Which COG/HG story would you want to live in?

Simply put, I have a question for us fellow readers. If you had to live in a COG/HG story what would it be, who would you be, would you use your knowledge of the reality to your advantage or would you play along?

If I personally had to decide which story to be, in it would be heroes rise. I would use my knowledge of the events in the story to beat Victon by using my knowledge of the existence of Artillery to team up with Protigal to find her and reveal Victonś lies, Before the death ray and before my RO prodigal dies. #WHY


A Study In Steampunk. I kind of like the idea of exploring the dynamics of the Imperial Army and basically what it entails. And for another reason is; when Finch goes all Reichenbach Fall on me, I’ll call Woodward out on his lie and follow Finch into the pits. And then I get to go all-out Punisher on the Vlaski enemies. And at the end of it all, I basically get the guy and the good ending.


If I am to live in one of the world of CoG, that world is my reality…simply put , what is reality ? Reality is only real if we believe it to be… some would argue that the world which we live now isn’t “Real” as well , it may be a fragment of another person’s dream where we are just scripts of a long story…Lol

Well… i had read quite a number of interactive novels from CoG/HG, few will forever reside in my mind…
a) Vampire House
b) Great Tournament
c) Heats of The House
d) Broadway : 1849 (i haven’t finish but i already know this will forever find a place in my soul)

If i have to choose one to live in… i think i would choose the alternate world in Heart Of The House… because that world is simply Haunting, charming and mesmerising … the whole world gives me a feeling of “Awe” as if i am watching the never ending Sunset from a remote village… i admit that most of the scenery of such gothical master piece had already plant inside my head through movies like Johnny Depp’s Sleepy hallow , and the moment when i read Heart of the Houses, the sleepy hallow scenario where carriage race through the muddy road towards uncertainty appear in my mind instantly …

and the moment where i was so ill and had to be taken to the local inn for recovery was precisely when i was starting to have my bad flu after returning from town in late evening … so the delusion i was having due to my flu was synchronising with my character’s first delusion when he ( or me) almost drown in the bath tube , the moment when someone clutch my shoulder and pull me out from being drown was in tune when i need to breath in fresh air from my “blocked nose” condition (due to my flu)… and the story depicted my character had witness a lady who was glowing in a transluscent awe apparently was the one who save me from drowning in the bath tube totally struck me… the word “Angel” already forming in my mind even before i read it from the novel … the choice which i made in communicating with her will be the exact word forming with my own lips …

The moment when i start to know Oriana , i was thinking “I will be damned … based on how most stories in such circumstances , she is likely a Demon or Evil beings , and should i choose an evil path in the end ?” But the story smarty build up her character as a mysterious charismatic Enigma , the longing of following her around is like the Moth who blindly flying towards the Fire…

But hey i got a happy ending in the end, and i am now the new owner of an Ancient Power that secretly protecting the world … there is still unfinished business between my relationship with Oriana , and there will be eternal struggle with the “Formless world” … In addition, there are still ambiguous origins regarding Angel, Demon and God(s)… both this world and the Formless world are such fascinating worlds to be explore, great adventures lie ahead for certain … and the Star-Crossed Love relationship between me and Oriana had yet to conclude , so Yes… i would love to live in this mesmerising world


The Wayfinders series.

Almost everyone has access to magic, there is a clearly-defined Big Good that is at least somewhat active in the world, and other than dangerous wildlife and death cults, it’s not comstantly torn apart by strife, war, or apocalyptic events.

Or the country of Lemuria, in Magikiras. An egalitarian society possessing both magic and advanced technology seems like a fair enough tradeoff for the threat of shadowy monstrosities I may never have to face.

I mean, I find a lot of COG games have compelling and lovely settings, but there’s a difference between wanting to visit them and wanting to spend the rest of my life in them.


Lol… well i honestly forget how to put spoiler after missing from this forum few months :slight_smile:

However, these contents are not hints about your choices in the game, and some of them are contents from the free chapter…

Lastly, there are lots of branches and endings in the story, not everyone can get what i had gone through… seriously …

anyway, can you show me how to put spoiler ? i can edit them later :slight_smile:

Well I know which game I definitely wouldn’t want to live in, Alter ego. That game bullies me so much xd. I swear I have honestly only gotten a happy playthrough once, and then I really had to try hard to get it. My other ones I got depressed and committed suicide, another one I was a psychopath, another one I tried the whole game to get a husband only to fail, another one I managed to get a husband but only managed it as I just didn’t go on dates with them so couldn’t get any bad dates that would ruin the relationship :stuck_out_tongue: , so just sticking with each other out of fear of being alone and in pretty much every playthrough my parents die early. So yeah that game is so mean to me :’( .

As for a game I would want to live in, well no game with an antagonist(s) who is stronger/more evil than a normal human, I wouldn’t want an action packed life. Kinda boring but I’d want to live in the world of a day off work so bad. It’s just like our world except 1,000 times funnier and a world where literally anything can happen(or it certainly feels that way anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ), though that does kinda break my antagonist rule seeing as you can end up with zombies roaming around, but that is just one possibility out of loads so hopefully if I was living in that world that wouldn’t happen to me :stuck_out_tongue: .

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For my opinion , some people in the “Real World” are more “Evil” than those in the world of CoG, in fact the real world is where the Antagonist(s) are stronger than normal human and Rule the world …

Even in a small working place , there are Antagonist(s) and Hypocrite(s) who wear different masks based on circumstances , and they usually won’t hold back in either back stabbing or ruining you …

About demons, monsters, and Ghosts in the game, well sometimes they do look more honourable…Lol

But that is just my opinion , personally i won’t have second thought if i can somehow live in an alternate world of my choice…Lol


It’s a tie between Way Walkers and the Heroes Rise worlds for me. If the Way Walkers story, then I’d be happy with a slightly more interesting normal-for-that-world life. If Heroes Rise, if I had powers, I’d totally go full super-villain. Except, I probably wouldn’t be really ‘super’. Since I’d probably just use my powers to steal video games, consoles, books, & gaming pcs. Maybe some nerdy rare collectibles of my favorite series. lol

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Alter Ego, the game that teaches you to run away from cars at the first instance.


There… aren’t a lot of CoGs/HGs that I would actually like to live in :sweat_smile: for one thing, I do like having modern technology and conveniences, which rules out a lot right there…

Mmm, probably #1 choice would be @JimD’s A Wise Use of Time, since I would actually really love having the main character’s ability to mess with time :grin: but this would have to come with the major caveat that I would only want to live there after the whole villain plot is taken care of :sushing_face:

Hmm, and Sixth Grade Detective would’ve been a really nice childhood, but I don’t really want to be eleven again, so that’s a no :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (but if it were, say, a question of being reincarnated, that would be a distinct possibility :thinking:)

Now, if the question were “which CoG/HG story would you like to visit,” then the list would be far longer :wink:

Like this: [spoiler]This will be in spoilers[/spoiler]


@TSSL… got it, thanks buddy :slight_smile:

about modern technology… i remember Sir Arthur Connan Doyle once remark, the challenge of writing a good detective story in a modern society is that, modern technology help solve lots of mystery and dilemma easily … hence there basically less dramatic approach for a modern detective to solve a mysterious case like Sherlock Holmes did… basically it can be argue that modern technology make life less adventurous and less mysterious …Lol

But then again, without modern technology, i wouldn’t be able to get to know such many wonderful adventures from interactive novel :wink:

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There are so many interesting worlds, but for me, I think I would go with Versus.

Honorable mention goes to:
Lost Heir
Psy High
Welcome to Moreytown
and last but not least Magikiras

If you count Works in Progress, the clear choice for me would be Rohie’s Children of the Gods.

But if we’re talking officially published games, I would say Choice of Alexandria.

