Multiplayer Choicescript Game - Is It Possible?

Let’s say you want to make a role playing choicescript game (RPCG), and you want to be able to show a list of people playing the game at that same moment other than you, let’s say you want to make your very own profile on a game, and allow people to see your level, stats, equipment, etc.
Let’s say you want to let people challenge other players to a battle, or you want to make a chess choicescript game where you can connect to other players and have a match with them.
What I want to know is, is this possible? I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but to make it work, it seems you’ll need to make a second choicescript, or completely rewrite the basic coding of choicescript, or even make a whole new ‘choicescript’ altogether.
Who else has thought of this idea before, and wants to help me achieve this (if possible) task. Of course, if this is possible, i’ll need permission from choicescript to modify their game, but if they say yes, I can never hope to achieve this all on my own, if you think your an awesome coder, please send me a PM, or post your thoughts and ideas here on this thread. Even if they say no, it’s an interesting idea nonetheless.

This idea is very intriguing, but alas i’m no coder. This will be something I’d like to see progress.

Of course it is possible, although you can’t code that with ChoiceScript itself; you need to use HTML or JavaScript to make that possible (or even other languages; Java, C++…).

I only know the basics of HTML, JavaScript&Java (which does not include anything that comes to multiplayer), so I can’t help, although I’d love to.

Another downside to this would probably be needing a server which would store all the data regarding other players (although this may be easily done; CoG already stores savegames to some of their games that allow saving with an email; even though I’m not entirely sure on that).

No. Javascript is strictly for client side coding, you’d need a completely new infrastructure built with php and mysql or other server side code/database combos. In short, it’s an insanely tall order.

Gah, I can see that this is very possible, but will be an exteremly hard task, even for us and the CoG staff combined, and they invented the program! I can see why this hasn’t been implimented, and there are no plans to. But they do have all the neccesary requirements to be able to host and store things like saved data, as pointed out by @AlexCosarca.

@Daisuke, if you didn’t get too carried away, there are some things you could do of a multiplayer nature, but you would have to use JavaScript instead of ChoiceScript, and as @CJW said, you would need server side code to support it. It would not work as a Kindle native app without CoG making mods to it specifically for the Kindle, and I’m not sure if such changes would even be possible. It should work on other devices, and it should work on the Kindle if you access it from a web site in the Kindle’s experimental browser. It definitely would work in modern browsers on PCs.

The first thing you would want to try implementing that involves multiple players would be a high score table so players could see how they rank against other players. This requires no interaction between the players, so if you can’t get that to work, you probably won’t get anything else implemented of a multiplayer nature.

And to emphasize again what @CJW said, you definitely need a separate server for this sort of thing, with a database and some sort of PHP or other programmed backend.

That sounds like an amazing idea! I wish it were possible, but I don’t think it is at this point.

@DJ_CUTY Check the date on the thread. It’s been dead for a year now.

Oh…yep xD I’ve just been looking around at interesting conversations and I forgot to check how old they were. Sorry, guys!

@DJ_CUTY That’s quite alright as long as it doesn’t happen often! Mistakes are mistakes!

After noticing how old it is myself, I’ve been iffy on posting this or just letting it die again. But I’d say a good multiplayer mechanic that’s witihn reason is an army management game where you have your own castle or area, you upload your unit placements, and people try to defeat it; something like what A Quest for Epic Loot does.

As me commenting on this thread would technically be necro-posting, I was hesitant to do so, but I do like the idea of being able to “fight” other kingdoms other players have made and were saved to an online database, then when the person who was defeated comes on, they’ll have to build back up. It makes for a very intense and competitive game.

I also think things like leader boards for people who have gotten a high level or point total would be cool.

Nothing wrong with posting on old threads if you’ve got something to say – which both of you do. The only time we have trouble with necro-ing is if it’s a WiP and your post amounts to “is this coming back?” Otherwise, resurrect away.

There is another way to do it, however, the level of interaction between players would be very low. Imagine two readers playing soldiers in opposing armies. The actions of one of them change events the other player would face. Ultimately, the two armies may decide to cease fire, or confront a common enemy.

I have seen this mechanic in a Bulgarian interactive fiction, however, it was marketed as a single player adventure, but the principle is the same.

What is needed in terms of technology? Well, a simple save, which one player would make and then it should be loaded by the other player. Right now, I think there is a save system based on a password that can be reported to the other player. Am I right?

Restrictions? Well, I guess the characters of the two players should never meet. This approach is called parallel and does not include interception points.

On topic here.

Rebecca Slitt: We’ve just started development on Choice of Games’s first multiplayer game, which I’m co-writing with Adam Strong-Morse. It’s a medieval-fantasy setting, so I’m getting as much medieval history into it as possible. It’s a huge project: the word count will probably end up being somewhere around 600,000, and we don’t expect it to come out until late 2016 at the earliest. But it’s going to be a ton of fun to write – and to play, too, I hope!

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There is a game that’s actually like that, I tried it for a bit before giving up. It’s called Avalon. Go ahead and look it up yourself for inspiration.