What about epoch

What ever happened to epoch is wat I want to know I mean t looks promising and then all of a sudden kaputz it’s dissapeared

Probably closed down at the owners request, or maybe something was found offensive and it was taken down.
That’s all I can think of, possibly he’s done with beta testing and is going to finish by himself and sumbit it to CoG?

Maybe but I wonder if anyone else will know for sure thanks for at least giving an idea of wat mightve happened

No problem, i’m here to serve.

Lolz and if u ever need help with anything just ask me and I’ll do my best like testing any games

@Blackheart Hey thanks for the interest in Epoch. The game is going to be self-published for free in due time. The game is also being re-written (not literally) under html 5 complete with illustrations of key events. This was done to avoid copyright issues with CoG.

Ok thanks for tellin me just send me a message about it when ur done