Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



this alone has already makes my day!! Thank you :heart_eyes:
i wanna see more of him (and his next move to redeem his mistake), just let my MC protect him :hugs: i dont mind if i can’t romance him (thought it would be nice if he can be romance at the next installment :wink:) , at least let my MC be the closest friend for him, let my MC cares for him :grin: (am i asking too much?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Can you romance Tiva?


Apparently so in the next Book hopefully.


What’s the list of dependant choices for it?

I was as friendly as possible to the activists and I still didn’t get the option.


@Brian_Appel Which ending did you get? That will help me tell you what to change. The ending bracket selection is very complicated, taking into account the MCs relationships with the activists, public sentiment, how the military likes them, whether or not they called the public/activists for help during the battle, even your reputation with your own pack can affect which ending. I’ll get back to you with more specifics when I’m on my computer and can look at the code, I’m only on my phone now. Generally, if you take every opportunity to be nice to and engage with the activists you should be able to avoid the captured/DC ending bracket.



Have you considered writing a comprehensive guide and selling it as a DLC? :wink:


I could write one for free if CoG is okay with that. But it would have to wait a week or two so people avoid spoiling themselves too much. :wink:


Is it just me but i can’t seem to get the cabin ending with jolon as my lover? i got the ending with dena as my lover. Anyone can help me to get the ending? I have good reputation with pack public and military, i also have contacted the activist everytime i can and have a good relationship with them too so… i still can’t figure it out


Yes please, i would love that, i got almost all achievements but
still not all endings



Regarding the activists, General Rivera states I declined Anna’s help, and that she and her father stopped their efforts, even though I never did. In my playthrough, Anna gave a speech in front of the media and I radioed her to provide protestors at the military base. How are you able to have General Rivera acknowledge the involvement of the activists?


I am in same page with you, my friend… not a Lapu lover…

instead of killing him, i want to work with Anna in exposing how the goverment employ traitor among the pack to perform those horrible deeds, humiliating the goverment as hypocrite and they are not righteous at all…and Lapu is the center of my accusation, this should garner public sympathy and make them feel the past violence were an act by both gorvernment and Lapu

In my playthrough i discover the regeneration serum they are experimenting , i will also ask Anna to announce that, i will offer my own blood for the creation of such serum to the public, this will not be a special serum only for the government
I think i should draw enough support from the public with my action, next i will endorse any presidential canditade who is symphatising with our cause… Peaceful revolution


i think that would cause That government or directly kill us as a medical advance protocol. Or directly lost any possibility of equally treatment or freedom. And become medical investigation monkeys … People would accept that merry if Government sell it like Do you see your loved one with cancer or other illness well if we do this cancer will be in few years no more.People would vote for our total jail in medical research centers in five seconds.


Haha no they wont they need living wolves for blood right? i think when everyone knows about our value , they will rush to ensure our survivors… imagine the WHO and poor countries outside US will rally behind UN to call for our liberation so that our blood can be used for the human kind, the US government will hold NO privillege after everyone realise our blood value, countries around the world will offer their sanctuary and even citizenship to us if the US government not willing to do so, so we hold the leverage from now on


Exactly all conrary The need LIVING SPECIMENS like you know all those poor monkeys on terrible life conditions that suffering being infected over and over again. In my country thankfully now is illegal. But I have seen how much they suffered in tiny cages without social relationship alone afraid in cages.they don’t believe you are people. Do you think someone who had you in a ghetto more than 20 years in forced slavery will say… No my friends now that I know I could milk you for eternal life and health. I will let you be free… Because well …


Can confirm raising fitness bug still present. Will wait until resolved to continue game as it’s necessary for rebellious wolf image : D


But werewolves are intelligent and can speak, unlike other animals, surely there will be wise leaders who understand win-win situation … of course it will be more benificial to them if we volunteer ourselves like a common blood donors right?
And in one scene it shows vampire exist too( academic building), so vampire hunters will realise we can be great allies for their war with vampire too… @GreekWinter, perhaps in book 2 you can introduce the menace of vampires in the world and vampire hunters seek the alliance of the Haven pack?


I really think the plot is regain control of ourselves or via violence or peacefully. So there is no damn way they Just say Take your freedom and liberty you are one of us … The same people THAT HAVE SLAVED YOU IN FIRST PLACE. Do you think your slavers think you are people? No they don’t. And is very profitable for them do as such. Slavery was defeated by sweat and tears. Here you will need the same. The fact you could give them health and tons of money via blood… Is not a good argument for they lost all money


But the bad humans are only a small percentage here, another small percentage are Anna and the activist, the good ones… so majority are still neutral… with good faith, diplomacy , communication and an act of good will those neutrals can be like Anna too :slight_smile:
In the World Cup , Russia had shown that they are not hostile against England supportors like the Government claim, so i think the British think differently about Russia now…


I’m honestly not sure what bug you are referring to? Do you mean Vitality? I’m not aware of any vitality bug. :thinking: I’m putting together a patch which should go live on monday, so if you can get back to me soon with the specifics I’ll be happy to look into it!

It’s funny you should mention vampires… :wink:


We are same position I only saying That they won’t give up easily I think we have to fight for it. I will use words and law and peace and other people will use violence. I would love to see a Washington march for Werewolves rights Were they repeat same speech of Mister King.