What are your Head Canons for your MCs after the game ends assuming they survived the ending

Heroes Rise original trilogy: After killing the President and fake null on film and losing Prodigal. She became the equivalent of Regime Superman every superhero who sides with her are essentially the regime. And anyone who has a problem with it… Well …ask Billy Batson how well questioning Superman goes.

Heroes Rise Redemption Season: She only cares about her sister. Weaver trying to use her just made her more distrustful of people. So while she’s physically attracted to women she’s sworn off love. She hates the hero project and the only reason she’s staying is to become a ruthless crime Lord. Naturally Superman is going to not like that.

Samurai of Hyuga: The Ronin originally took the job of protecting Masami because she needed the money and the girl was cute. But after spending time together she’s come to realize Masami sees parts of her that she doesn’t know exist. And that kindness is so alien to her that she’s fallen for her ward.

I have to look at some of the other games I play before continuing


My head canons are usually movie stars appropriate to the character somehow. Specifics are too many to count. I’ll admit however that I have played Tin Star as both Clint Eastwood (high Gunfighting, Initmidation for the stare, etc) and Lucy Liu (High Brawling & Persuasion, basically O-Ren Ishii in the Old West).

My Lost Heir character actors have included Erika Christensen (Paladin), Tom Hardy (Dark Knight), Chris Pratt (Thief Guildmaster), Eliza Dushku (Sage Necromancer), Daniel Radcliffe (Wizard, based on Guess Who) & Alicia Witt (Bard). I usually imagine the party including Dakota Fanning / Macaulay Culkin as Gale/Gill, Evan Rachel Wood as Petra (not sure about Peter), Dwayne Johnson as Theo, Karen Gillan as Karla, and thanks to a thread I had here Katie McGrath as Jess. In the second game we add Ed Harris as Vale, Stanley Tucci as Tovor, and Sean Connery as Cumari (who else is more appropriate for the Wizards’ sex magic?). Jonathan Frakes is the bad guy Zusak, though Tim Curry and Alan Rickman would also work.


Oh yeah. I died a noble sacrifice the first time in Daria Trilogy. I had my daughter take the throne with the Mute as her Corvo Attano. But I tried an asexual play through just to see if that was forced. Didn’t happen so I Made The Mute my successor. The idea of a mute queen who can take out any threat personally was awesome to me.


Choice of Robots: I eventually died peacefully many years after having had the successful operation, knowing my peaceful robots continue to strive to work with humanity and make the world a better place, and my daughter could decide whether to carry on my work or carve her own path. I would be proud of her either way.


After a Prodigal Romance and it’s sad end I always just imagined my hero giving up, and that’s why I don’t play Heroes Redemption.


they lived happily ever after. all of them. even those, who are dead at the end (what? they become zombies and live happily ever after, nothing unusual here)


I legit turn into some kind of proud parent when thinking about my MC’s and their after end XD I’m too invested in them and too emotional for my own damn good. I’m not gonna fill the whole page with my yapping but here are two.

For Tin Star: I had a stoic doctor called Ash who ended up bringing justice to the frontier and resuming his practice. He married Yiska and they worked together to lessen the difficulties for the native Americans. It was more like a bittersweet ending knowing how that went… These things were already in the epilogue though. The only thing I headcanon is him eventually telling Yiska his real name. And maybe adopting some children…please.

SOH: At first I pictured my ronin Shin walking down a dark path and ending up as a lonely murderous drunk who lost himself. But after he ( and I…) got attached to the whole gang, especially the kid, I wanted these moments to never end and I pictured an ending with all of them being happy…And along came book 3 ;_;
Sorry Shin, it likely won’t happen.


Study in Steampunk: He and Finch eventually moved out of the city and retired somewhere in the countryside. Finch probably took up bee-keeping, though, a finicky mind like that tends to want to be entertained with problems to solve. Meanwhile, the MC probably would’ve taken up hunting and spent the rest of his days as a woodsman. Quiet winters and steady summers. MC probably would’ve earned a substantial amount of money for the wild game he exchanges to the local butcher of the remote town they moved to.

Choice of Robots: MC and Deckard survived the tumor excision period and lived out the rest of their days in Canada. They moved out of Vancouver and settled down in Toronto. MC spent more years researching in academia and eventually revolutionized the connection between Man and Robot – achieving a functional model of the synthetic human. MC persuades Deckard to take advantage of this technology and grant him the chance at experiencing life from the perspective of an organic machine. MC takes advantage of the technology and transfers their consciousness to the perfect genetic replicant of their prime years.


