Back from break, anything new? Changes in ChoiceScript?


Hey all,

I’ve been out of the forums for about a year (May '15 I think?) when I posted my WIPs Tavern Tales and Sovereign Reality, and I’d like to know if there are any new updates to ChoiceScript or coding methodology/best practices.

I’ve been getting the new game release emails from ChoiceofGames, so I’m glad to hear about some of the WIPs I’ve played becoming Hosted games, like Community College hero :slight_smile:

But the real thing I’m asking about is if there have been any important changes to Choice Script or rules for submission, I’m not sure if anyone would know this info. :slight_smile:

This is just a general post, feel free to move it/lock it or whatever, admins!



Welcome back!

Codewise there’s been a few changes that I can recall.


Thanks so much @FairyGodfeather ! Any idea where to get this new code on GitHub? Can’t wait to try out the new features…woot!


It’s already included, so if you just download the latest version of choicescript it should all be there.