What's the best Hosted Game in 2014?

I’ve created a Google Form to vote for your favorite Hosted Game in 2014.

The games are shuffled in a random order. Rate games on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being best.
You can leave answers blank; leave it blank if you didn’t play the game.

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I’ll close voting in a couple of weeks.

I’ll close voting on Sunday the 18th.

Final results:

Title                      Average Stdev
Tin Star                      4.6   0.8
Life of a Mobster             4.1   0.9
Fatehaven                     3.8   1.0
Unnatural                     3.7   1.0
Divided We Fall               3.3   1.1
Somme Trench                  3.3   1.1
Silent Gear                   2.8   1.0
Trial of the Demon Hunter     2.7   1.0
Planetary Quarantine          2.7   0.8
Gangs of Old Camp             2.2   0.9
Path of Light                 2.2   0.9
Sword of the Elements         2.0   0.9
The Ascot                     2.0   0.9

4th place I’ll take that :slight_smile:

Tin Star definitely deserved top spot @AllenGies did a fantastic job.

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Thank you all for voting. I know I have to work a lot to improve in order to catch up with the stars of Hosted Games and I am going to do it :).

Congratulations to the winners and all the contestants.

@dfabulich It would really help to know how many people voted on each title, plus any other breakdowns you have a la the CoG poll.


I’d love to see the breakdown of votes too.

It would be a tie from Mobster and FateHaven for me.

I’m sad that I missed this while it was still going :stuck_out_tongue: it’s very interesting to see, though.

So . . . that’s a no, then?

Thanks @Nocturnal_Stillness . I have been and remain surprised by how much people like Tin Star. To be honest, I have gotten more enjoyment out of playing Unnatural and Life of a Mobster, for example, Have yet to play Fatehaven or the others on the list, but this gives me a place to start when I have the free time.

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I forgot to ask before but what does stdev mean?

It’s the standard deviation.

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Are there threads for games in 2013, 12, 11?

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