What's the best Choice of Game in 2014?


I’ve created a Google Form to vote for your favorite Choice of Game in 2014.


The games are shuffled in a random order. Rate games on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being best.
You can leave answers blank; leave it blank if you didn’t play the game.

What is ur fav game so far?
Short Games and Long Games - Incentives for Authors
Did you know you can create polls on this forum?

I’ll close voting in a couple of weeks.


Should we pin these posts? That way they won’t slip down to the bottom of the forums. Might also want to mention it on the blog or the mailing list?



This definitely isn’t worth a mailing list post–we try to only email people when we have a new game out or we’re running a special discount, partly to make sure everybody’s happy with the amount of email we send them, but also because we pay money each time we send an email. (Our mailing list has 79K addresses, so we have to pay MailChimp for the privilege.)

Anyway, my goal in this was to get a sense of how our “forum regulars” felt about our games as opposed to general iOS/Android reviewers. So unless y’all are extra curious about how our blog readers feel, I’m inclined to just leave the post as it is.


Hi, I noticed my game silent gear got taken off the list… =( is it because it was released on the last day of the year so theres not enough time for people to try it out?


@Zanity You’re looking at the wrong post. This is for Choice of Games and your game is a Hosted Game. So the post you need is.


ah, sorry about that, my mistake, thanks.


I’ll close voting on Sunday the 18th.


Final results:

Title                         Average Stdev
Choice of Robots                 4.5   0.8
Heroes Rise: HeroFall            4.1   1.0
Mecha Ace                        4.0   1.0
Psy High                         3.7   0.8
Creatures Such as We             3.6   1.0
Thieves' Gambit: The Curse o     3.3   0.9
The Last Monster Master          3.0   1.2
Neighbourhood Necromancer        3.0   0.9
Yeti's Parole Officer            2.8   0.8
NOLA Is Burning                  2.6   1.0
Choice of the Rock Star          2.5   1.0


Hip, hip, hooray for Choice of Robots!


It would appear that y’all like games with more words! (The two outlier points are TLMM at 3.0 average on 258K words, and HR3 at 4.1 average on 101K words.)


Well, HeroFall was guaranteed to make the top tier, because the people who answered the poll on it were exclusively Heroes Rise fans-nobody else bought the game! :smiley:


That’s an interesting hypothesis. FWIW, there were 200 voters in this poll, of whom 142 reviewed HR3, so I think even those who might not love HR gave it a try.


Oh we can’t see how everyone voted anymore? I wanted to go back and have a look because I’m nosy. :slight_smile:

Length’s important, but it was definitely not my most important factor. I think maybe you should ask us? There might have been many other reasons people voted the way they did and the length thing is coincidental.

Do these results differ vastly from sales figures on games? (I’d ask about app store ratings but checking the app store stuff seems to be highly rated or else I’m failing completely to find the right score thing). I know we do have our own little culture in the forums.


COR got 4.5? Impossible. It should be 5.4/5 not 4.5/5


Ah I was hoping Mecha Ace would win but that’s okay :slight_smile: Choice of Robots is excellent as well.


Oops, sorry, my remark there was unclear. Having more words of CS code does seem to correlate with a higher review score, but it doesn’t necessarily impact the length of each playthrough. For example, Choice of Robots had 300,000 words, which is on the long end, but each playthrough was only around 20,000 words, which is on the short end. I think it’s clear that players appreciated the degrees of freedom that Robots offered; the way to offer that much freedom is simply to write a lot of material!

If anything, I think of large word counts in code as not a virtue, but the price that you have to pay to get something else that you value.

You mean the histogram charts for each game? I can provide that data; I have a full spreadsheet of votes that I’ve been meaning to scrub and re-upload. I’ll try to get it done this weekend.