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Choice of Kung Fu, hands down. Though I’d prefer something other than the Pride of Dongfang Chu/Ip Man style climax, a bit more Louis Cha maybe. The whole counter cultural aspect of the Jianghu just works better if doesn’t interact with the mundane world. But who doesn’t like a parallel society where might makes right?

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I think I’ll just go with the first thing what comes into my mind; it would be The Lost Heir bc I just love fantasy.
Also as for me to less likely to pick is any superhero stories, of course that’ if I imagine myself to be a complately average citizen and not the MC. The superhero genre draws in too many casualties and they are still the hero even if some citizens suffered just as long they stopped the villain.

Do WIP’s count and do we get to live as our mc’s in said story or as ourselves?
If I have to live as myself then I guess most of those worlds would be a death sentence for a short guy with celiac’s like myself.
If I can be inserted in one of my mc’s (and retain their skills and memories in addition to my own) then I guess my favourite, even though it is a WIP would be to swap with my Myrmidon “Lord” Flash in @Moreau 's WIP.
From the published ones I guess it would be @ThomB’s Evertree Inn, one of the sexiest guys loves/likes me and my elven mc is good enough at magic that it can replicate most modern conveniences. The long lifespan would be welcome too of course.
@Fawkes “Seven Heirs of Ophaesia” and the Waywalkers series would share third place. They’d rank higher if the mc’s there started out as young adults, while both the worlds and my mc’s in them are nice, I wouldn’t exactly like repeating my childhood and teenage years.
The safe choice would probably be Psy High, a succesful highschool senior in the modern world, whether he chooses to retain the powers or not, so it would just be trading in my Dutch citizenship for an American one and possible super-powers or else at least a physical upgrade and knocking quite a few years off.
Honourable mentions would go to
Vendetta, but only if I could be my mc there too, obviously and the new kid in Town, Broadway 1849.


That’s a tough question, so many beautiful and intriguing worlds have been created already, it gets really hard to narrow down a few, but personally, my selection would be CCH. There are a lot of games involving super powers and schools, but CCH has more of a realistic feeling to me, maybe it’s because the MC is powerless, or because the people in Speck are not so overpowered when compared to most of the other games, but either way, it draws me to the that world more than any other game has done.
In terms of WIP’s it would be BREACH, living life as one of the Archangels would be… interesting, at the very least.
I have to put a honorable mention to Creatures Such as We here, because it would be very cool to live on the moon, even with all the downsides the game mentions, and also Waywalkers, for the gorgeous world of the game and the many paths that exist to be chosen.
I also want to say “Highlands, Deep Waters”, but I like being a sane person, so I would rather not live there.

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To your question, yes WIPs included and you can choose who to be.

My number one choice would be daria from the lost hier series, but not as the protagonist. Living in a magical world, fighting evil, and adventuring in general are definitely a worthwhile experience but not if it means immortality and the possibility of losing my identity. Alternatively the Great tournament would be a novel experience, and I have always dreamed of being a cat and perching on high shelves only to leap down onto the shoulder of my unsuspecting owner(pet), so that I could swipe the chicken off the plate they drop in surprise.

It get’s a bit more difficult with wips. Kingdoms embers in ashes has appeal, and TOTEM would be a childhood dream come true. Freak amidst the neon lights would be good for my superhero fantasies, while aetherian spell academy would satisfy much of my modern mage curiosity. Though there are others, I’ll end with Mordred blood cries afar. Being a rebel greatly appeals to me.

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I think some of the ones I loved the most in terms of setting and background would the be 4; the stories I would want to live in:

. Blades/Guns of infinity, because I absolutely love the period, and there’s so little of it in most games or fantasy.

. Superlatives/Empyrean, because of the diesel-punkish vibe I get from both, just like Dishonored series.

. Lost Heir, because medieval fantasy is :heart:, and the game’s world is quite captivating.

. Magikiras, because mechs! And although I really adored Mecha Ace, Magikiras holds a special place for me :yum: