Free type gameplay in choicescript?

Hi! I’m a short ways into a WIP of mine and have been reading a lot of old CYOA games for inspiration. I’ve become pretty interested in the gameplay style of Photopia and other classic text games, where the player is given a text box instead of a series of choices and can type what they want to do (go north, pick up rock, talk to Guy, etc).

I know this isn’t the typical choicescript method of gameplay, but I think it’s possible if perhaps tricky to implement using CS’s input text function. Has anyone tried this? Could a short story in this style be feasibly published on hosted games?


From technical side I think that it can be done but it would be messy to make due to various ways to write a command. Example: go north, go to north, Go north, GO NORTH, Go North. I think you would need a way to make it clear to the player to only use lowercase letters (or whatever rules you find proper) to avoid writing twenty or more possibilites a command may be written.

About it being published, I can’t tell. It might be best to ask COG leadership (or whoever handles such work/requests.)

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Is it doable? Theoretically, yes, but something like inform is much more suitable for it. yes, inform is a much tougher language, but at least it’s built for games that use a parser. using something that’s not really built for that, like CS, is just going to result in headaches, trying to circumvent limitations


Thanks, makes sense!

If you want to keep the text, input idea, I can give you a hand with the inform shit, I’m coding a game in that right now

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I think a command guide might work, but it seems like the gameplay would be a little clunky clicking back and forth from the instructions to the main text. Thanks for the input!

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Appreciated! In my case, I’ll probably stick to CS because I like the platform here. Good luck on your inform project!


hmmm. It can be done.

but first is necessary to code a parser that:

1 - reads the text input (up to four letters of each word? most verbs and some nouns will be identifiable by their first 4 letters, right?)
2 - ignore case. (by converting it to lower case perhaps?)
3 - compare the words identified accordingly with the rules of a formal language (its an action? then it has a verb, it’s a question? look for a question mark in the sentence, etc…)
4 - react to confirm statement (If player writes yell, answer “to who?”, if he writes pick “what item?” etc.)

*goto/gosub event accordingly with the context tree of the scene (interactive items, interable objects, possible actions, people being addressed at, characters presents, time count, events in motion, etc…)

Makes sense?