What happens if you SPOILERS in Petal Throne?

What happens if you revive Rayana in Petal Throne? She died in battle and I want to revive her but I’ll lose most of my money. Is it worth it? What happens if I do?

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Why is using most of your money an issue? What else are you going to spend it on?

Anyway, I chose to marry her.

I edited the post and thread title because that’s a spoiler.

Money doesn’t matter. So revive her or not as you please.

I didn’t realize that until after I finished the game. How do you marry her anyway? I’ve played through the game several times and I always end up either leaving her behind or she dies.

Choose to talk her up to the prince, and you are given the option to marry her, which gives her greater status, since the PC is of a great house.

If you aren’t interested in marrying her, but speak up for her, she get’s placed in a family that isn’t as good as your family, social standing wise, but a step up from her humble origins.

How can you marry all 3 of them?

That depends, who do you mean by all three?

One combination I believe I know how to do (arranged bride, childhood sweetie, Rayana), although I never did it, but I believe there’s a way to end up with two wives and a husband if I remember the achievements right, maybe I don’t. That one I have no idea on, sorry.

I managed in the end. I married Rayana, Nirun and Wave at the end :slight_smile:

Yeah I managed all four at the end as well (arranged marriage, Wave, Nirun and Rayana). It was…quite the interesting path to have at the end.

How did you get all three? I can manage with Wave and Nirun fine but every time I romance Rayana she ends up getting killed by Wave at the very end.

Wave keeps catching her movement, I remember in one of my earlier playthroughs she survived, but I didn’t romance her then.

The only way I managed it was to play a pure warrior and to keep increasing my leadership skill. Choose every honorable ie direct path possible. Wave requires you to be nice to him/her from what I can tell and the same goes to Nirun.


I played the follower of Dlamélish. I’ve no idea if that helps mind you.

You have to be on good terms with everybody. Especially Wave, because you need Wave to agree to return with you at that crucial decision point. (The “You should stay with me” option.) As long as you have a decent relationship score with all of them, and keep them all alive you should be able to marry all of them.

I think I found it easiest when romancing Wave, to get all three of them, it’s been forever since I played though. Most of it just plays out in the epilogue though.

If you can get to the end with everyone alive, then you’ve about done it anyway. You just need to choose the right options in the epilogue. Can’t remember what they are though.

If you can get Rayana out alive, in the discussion with the prince, you can choose to speak highly of her(or something along the line) and confirm that you want to marry her as well

Honestly I was always nice to all of them finished with honor at 76% and kept my tactics and combat up. Tactics early on so I helped resolve Waves gambling issue without ruining her reputation. Honestly I could have married all 4 characters, but I didn’t want to marry a guy so I just married Rayana, Wave, and the one arranged marriage. It was pretty interesting. My diplomacy only got as high as 56 but my tactics and combat both were 70+

How do you get Nirun? I’ve only managed to get him to ‘Appreciation’ every time I play. What am I doing wrong?

How do u get the arranged marriage?