Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



Jolon, Bly and Dena are the ROs and according with @GreekWinter, it will have a sequel. =)

According to this post:


Is there any enhancement in the academic building?


Yes, but less directly than the others. You get a nice bonus when you visit the observation station, which can only be visited if you checked out the academic building, and you get another bonus at the beginning of chapter 7 which you don’t get otherwise. (From reading the primer that you found there.)


A question i have is, i got 3 endings, the military base with
werewolf’s, the military base with people and William, and the
cabin in the woods, is there another ending i am missing?



@jcury Please spoiler tag endings and other info you get from playing the game.



I believe the other ending is the MC escaping to Anna’s (the activist leader) mansion


Spoilers here. Major ones. Beware.

1) Escape with the activists and end up in Anna’s father’s mansion.
2) ‘Secret Ending’: Join with Williams and battle Haken.
3) Die during the battle defending Razor.


The game is a magnificent well written story. The descriptions are poetic and yet clear as crystal. Good atmosphere and good planning and plot. However, I found myself don’t enjoying the game. I felt railroaded in how pacific route was handled. I passed in four lines to say violence is not the answer to foolish direct a butcher with absolutely no choice in the matter. Half of stats are zero use. You have understanding of human laws well only used once at first part. Then no impact. You have access broadcast of base and military actions well you can’t send that to activists or news to stop pacifically the stuff.

I love the game and romance but sadly I can’t enjoy fully . I would give it a 7/10
And I would recommend it. I hope that in future versions or new game Peaceful and diplomacy will be more useful. Because I don’t like hate violent routes.


Thank you for the compliments, poison_mara! I’m sorry you felt railroaded at times, but I can assure you that both diplomacy and academics stats are checked quite often, diplomacy in particular. It’s absolutely possible to complete the game without killing anyone, although it IS difficult given the nature of the story. Having a successful run as a pacifist isn’t easy, that’s why it’s an achievement!

I’m genuinely curious about where you moved from being a pacifist to being forced into butchery with no choice in the matter. That sounds like an unintended situation. If you remember the section’s general location, I’ll look into the code and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

I’m glad you like my writing even if the game wasn’t everything you were looking for. Hopefully I’ll be able to deliver you a more satisfying experience next time! Cheers!

You have access broadcast of base and military actions well you can’t send that to activists or news to stop pacifically the stuff.

There is a section toward the end of the game where you access the communications array and can send messages to the activists or the public. These actions can boost public perception and cause public intervention in the battle, allowing you to escape Haven.


I have the no killing achievement. But I found it little bit unethical. It is because I didn’t directly killing. But Don’t Matter if all my werewolves going on a full strike . What i was expecting was okay Those wolves go rogue I will pick my people and go out sending a message to the public of the situation and how is not all the pack is just a bunch of ass wolves. I will reply again trying report what happened in my first play through because ain tht i ended in fight without choice . Still both ends I have seem to imply or you are a rage full-time monster or you are a failure.

Is well written, it’s only I wasn’t expecting for the demo a only violence route. Still I hope in future games more opportunities of achieve equality and peace with both species. Also Justin is my favorite character


Congratulations on the release @GreekWinter. :tada:
Your story is really well-written and I absolutely love most of the characters. Werewolves: Haven Rising is probably my favorite official CoG of 2018 so far.

That being said, I have to agree with @poison_mara that I was disappointed that my peaceful MC (yes, I got the achievement too) didn’t do anything to stop the killing at the end. Yeah, I know that it was self-defense, but I would have liked a choice, where a highly diplomatic MC influenced the pack to just beat the army soldiers unconscious and not kill them. Or just escape with all the werewolves who would have preferred a peaceful solution. While my MC might haven’t killed anyone himself, he was still the leader and the tactician of the pack and therefore (at least in my opinion) partly/indirectly responsible for the killing too. And as a character that always preached that killing is senseless and that werewolves and humans are to be treated equally, that would be a huge betrayal of his ideals. Honestly, after all that he probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with either the humans or the werewolves. :man_shrugging:

Other than that, I absolutely enjoyed your game. Not sure why, but although he betrayed the pack I have a huge soft spot for Lapu (RO in book 2? :grin: ). Favorite character is Jolon though. :heart: Will start my 3rd playthrough soon and hopefully be able to save Dena this time. Somehow, he always ends up getting himself killed. :sweat_smile:

Keep up the good work in your future games/projects and have a nice weekend :smile:


Sorry, ok got it, well i got 4 out of 6, going to try for the other 2



I was able to play the game without killing anyone, you have to make
sure your stats are correct to execute it though.

All the stats come in to play for sure throughout the game, just try to
rely on a stat that is low
to get you out of tricky situations and you will see how you fail.


As i said i have the actual achievement
. I am talking from about a role-playing perspective and from character. Yes there are lots of checks. That are normally exactly same thing. At the end results are same. From a plot perspective after 3 playthroughs i ended exactly same thing. Haven destroy peace destroyed differences were merely cosmetic.

That is my only complaint. It felt hopeless and in a way depressing. It is so well written that the hopelessness affected me. What is certainly an appraisal of the author skills. I cared for the pack and gor Justin so all the endings i had depressed me like wow i wanted a better peace offering after breaking down Haven.

Still I hope due I didn’t kill anyone in next game I could have better luck and could explore a variety of peace situations.


Still can’t seem to find out. But they’re talking about a second book, so I guess it’s a series, though it’s not written anywhere.


The author has confirmed that he’s working on a sequel (post #13). This is the first book of the series.


I think that that’s an inherent problem with a policy of nonviolence. Unless you’re playing the Sufficiently Advanced roleplaying game, renouncing the use of violent force means that you can’t use violent force, even to stop others who are going the more violent route.


Exactly That’s what I hoped. I hoped to divide pack in two. Let’s the violent people trying out what they think they need for his own freedom. And let me and those who want like me another way. And have a dream where humans and werewolves have equal rights and responsibilities fight against prejudice in a not violent way.
It is not an easy way it comes with sacrifices but justice is not easy.

I think that would made an interesting situation for next game. Still game is very interesting yet too depressing for me. Lol There so many years a book didn’t affect me too much. I am becoming soft or something


No, I just think it’s excellent writing. ^.-

Yeah, definitely want to see more options going forward for leading an aggressively nonviolent revolution, and I’m sure the author would love to have you on the playtest team for the next game. It’s good to have Evil Gandhi back. :slight_smile:


As I said before one of best writing games in both Cog and Hosted by far. And Lol you know I am not known for sugar coating stuff. I am in fact recommending to friends. Still I will need like months to replaying it again I am too depressed . I just hope Justin is okay :sob: