What was the first COG/HG game you have ever bought?

Alright, you caught me! I just wanted to be a little noisy about everyone, but if it helps, the very first COG I have ever bought was Psy High.

So, here’s the thing, I was literally new to COG, didn’t know about the forum, didn’t know that there were actual people running customer support, and I most certainly didn’t know that I only needed to buy once and I could play it on any other device.

What did I do?

Well… I bought PH on Amazon, however, my phone wasn’t compatible with the actual app, so I bought it on my tablet. It wasn’t compatible there, either. I tried every single device in my house until I was down to my very last dollar on Amazon and the only thought that went through my mind was “I need to buy this game even if it’s the last thing I will ever buy on Amazon.”

YES, I KNOW it was a bit too dramatic and if I did a little bit more research, I could’ve found out that I could contact COG themselves and asked what was going on, but past Pizzamarket didn’t care a bit.

Past Pizzamarket wanted that game even if they had to spend all their allowance on it.

So, I decided, “You know what? I am going to log into my Auntie’s account, send my last coins to her wallet, buy it, and play it on her phone.”

Can you guess what happened?


I was frustrated, I bought the game so many times and Amazon just hated my family devices for whatever reason, and I knew I needed to get that game because I didn’t want to spend my life just rereading the demo.

So, I decided to buy a new phone, save up all the coins I can get my hands on, go to a store, buy a gift card, and buy it once more, this time from the actual app store.

My friends, if you have stuck around reading this all the way to the end, you should feel accomplished when I say, I finally bought the game, I finally played the game, but I never got to actually finished the game since… I stumbled on 6th Grade Detective and I wanted to play that game also.

Hehe, but you can say, 1000 points for Team Amazon, 1 point for Pizzamarket.
Take that, non-compatible device company! I am joking, I love Amazon still!

TL;DR: I bought Psy High on different devices, on different accounts, but I still didn’t get to play the game until I bought a new phone and bought it through the app store.

That’s my crazy ride of buying a COG/HG game, what’s yours? Is yours crazier than mines or did you went the easy route and bought it? What stood out the most that made you really want to buy that game?

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