Text Gamers Unite! New discussion group with a focus on text games like CoG


Hello everyone,
You can find discussion groups or forums on specific types of text games such as Mudding, Interactive Fiction, Choice games, etc. What you don’t find is a place where you can discuss them all, open and freely, with other likeminded text gamers.
I aim to make this happen in the form of an email group, aptly named “Text Gamers”. The group was created to discuss all forms of text gaming. All aspects of Mudding including development, Interactive Fiction both Parcer based and Choice based such as CoG, Twine or Inform. Development may also be discussed as well.
To join, feel free to send a blank email to:
I hope to see some of you soon! Feel free to discuss the addiction that is CoG as much as you like! :smiley:


Might want to take a gander at https://www.reddit.com/r/interactivefiction too :slight_smile: