Generic Introduction Thread? .v


Well, I am not too sure is it suitable for me to make a thread like this, but well, if you are new here, why not start by introducing yourself on this thread?
Welcome, and I am Laytonia! (just some other nobody player on this site, don’t worry)
And what about you? : D

Looking for gamebook authors

Hello. I i’m Suna. Nice to meet everyone. How’s 2011 going so far for everyone? one month has already gone by, hope it’s been a good one :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile: I’m Eirian
Nice meeting you *bows*
Hope everyone is doing well :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Everybody, hope everyone’s doing fine & having a good year so far. Mine is going very nice. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I’m Dominic from good old England, someone who probably sounds very egotistical on the internet but is actually the exact opposite in real life!

It’s gonna be awesome to meet you all and finally be able to talk about this amazing thing we have going here!
My year so far has been immense, hopefully only more good things are to come :smiley:

I’m going to do my mandatory plug and say that I have a couple of Choicescript games in progress at the moment, both in extremely early stages mind, but since december have been chugging along nicely with no interruptions or lapses in interest on my part.

It would be nice to see a section for indies like me to announce any new games etc. which are coming up from them soon; I would start it myself but I don’t really have the credentials at this moment in time!!

In closing hope to hear from you all and get to know everyone in this amazing community!


:] Hi there guys&gals! Names MrYoungzman [MrYz/Yz for short ^-^] I just saw the blog and you can only imagine how pumped up I was to learn about a new forum~ We’ve all been asking for this for God knows how long.
I’m from the New England part of the United States, and I’ve been moderately active on their blogs, guess now we can move all the discussions over here, eh?


Haha Sup Guys and Beautiful Girls…:wink: Justin Here…15 and half way through my freshmen Year… Just got done with the football season not to long ago… and started wrestling… I’m training with national ranked wrestler Carlos… oh yeah… lol anyways life is getting better for me…:slight_smile: hope it is for all of you too… Hope to hear from More of you peeps and choiceofgames… Duces!!!

“Baby,I’m Honor-Bounded.”


Hello, I am Jad - 29 years, Lebanese.
I code websites and web apps (php/javascript/actionscript)
I am a webdesigner, illustrator & animator (I mean character animation, not only flash animation)
I have played a lot of Choose Your Own Adventure books when I was little, and I have just recently discovered IF games which kind of made up for the lack of CYOA books, but then I discovered Choice Of which has the openness of IF but with the easiness and the flow of Choose Your Own.
I was introduced through Vampire and thought it could not get any better, then I played them all one by one, even Romance which I ditched to the end because I supposed it would be boring (what a mistake!), and now I am at loss if I have to name my best one. They are all great in their own way.
My only regret is that most of Choice Of apps on the apple appstore are free. I would want you guys to make a steady income so you can provide us with more incredible stories.
On a side note, logging in with openId didn’t work for me (it kept giving me “provider info” error - I am using myOpenId), I managed to log in with my Google account fine.

Next Choice of Game, and Lack of Indie Titles Submitted?

@xananax: thanks for mentioning the OpenID error. Sadly, it seems to be a problem with the forum software. (The Google Connect feature relies on the OpenID one, and Google Connect works but OpenID fails to pass some parameters through, as you noticed.) OpenID login is disabled for now.


Wow. I am living in Hong Kong. And I am Chinese, by the way.
Totally forgot to introduce myself xDD!


Hello everybody, my name is Stephen, you may call me Kelfezond please.

I am 21 years old, come from England - Portsmouth and am a Security Guard (I am also currently in a computer games designer course from home).
I am an avid Gamer and I adore snakes, I have 4 Royal Pythons myself and am hoping to breed two pairs in the next few years.


Amazing how varied the selection of people is who like these games!!


Hello everyone! I’m a 19 year old college student from the United States; I split my time between college in New England and my hometown in the Pacific Northwest. Fittingly, I discovered Choice of Games on New Year’s Day of this year, and I have been effectively captivated ever since. :slight_smile: I’m currently working on a game of my own, slowly but steadily.


Hi there I’m Lavonte from a small town in VA. I’m a student and I’m hoping to finish high school with a good understanding of coding and programming. It’s pretty hard but maybe I can eventually get into CoG as a coder or at least support the developers in anyway possible.



ChoiceScript is actually one of the easiest programming languages you could hope for. I don’t know if you realize, but Pauzle, the author of Popcorn, Soda… Murder? is/was in high-school when he wrote that game. So, don’t think that you can’t do it just because you’re young!


Wow!!! laytonia… I was kinda shock to learn that you live in Hong kong!!! Hahaha :o don’t mind if I ask some questions about China And Hong Kong??? anyways I live in the Unites States of America…California to be specific… hope to hear from you soon… Duces!!! although you must be asleep right now… so uhh good night…:stuck_out_tongue:

“Baby,I’m Honor-Bounded.” >:D<



That’s pretty astounding. Popcorn was a very good CoG and the fact that it was a mystery and not an RPG makes it even more interesting. I actually have thought of at least trying ChoiceScript ad experimenting with it. I never thought I could make a high quality game like Vampire or Broadsides, but I’m pretty confident that I can make something decent.


Hi everybody! I’m a fantasy & science fiction writer who is hoping to make a game for this fine company soon. I think these games are just about the most fun thing ever, to play and to write. :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone! I discovered this company via Twitter which led me to Choice of Broadsides. Being a big Honor Harrington fan (and a slightly less Horatio Hornblower fan) I really enjoyed the game. That, and I cut my teeth on Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid and text adventure games on computers. Not to mention traditional pen & paper RPGs.


@mishellbaker completely agree!

also tinsoldier i got hooked on this kind of thing due to reading those choose-your-own-adventure goosebumps books as a kid :'D

I’ve loved this company ever since I discovered choice of the Dragon on my iPod one day, about when it first came out actually, and since then, after already having the urge to make my own game, became enthralled at the prospect of making my own games!

I already have a used copy of Darkbasic language and have tried a few other things but I detest the idea of having to learn a programming language. That’s why this is perfect for me and is something which should be advertised as an alternative to everything else out there which either costs a bomb or requires hours of memorisation and insane logical skills. As long as you don’t mind the idea of your game being text-based there really are no limits!

On a side-note I also make levels on LittleBigPlanet; as you can tell I like making games, but in the laziest way possible :smiley: