What game should i play next?

Before you start reading i must first tell you that my english is very bad and only started learning it a year ago :slight_smile:

Hi i recently signed up for the site, but ive been reading stuff in this site for 3 months anyway,

Im Having trouble finding new games to play and i need help in choosing one,
so far ive already played:
Lost Heir Series
Heroes Rise Series + Redemption Season
Guns/Sabres of Infinity
Tin Star
Its Killing Time
A Wise use of Time
Choice of the Deathless
Choice of Romance
Zombie Exodus
Zombie Exodus : Safe Haven
Choice of Robots
Eagles Heir
VERSUS 1 & 2
Hollywood Visionary
A Study in Steampunk
Doomsday on Demand
Lords of Aswick
Life of a mobster
Samuria of Hyuga 1 & 2
The Great Tournament
Evertree Inn
Cannonfire Concerto

thanks in advance to the people who will reply and thanks to all the Author’s who made the games ive played every single penny was worth it. :smile:

Demon Mark : a Russian saga
Runt of the litter ( highly recommended )
Sixth grade detective ( highly recommended )
Neighborhood necromancer
Choice of ninja
Tokyo wizard
Elemental sage : the awakening
The 3 games
Best of us
Vampire house ( highly recommended )
Community college hero ( highly recommended )
way walkers university part 1 - 2 ( super duper highly recommended )
wizards choice

i missed psy high but ylva wasn’t going to let a good game slip up.
Meta human ? maybe try the demo

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thanks for the recommendation’s may i ask which of these games have good RO’s ? :slight_smile:

vampire house is my favorite - the vampire is really cute in my imagination :blush:


Treasure seekers (haha, not hunters because I definitely didn’t just edit it) of lady luck is strangely one of my personal favourite games, dunno if you’d wanna buy it, but I just wanted to put it out there.

Unnatural is a good one with a good RO, I think.

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Personally, I always found the dead girl cuter :blush:. The werewolf is your classical tsundere but was pretty entertaining too.

I’d also recommend Psy High; I found it a bit short but it has a nice storyline and interesting characters.
Additionally, if you liked Choice of the Deathless you might also like Choice of the Deathless: City’s Thirst.

Community College Hero is most definitely worth a shot. Here’s a hint: go with Detective. Best archetype by far.

If you liked Life Of A Mobster, then Life Of A Wizard is the game for you.

I’d also recommend Psy High. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely good.


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