What game made you feel badass?

Demon Recollect when your fighting all the heroes at once. Also Wight King, battle Academia, fallen divine, and Lex Talionis: Exordium.


I love Choice of the Petal Throne for that, an awesome general who wins battles with tactics too (though I, The Forgotten One has been stealing the show in the badass category recently, especially as far as being a tactical genius is concerned)


Samurai of Hyuga, it must always appear in this kind of topic.
Also along with Fallen Hero series

There is no doubt over this statement.


Yeahh same. It just kinda embarassing for me.


Dang, how ironic these 2 games both gave me to feels badass even I played as non-self insert.


The ‘perfect’ servant in Tally Ho :wink:


I guess the huge discrepancies between people’s opinion on these two games, in relation to “badassery”, are caused by the fact the MCs of these games are very capable and/or strong, and the games have very epic moments, but at the same time these protagonists are extremely damaged and can be self-deprecating and/or depressed. So depending on not only the playstyle of each person but also on the aspects they focus on, it can be an empowering and badass experience, or one that can make feel miserable, weak and nihillistic. I think it’s part of the charm of these games.
I pretty much always focus on the negative emotions with MCs/plots like that. It’s the same for, let’s say, “Mind Blind” or “I, The Forgotten One”.

Interestingly, impressive strenght or powers are not what necessarily makes me feel the “badassery”.

I forgot to mention that one before, but “The One Chosen” always makes me feel badass, especially the big fight (if you’ve played, you know which one!). Having a “weak” MC be able to be “so strong despite their weakness” is one of the things that makes me feel badass when I play.

Because of that, “Samurai of Hyuga” and “Fallen Hero” MAY actually make me feel badass in the future, if the MCs have the opportunity to actually get better and have a positive ending. Then for sure, the feeling of “badassery” will be very strong, as they’d have overcome their misery / percieved weakness.


Lord’s of Aswick definitely


The wight king and blood hunter


I think SoH and FH are a given but other than those,

  1. Zombies Exodus: Safe Haven - only in small parts. if you have the right stats, NPCs would compliment you during fights. I felt so badass when a character said my MC made shooting zombies look like poetry lol

  2. Demon: Recollect - you play as an ancient OP mutant that devoured even the “gods”

  3. 180 Files: The Aegis Project - become a super cool agent after building stats

  4. Tally Ho - playing as a perfect, cool as cucumber servant made me feel so smug


Relics of the lost age,especially if you invest in athleticism,fisticuffs and reactions
you basically become indiana jones if the role was played by slyvester stallone


Hmm. Plenty of games allow you to have a pretty badass MC, but if I had to only pick one, I think my vote would go to the long-dead WiP A Hag Called Fate, where the MC is essentially the Big Bad’s Dragon (possibly with an agenda. Also possibly a literal dragon-person). The opening scene in particular really sells it perfectly, pitting you against the ragtag group of heroes at the beginning of their journey, full of hopes, dreams and protagonist gumption.

Unfortunately, the demo link doesn’t work anymore. I think the game went through a rewrite, with another demo under a new title, but from what I remember, it didn’t quite manage to catch the initial feeling I got the first time around.


Easily Fallen Hero. In fighting scenes mostly, but still.
Breach The Archangels Job also.


Wight King g hands down…
Just in like first proper combat you are depicted as this scary unstoppable badass like Raid tier Boss


Fallen hero, relics, keeper of day and night, breach, lost air and life of a wizard and life of a mobster with high shooting, shepherds of Haven SOH, The ending of heroes rise, demon recollect


Seven Bullets basically makes you a overpowered John Wick.


Hmm let’s see …

Fallen hero : rebirth
Fallen hero : retribution (wip)
Breach : the archangel job
Werewolves I and II
Choice of rebels
Samurai of Hyuga series
I, the forgotten one (wip)
The wight king (wip)
The abyssal(wip)
Guns of infinity
Sabres of infinity
Lords of infinity (wip)
A hag called fate ( ahem ahem) {it has a redux version now - wip}
Gladiator : road to the Colosseum
Mecha ace : heroes of the vedrian war
180 files : the aegis project

That’s all I can think off at the top of my head. Not all of em are fully ‘badass’ per se but have many instances where that vibe is passed on.

Obviously these are based on my personal opinion. :beers:


Mecha ace definitely belongs up there


Most of what I would answer as has already been covered by the people before me, so I’ll instead just write what’s left on my list.

  1. Awoken (WIP). While your current self might be a tad bit lacking in power, your past self is basically a magic prodigy, something that is even approaching the level of long gone mages of legends.

  2. Aetherian Spell Academy (WIP). A modern day alternate history fantasy story. If you choose to dabble, or heaven forbid, specialize in dark magic, you get to live the exciting life where you hide your forbidden power from those around you or use it in a way that they can’t exactly pin down as dark magic. At one point, you also get to subjugate and bind a demon from a summoning spell gone awry that was strong enough to defeat a whole class of students and your teacher, and you fight it alone (because your teacher ran out of mana from defending against the demon and then teleporting the unconscious student outside to safety) as your whole school slowly goes down in flame. Talk about being badass…

Unfortunately, both of them are long since abandoned WIPs…


I recall playing Awoken. It’s quite good. Unfortunate that it got abandoned.

Well a lot of them
But there’s uhm Fallen hero rebirth
Where the MC has Telepathic powers
I like how they used it alongside the tech suit it was fresh
Creating illusions
Shutting down the officers without stress

Samurai of hyuga series
Another favorite of mine
Amazing sword skills and the hell release technique felt amazing

Hero rise too
Amazing abilities towards the end
Gravity control and atomic powers were awesome for me

I’ve forgotten some :weary:
But those ones were lit for me