Multi player CoG?


Has anyone ever thought of doing, or attempted a two player CoG?


Not if that’s possible, but I’d love to see something like that done.


its not possible but they can set it up like that but i believe it would take a while


It’d be abit clunky if you ask me, being a text game and all…


My partner and i love reading these games together so the thought came to me. i think It’d be hard but it could be done. A lot of work in it too… Only really possible if your sitting with the person tho. Went it comes to making choices it first asks the 1st player, then the 2nd player, then carries on with the story… If players slit up then they’d have to read-play a chapter at a time then let a other person do the same. Each affecting each others story line some how


You could do that^
Also with some tweaks you could do a email game where you do one story line and the 2nd player does another… Each affecting the other. But how fun would it be? I don’t know.


True, would/could make things slow too… But I’m thinking this could open the way up for an all new way of thinking for the writers to consider, open up more choices within a game giving it more replay value?


Well, you would need to use Javascript instead of Choicescript to impliment something like this, there was a thread made a while back that went more in depth on how you could go about doing this:
Of course, if you just want to do it with a friend, you could do some kind of email game like @CJW suggested, or just sit with a friend and play the game together.


Yeah you could do a battle or tag team. And depending on your Stats you find different ways to over power eachother.


This could actually breathe some new, unforeseen life into the genre, but I think it’d take a very special game, built from the ground-up to take advantage of multiple players.


Now if only we had a person who is good with Java…


I know a little about Javascripting, but HTML coding is more my thing, I wouldn’t be able to contribute much to a project requiring Javascript >.<


@Cynthia I can’t do a Choice Script properly let alone a JAVA!!


How about Lolcode?


I don’t know, I’ll try it but I will probably suck at it.


If you want a Lolcode tutorial, watch this:
Learn Lolcode in less than eight minutes.




I might be tempted to try this - if anyone can come up with an AMAZING idea that really, really takes full advantage of any multiplayer capabilities.


Since Choicescript is basically a text based game, I guess you could make areas (like Inns) where you could play games, bet, and get money from other players, or have a highscore leaderboard, or maybe even having sort of a 1v1 battle system, or even team battles, guilds, etc.
But if you impliment all of that in to a Choicescript game, you basically made a new game all together. It could be an add-on I suppose, but if your planning to host a game with Choice Of Games to make money, I don’t see anyone buying an add-on.


I wouldn’t do a real-time multiplayer system, that wouldn’t be worth the time it’d take.

But things like cross-over leaderboards and player 1 does chapter 1 and player 2 does chapter 2 - or buying/selling equipment between players is certainly possible.