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Here’s a question for the philosophers:

Is aggressive non-violence actually a type of violence?


It’s definitely coercive in intent. Through public protest and civil disobedience, a practitioner of nonviolence attempts to force the state to either exercise the ultimate limits of their authority (jailing or killing them) or else admit that they can’t control them, and thus back down or make concessions on the issue.

Gandhi would say that the difference is that the practitioner of nonviolence does not cause injury to their enemies. Myself, I’m not so sure - it merely replaces physical warfare with psychological.


I got that ending!! Yay! i mean i had a chance but i just couldn’t bare to do it. But, god… it was so tempting…


My emotions…aghhhhhhh. I DONT WANT TO HEAR LAPU’S NAME. :cry:


There’s only one penalty for treason.


Totally agree. However, I found that at least not cause pain to the enemy a very welcoming evolution to warfare. At least I don’t cause physical pain. And compared with absolutely rest of military tactics is like wow the improvement. Also for a player as me focus in diplomacy and charisma leadership is like perfect.


I just tried to keep my people safe. Sure I tried to not kill anyone for awhile. But if I have to resort to violence to keep as many of them safe as possible then so be it!


Whats the cabin ending and how did you get it


You need to be rescued before the military gets hold of you and takes you to DC. The easiest way to get this ending is to befriend the activists as much as possible and increase your public sentiment as much as you can. If you get the public on your side, they break into Haven and you can escape with them. This also happens if your reputation with the pack is high too. If the activists save you, select the option for “Show me to one of the armed civilians so they can help the pack disappear” and you’ll be on the right path to be able to get the most peaceful ending. If the armed public saves you, you’re also on the right path. From there, once presented with the option by a werewolf named Sonoma, just choose to leave and not fight, and you’ll be whisked away.


Ok thanks ill see if i can get it


well well well, i thought im the only one who adore Lapu as much (he is such an adorable wolf despite his betrayal… even so that makes me feel like he deserves to be protected from anyone who will take advantages from his pure mind --he simple betray the pack because he want to protect someone he cares–), at my first playthrought i tried my best to romance him (i thought he is one of the RO, which is shame when i found out he isn’t :cry:) so im ended up single coz Jolon and Dena wasn’t as adorable as Lapu or Justin imo :sweat_smile:

that being said, im not really a big fan of werewolves, but this book is surprisingly too damn good to not put in one of my favorite list. i seriously can’t wait for book 2 eventhough my MC have to be single for the entire ride :joy:


With all this support for Lapu, I’m seriously considering adding him into book 2. As the planning stands, he was only going to be referenced, but there’s no reason he can’t show up in person, provided he made it through book 1 of course. He’s an interesting character. I was worried that readers wouldn’t pick up on the nuances I tried to add to him, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to have Lapu be the most commented on and debated character in this thread! He’s a deeply flawed individual, but in my mind he was almost always trying to do the right thing, even if it made him hate himself.

Spoilers for Lapu’s story: At the beginning of the game he’s full of puffed-up bravado, trying to play the alpha wolf when he knows that deep down that isn’t him. When he runs from the first human incursion, he leaves the person he loves behind, which causes a massive blow to his ego and self-esteem. He almost immediately goes through a personality shift, becoming openly frightened and trying to convince the MC not to make waves. Before long he sacrifices his integrity in an ill-fated attempt to redeem himself and save Tiva from the military police state that Haven has become. Lapu never intended to get his packmates killed. At first Williams just had him informing, but as often happens with clandestine betrayals, the military leveraged him for more and more until he was in it up to his neck. Before long he was looking for any way out, thinking that he’s not only lost his integrity and place in the pack, but also the respect of the woman he loves. The irony of Lapu’s eventual suicide attempt is that, if the MC tells Tiva what happened, she forgives him, and things get better. At least until the betrayal is revealed and it all falls apart in minutes


You have made a great portrait of Lapu, because is multiple dimensions and you have made a great showing not telling display. You showed his evolution and how he wasn’t just a typical baddie. He thought he was doing the best for the people he loved. He is always fighting against his own cowardy and fear. It has enormous potential for growth or to be crushed by his own guilt. Probably is the most human of the wolves.


told myself i should cut down on spending this month… guess that won’t be true :pensive:


Will we be able to kill him or let him be killed? Maybe banish him from the pack? Because he’s not someone you can trust and I’d rather not have him with me. Also I’ll be dating Tiva in that sequel(I mean she probably hates him already anyway) and don’t need him trying to assassinate me because he’ll be to scared to confront me.


All of those things can happen in Haven Rising. As for his part in the sequel, I’m honestly not sure yet. I have a few ideas how to integrate him into what I already have going, but nothing concrete yet.


Probably one best spend money games out there . However beware of feelings lol. It kicks like a feelings sleadhammer. I ended drained and depressed due i really cared about characters. I will have to wait to replay it lol


oh my i love those feelings and hate them at the same time…


Tell me :sob: I tried a peaceful route :crying_cat_face: I want peace


I agree. but i still dont like him. i expected anyone but him. Then i found out i was false so damn him.