Let’s see:

Hero Unmasked!: Well, technically I started chronicling that here (and in the discord chat’s HeUn RP chat >_> shh)

Hollywood Visionary: Martha and the grip got married, her granddaughter is directing the new Star Wars (what, I can dream of someone competent doing that)

Choice of the Deathless: Kieran stays fleshy, though he has lightning scars for a while (they last longer than they normally would though because instead of being struck by lightning, they were from fighting a wannabe god) and gets the promotion. A few months after the end of the game, he finds a stray kitten which he names Lily. Wakefield isn’t a fan at first (especially since she’d a long haired black cat and mixing that with a pale colored aesthetic is just disastrous) but warms up to her eventually. Lily becomes the most spoiled cat in Shikaw

Maybe a year or so later, Kieran’s step-sister gets married and he brings Wakefield as his plus-one to the wedding. One of them ends up catching the bouquet without even trying/meaning to

(I have this entire fanfiction though up but honestly I’ll probably never actually write it)

Heroes Rise (I’m ignoring Redemption Season entirely because this headcanon just got way out of hand:

Under a cut because it's a bit depressing, plus (undetailed) mentions of risky behavior/self harm but I promise my mc gets better

Once the adrenaline of saving his parents wore out, Riley finds that his powers didn’t quite come back the way he’d like. It starts gradually, but it becomes harder and harder for him to keep his powers under control, especially in moments of intense emotion and he becomes really afraid of losing it again or losing control of it and getting people hurt. Alongside the pressure of being a hero and a public figure, he puts a lot of pressure on himself to be perfect and keep his power issues under wraps and doesn’t tell anyone about his problems

Eventually, he slips up and accidentally loses control in front of someone else and insists that that was the only time and begs them not to tell anyone else. I’m thinking BM, though at that point they’re at the weird stage where they don’t know whether they’re friends again or just colleagues still. Things get tense and awkward just in general but especially between them because now BM notices the small little moments where Riley’s power doesn’t work how it should

Riley had always pushed himself really hard, but even more so as he struggles to keep his power in control. On one mission, he makes a choice that he knows is really risky and gets hurt, in part because of his powers (and maybe there was a small part of himself that wanted to get hurt)

He ends up out of commission for a while and he gets increasingly depressed because there’s nothing to distract himself from the entire situation. Then, BM visits him and suggests seeing a therapist he’d found who deals specifically with people having problems dealing with their powers (who he had actually been seeing himself since not long after the end of the trilogy) Riley is reluctant but agrees to try it out.

Eventually, he figures out that his problem isn’t that the power itself, but it’s that the combination of the way that he constantly pushes himself past his limits and the intense anxiety he gets about knowing that millions of people as well as his team are watching basically his every move and relying on him to save the day and how he does intentionally put himself in unnecessarily risky situations because he doesn’t expect himself to be able to get through a mission smoothly (which is convoluted as hell but that’s what the brain does when it hates itself sometimes tbh)

He also digs up a lot of emotional baggage that he’d repressed at least since his parents were first imprisoned because it plays a big part in the way he interacts with the world and how he sees his power

After a long hiatus, he goes back to being a hero, but despite working on better coping mechanisms and how to manage his power properly, he finds that he’s still not happy doing what he does. After many talks with his therapist, he comes to terms with the fact that being a hero isn’t what he’d hoped it would feel like and that the constant exposure to violence and other high-pressure situations is bad for him and he chooses to take an early retirement

Immediately after doing so, he feels very lost and like he hadn’t achieved anything. Eventually though, he does start to find his way in the world again and starts making music again like he did when he was younger but quit after high school because he started working full time and just didn’t have the time for it anymore, and he starts taking classes at the local community college

Also, he maybe gets a dog


I actually started writing a story about My MC she switched her meChip from Alfred the Butler to Prodigal when Prodigals creation was released. She talks to it as if it’s really Prodigal. She’s also suffering from PTSD because JK took a killing blast meant for Redemption Season MC and she remembers Victon trying to kill her but Prodigal taking the hit. So she’s wondering if she’s just as bad as Victon. She can’t relate to her family any more. Only people she can talk to are those helping her exterminate the criminals and she can’t open up to them. People fear her though some look at her as an example of the only way to stop evil by killing it. So the only person that’s truly there for her is a shadow of her love.


They’re all dead… and doing whatever the dead do in the afterlife while the MCs from Model Citizens: Unmasked and FAWR is just… drowning in angst.

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Blood Money. Brother rules with his sisters the family and tries to make it more legal and less criminal while improving the situation of the Blood Magicians in the now silent city.

Choice of Dragon Dragon makes little baby dragons with his flying serpant while together are improving their knowledge and having thoughtfull conversations.

Wizzardry Lvl C MC is using his magic to improve the situation of the people as a hero while being funded by patreon.

Last Wizzard. Wizzard is coming back from the dead and showing other wizzards how they beat death and so increasing slowly the numbers of wizzards on the planet while he is searching for more knowledge.
Paradox Factor MC find the way how to have a happy live with Beth and family.

Ronin Misako after the climax of SoH Book 4+: She’s rather angry, has PTSD after one too many swordfights, and constantly being chased around by Junk (rival ronin) like she’s in a rather twisted version of a sitcom romantic comedy.

Odaxitar the lawyer after the events of Choice of the Deathless: Running a lawyer company after being reduced to a skeletonal figure. Is still as cool as a cucumber.