What kind of story would you love to read?


Can’t wait :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:
Also love at elevation will be interesting :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yep! Gilded Rails also ought to be good in that department…


I have a few concept that i’d love to play but i can only think of two right now :

a story where the MC is ‘THAT’ sibling, you know ? the one that would get chained in the attics if he wasn’t noble / royalty but since he is, he get isolated in a part of the castle , kind of like the sister of the vampire in Touhou or that guy in the manga ‘Enma’ and as is usual with this kind of character, he is very strong, depending on if it’s realistic or fantasy, he is either strong enough to break someone’s arm like a twig or strong enough to break a dragon’s neck by hugging it too hard, and basicaly your father die in the war, your mother can’t take it and die of sadness and your elder sibling (the heir) decide to get ride of you but you accidently ‘break’ him and his soldier while thinking you’re playing catch so you end up the new monarch, with no idea of what you are doing, the IQ of a 6 years old and too strong to be assasinated (or strong enough destroy armies if it’s fantasy enough) and that’s when the story start

and…by the time i finished to described the first ‘set up’ i’d love to read, i completly forgot about the second, i really hate when that happen


A ln Xfile type of game. Player needs to uncover aliens :alien::space_invader: I want to read science fiction games for a change :blush: don’t really care about romance.


I’d love an X-Files like game :grin:. I’m surprised it’s never been done yet actually


Would love to see more supernatural-themed games, but rather than the usual vampires and werewolves bit, it’d be interesting to see things like ghosts and ghouls and the whole death and Grim Reaper ordeal.

Also! I’m a sucker for zombie apocalypse universes and since ZE: Safe Haven is on a hiatus for now, I’m on board with any other zombie-themed games :revolving_hearts:


Evil/suspicious summer camps are one of my favourite settings in novels and I’d love to see a choice game set at one. Or even just a normal camp slice of life thing if there were no monsters or cultists in involved. Something about being out in the woods far from anywhere makes an interesting dynamic.


There’s one of those coming out later this month :slight_smile:


One with dinosaurs that mainly focuses on them while dinoknights was pretty good I don’t feel it actually used the premise very much as it was very short with a lot of railroading so we didn’t get the full satisfaction of dinosaurs.


So I just talked about romance on the other thread then came here and saw this :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


You should check out the Grim and I if you haven’t :grin::grin:


I’d also like a story where we are a Slasher monster, like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th or we are member of a family like the Sawyer in texas chainsaw and you can either have the MC be the normal guy of the family and basicaly play it like a slasher version of the munsters or he is the next ‘freak’ / chief of the family