Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



The process should be exactly the same with Jolon as your lover. That said, in the patch I’m finalizing now, I’m going to make it slightly easier to get this ending since many people seem to be having a hard time with it. What happened in your Jolon playthrough? Did you get the black helicopter / DC ending?


Yeah i agree with you totally … i am just wondering is it even possible werewloves right can be obtain without a march? Like somehow an agreement be reach internally?
In choice of rebels, my anarchy in the end in only 9… i hope my MC can continue a low anarchy rebelion , courting Suzanne should gain support from her family

@GreekWinter i visit the academic building and notice they are researching about vampire too …hehe, i guess you have such idea
If you tell fans Book 2 has a vampire RO , most will be screaming :smile:


So long as they’re not sparkling.


Twilight sparkle-vamps aren’t my style :wink: but I think what I’ve come up with is unorthodox enough to avoid any cliches and keep everyone interested! You’ll just have to wait and see!


I love Vampire aesthetic… Victorian gothic one. But I can’t help hate millenial vegetarian sparkling vamps. That’s not a vampire is a big fairy


Oh i feel excited already… not only i need to talk sense with humans , i need to talk sense into vampire too… my lore told me they are afraid of garlic :smile:
@poison_mara, i love victorian gothic era too… those gothical buildings always radiate a romantic aura, but recently movies had made those wonderful buildings into haunted horror places … which is a bit of anti-climate


i love the story, definitely my top favorite COG, i wonder if Justin will be a romance option for book 2.


I got the military ending where theres rivera and she threw me away bcs im too pacifist :frowning: and now im stuck with william


This was suggested a lot in the beta. Justin turned out to be a very polarizing character. He’ll be returning, but I’m not sure if he’ll be romancable. I like my romances to be substantive, and the number of ROs has already doubled. Maybe the possibility of a new relationship budding with promise. Sweet beginnings built on past connections. I’ll have to see how everything fits.


Tiva: oh God I’m horribly mutilated if only someone had a syringe of super regeneration serum they are offered to use twice but refuse to use it because they want to heal me.

Player: * Slams dresser* never heard of it.


Whoa hold the fuck up. I can hold onto it and give it to Tiva?! I’M GOING TO PLAY AGAIN NOW!


No you can’t that’s what I’m Poking fun at.


I… err… yeah… I have to admit that I didn’t consider this, lol. :sweat_smile:

Though to be fair, the stated point of the serum is that it enhances the regenerative abilities of the werewolf form, and I tried to drive home that the wolves can’t regenerate if they’re damaged while they’re in human form. So… umm… nothing to see here folks! Move along! * whistles innocently*

(Also, it should be mentioned that there will be consequences to taking that serum in book 2, which are hinted at in a few endings of Haven Rising after taking it.)


Sincerely I didn’t use it I was hoping use my scholars skills to make or a virus or something that could be a future weapon or a vaccine for any weird military stuff. I mean who in hell just inject himself with a x file experiments


for my playthrough Williams or Elan was shot from behind by his own soldier , who later on let me and others to run away … suit William right so i guess William is not going to feature in Book 2 for my case… Yeh !!! :smile:


I didn’t know that as well!


So how many official endings are there?
So far i have gotten 4, i asked this before but was
presented with 3 options.

Also if possible can you tell us the level of each skill needed to pass
all checkpoints in book 1?



Well, twitches nervously I did, without a 2nd thought


Actually he will, because if you didn’t take him down it says at the end
that he escaped.
Plus after they shoot him in the back you still face him on the battlefield.


Yh. Who could do such a thing. kicks syringe under carpet Thats so crazy.