What happened to Eiji?


I just finished my second play through, but one thing that bothered me is the disappearance of Eiji. After the fast forward 20 years, the game doesn’t mention it at all. Did I miss something?


Ellyji won’t show up in Chapter 7 if s/he isn’t relevant to the plot. They also may or may not show in Chapter 6 depending on your choices.


Not even if you romance him? And thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:


You romanced him? Then either you broke up with him at some point or he should be heavily involved in Chapter 7.

If you took the Military path, that breaks you two up (that always breaks up your romance).


Well it was after I ended the robot revolution. The next chapter, he just disappeared and he was no longer listed as my romance. It might have been a bug.


Hm, yeah, that sounds like something funky happened. See if you can narrow down what you did to cause it.