A "board game" in ChoiceScript


I have been entertaining the idea of developing a text board game in ChoiceScript. The main issue I am having is the enormous number of drawings that a board game requires, so I would have to use the slogan “text only, fueled by the power of your imagination.”

And yet, I can use traditional board game elements such as a “map” (in my case, an overview of what the situation in each location is), “card drawings” (rand variables), “dice rolling”, etc.

Also, I guess I would be expected to write more text that is generally normal for a board game, but I can totally do that.

What would you say about that, guys?


Do it. Go wild.

Just a few forewarnings- scripting a randomized turn sequence for any more than four players is incredibly long. Keeping track of stats for multiple players is far more work (including NPC players). It’s perfectly possible to create a virtual deck of self-created cards in CS and create ‘hands’ for the cards. It’s a bit complex, but I’ve done so. A map is easier to make if it doesn’t change, but a changing map is possible to do. And if there are non-player turns, you’ll need to come up with a simple AI and foreshortened version of what another player does. Might be simpler to make a single-player boardgame, but CS needs a few projects for it that highly non-traditional CS uses, imo. Enjoy! It’ll be fantastic for your scripting/coding. :slight_smile:


I am a huge fan of Pandemic and Elder Sign: Omens. Both of them seem to be great as apps. In each of them you can play with more than one character, and each character can be played by a different player. This is what I want to have. I also hope to be able to have a setting that can count as original.

I think a map with a lot of tokens put here and there would be a challenge, so I guess I will suffice with a report at the end of each turns saying what happens where.


If you’d like, I’d be willing to share the coding I’ve done that might be useful to you. You’d need to modify it, but it would be shorter than writing from scratch- if you decide to use it. If you’re interested, shoot me a PM.


I have the feeling it might be a different type of a game, but I also believe I can learn something new, so I would be glad if you could do that.


I would welcome a board game
There are not many games with it the only one i can remember is -
Samurai of hyuga book 2
That too didn’t had much in it as only 2-3 choices per match that too with very big hints so we can’t call it a "board game"
Overall fresh and good thought but it depends upon the type of board game and can you fit it in your game.


It’s technically possible, sure. A game that’s wholly dependent on random dice rolls or card draws would be the easiest - scripting NPC play for a game requiring any strategy would be a lot harder. Maybe start off seeing if you can script something like Snakes and Ladders, just as a baseline, and then move to more complex ideas?


Here’s a YouTube video of Geek & Sundry doing a Pandemic episode:


Would be nice to see how this project goes. I implemented a very simple roulette game in a casino scene at my WIP Highway Wars… so it is possible, just depends how far you want to go!