Multi-PC ChoiceScript Games

So, I was daydreaming today and came up with an… unorthodox idea. The idea in question, is ‘multi-pc’ games (as in more than one player character)! I was wondering what other people would think of this and whether it could fit into a ChoiceScript game. It has been done successfully in books, so it could (in theory) be done on here, perhaps with your choices as one character affecting the narrative as the other! And you could have 2 stat screens- 1 per character!

If you don’t get the concept, it’s simple: in the duration of one game, you play as two different characters. It’s not like merging 2 games into 1, far from it, but it could make a really interesting game with different opinions/perceptions from people who perhaps come from different backgrounds.

What are your opinions/thoughts on this?

I think @CJW is working on a game with that premise, it seemed pretty interesting

yeah there are already i think 2 discussions about this

@hyperguy could you please provide the link to them, if possible?

can’t find them but i am pretty sure cjw said that he was going to experiment it

Ok, thanks!

@CJW could you confirm this? It would be interesting if you are writing a game like this!

well i am not sure but he said something i like he will see

I believe, @CJW is toying with translating JRPG (think Final Fantasy) elements into CS, although it’s more of a party-perspective/aspect, and from what I’m reading into your idea, is that you have two different perspectives entirely. Like co-op play vs. party-RPG.

If you could make the coding work (you may need to learn more about JS than CS in the case of two stat screens), I’d say go for it.

@Caddmuss you could just use *if, *label and *goto in the stat screen!

So you are doing two different perspectives?

Edit: I’ll show you a mock of what I had tried with party systems, even trying to include level-ups and what not.

Deprecated Party System Test Game FAIL.

I ran into a problem with leveling up, because for whatever reason, the *if (exp<100), *goto nolevel, didn’t work. You still ended up having to go through the level up process.

I had a thread discussing the topic lightly here.

Terminal will most likely - in some form - feature some sort of additional perspective, but I am as yet, unsure on the exact format. I.e. As Caddmuss says it may be that my additional perspectives are in a more dynamic format, rather than separate, converging story lines - but I’m still experimenting.

@Caddmuss You can’t change stats in the stats screen, they’ll just revert to the same values they were before, that’s probably what’s causing issues.

Regardless of what I do, I think there is definitely room for some multi-perspective games (so if you want to make one, go for it!). Just keep in mind that the second person won’t work, it’d have to first or third person.

@Caddmuss @CJW thanks, I’m not actually making a game like this, but I just wanted to get other people’s opinions on it. Maybe later though…

well you can you the choice command to make 2 stat screens but one of them does not have a next button so you just have to press the back to game button


so like put this in the stat page thingy in scenes

   percent intelligence
   percent strength