Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!

Out of all the endings I got, I think I’ll go with the cottage ending but the problem is that how will we progress in book 2 in that ending. Since my MC turn down both offers and turn his back to his kind and all the sufferings, spending his life in peace with his mate. Maybe there will be a disturbance? I don’t know but I’ll look forward to it in the next book.

Is the save implemented? I saw the sequel is already on the publishing queue, so I’m wondering about the save function.

I believe it was there before?
I maybe wrong, but i recall saving my games the last time i played.

I believe the save functionality was implemented a bit over a month after launch in Q3 of 2018. My understanding is that they had to wait to see if a sequel was viable before committing themselves.

Sadly, players won’t be able to continue from that one (and only) ending, because the player opts (multiple times) to stay secluded in peace and not join the other wolves at any opportunity. I decided that there was no way to continue that ending without completely undermining player choice, because it would force the player to suddenly and immediately join a military assault they had already directly declined on every level.

I did have a vignette written when that save is loaded about living peaceful days and one day seeing on a news broadcast at the local store that a group of werewolves had been killed when infiltrating a military prison (you weren’t there) but the editors seemed to feel that it would seem more like an insult to the player than simply not continuing that ending.

I know that may be be disappointing, but statistics suggest that only around 1% got that ending total, and even then it was after getting more than one other ending. I simply couldn’t shoe-horn in something short of incredibly extreme railroading to make it work. So essentially, just consider that character to be happy living their secluded life, because that’s where my head-cannon is at the moment.


I do not know if it is possible but writing a vignette about living their peaceful days in a happy secluded life would be a great way to acknowledge the 1% or whatever that chose this ending (it also might be a replayed alternative ending).

I know the editors are afraid of repeating the controversy of the villain school, and so I get why they would nix the part about seeing the failed infiltration attempt … that would lead to seemingly favoring one outcome over the other.

However, the vignette without the “guilt” trip would be welcomed (I believe) by everyone as a way to acknowledge the validity of their choices; especially if you preface this in your forward to the second game.


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