Adding a game bought on Itunes to my COG account

My question is: is there some way I’m missing something? I bought choice of rebels through itunes and I’m trying to find a way to add this game to the collection of others I have under my COG account. Ya know how it says to sign into your account to prove you previously bought the game? I want to be able to play COR through all my platforms. I know how to do it through android but it would really suck if I can’t add COR through my COG account from itunes to the play store. Anyone know how to do that?

To my knowledge, the only “cross platform” option is to contact CoG when you buy a game on Steam/GPS/Apple and they will let you play it on the CoG site as well.

But you can’t hop from Apple to Steam or from GPS to Apple. Those are all different platforms with their own purchasing processes.


Thank you for letting me know.