps me concentrate because it’s as if I’m being told something, and gamebooks help half the time because they often require engaging feedback to continue.

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doesn’t that fall under ‘‘I can’t anymore’’ instead of ‘I don’t like’’ . since not liking is having the capacity to…and you just don’t want to (lazy butts lol) . where you…you say you can’t anymore .

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I suppose it does. But I can force through it, it’s just. Extremely hard.

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and if you use audiobook…that count as well :wink:

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I actually don’t have any friends (irl) who do like to read. Of course, I’ve met literally everyone I hang out with through music and gigging, and music is the central thing in all of our lives, leaving little room for much else, so it’s probably selection bias. But yeah. Can’t talk about books or IF games to any of my friends, which is why in the past couple weeks that I’ve been on this website, I’ve grown so attached.


funnily enough, my friends like to read but only one of them has my taste for mixing “gaming” with reading. Its kinda frustrating when your bestfriend who loves to read cant get hooked on Interactive fiction. I mean its basically the same thing, but now you are an active character within the novel which is awesome.


That surprises me! Of course it depends on the story and they all strike a different balance between game and novel, but I tend to think of most IF as closer to reading a story than playing a game.


i know right? i mean i just cant wrap my head around it. I think maybe keeping track of the stats or something turns them off? idk. It feels more of a “game” to them then, orrr i dont know we never really sat down and talked about it. Hmmm…i also think that having a choice with what to do turns them off because they told me that they wouldnt do any of the choices on the ROs. Oh yea, i sorta lumped IFs/CoGs/visual novels with the “games” category coz i got hooked on visual novels first and hmmm…visual novels are “games” right?


Well I do have one fps nerd who can play rpggs. More mainstream once. But never a visual novel or a cog game. And hardly picks up a book .

Now that I think about it, I only have one friend who reads online sources for D&D and often reads the player hand book. It’s odd because I have always had friends and have always been surrounded by people who read, but now, I no longer know people who read. For example, my parents used to read when I was growing up but with iPads now, they opt to watch YouTube. My best friend used to read, but now that she has started a family, she no longer does. I guess this is one of those “times change” moments


Most of my online friends do enjoy reading, specially since I have meet most of them through common interest with visual novels or interactive fiction.
But my irl best friend is not much of a reader. He prefers action-ish games with an engaging story. Also survival/ action games like stalker. While he doesn’t read many fictional books, he does love to read lore about videogames and also some biography like books, mostly from people who survived some war/catastrophe.

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lol not always . some peoples are allergic to techonology . My roomate who died, still had alot of books and she would exchange them with her friend . even though she use a laptop . She still would keep a book by her bed and read before going to sleep .

Technology is great, but there is something about holding a book that technology can’t copy .


Technically, looking at the screens of computer and smart phones is bad for eyes, due to radiation… Hence a book is still the greatest, and i do enjoy my childhood days where i used to wait for the postman/mailman to deliver my friend’s letter , and there was a certain warm feeling when reading the unique handwriting of a friend…


No idea where this comes from. Mobile phones emit non-ionizing radiation from their antennas. Radiation would also affect your brain and bones, not just your eyes.

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I think the biggest draw back of books vs computer (or laptop)…

is in these kind of situations :

You see a bug ? Grab a book and SQUASH!

You see a creep ? Grab a Book and SMACK!

You try to do the same with a laptop and you hear someone behind you scream ‘’ PUT IT DOWN! THAT COST ME ALOT Y’KNOW!’’


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The people closest to me don`t like to read


All 3 of my brothers hate reading to the core, I was the only one into novels and cogs while they messed around with their xbox and ps4 :grin: