Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!

Thank You Dena

I will keep trying, I honestly dont remember seeing an option to rush the tank in my last play through, but i will keep trying.

Agree to help Jolon when he is looking for Bly.

  • If you go together choose to check her home then tell Jolon that you’ll take Tiva to Ahote.

  • If you go separately don’t attack the soldiers then choose :“I use my cunning to catch the soldier behind me off-balance, grabbing his gun before he can shoot.”, but you’ll need stealth > 49 to succeed.

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Thanks Chief

Well…call me DenaFan. I’m not Dena himself/herself! :relaxed:

I’ve just managed to get ‘M1 Abrams’ achievement again! Here’s how I did it:

  1. If your character and Ahote and other companion(s) meet Haken and his warlike wolves at the far end of the Military base, opt to first scold Haken for his attack (e.g. I had been elected Packleader, and he acted without my consent), then escort your companions back home, instead of joining in Haken’s attack.
  2. After the killing of the boy/girl soldier, carry on towards the Q bridge, instead of turning around to deal with the troops ‘on your six’ that Payat alerts your company to.
  3. The tank is sighted. Make a direct attack (I passed the stats test with Combat 75%). That should win you the achievement!

Thanks Saprook! I’ve finally managed to achieve ‘Lab Rat’ by following your advice.

Pardon me for my curiosity, but how do you look into the code? Were you one of the game designers?

There is a topic that explains it:

Okay, thanks Saprook.

Do you know of a list of the hidden Achievements for this game, please? After a few more efforts with the game since seeing your helpful advice, I’ve now got just ‘Silver Tongue’ and four hidden Achievements to get. My character usually makes good relationships with the other werewolves, and I wonder I am missing on some Achievements in the process.


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Hidden achievements
  • Thwarted - Successfully thwarted Lapu’s betrayal.

  • Sacrifice - Sacrificed yourself to save a packmate’s life.

  • The Greater Good - Committed betrayal for the greater good.

  • Patricide - Some deeds can’t be undone

  • Deceptive Revolutionary - You’ve been recruited by General Rivera, and the werewolf revolution has begun.

  • Reunion - An unexpected reunion reveals the truth.

  • To War! - Threw your full, unconditional support behind the werewolf rebellion!

  • Mansion Hideaway - Escaped to Anna’s mansion and recruited by General Rivera.

  • Out of the Frying Pan - Discovered the true goal of the revolutionaries.

  • A Peaceful Life? - Can a werewolf ever truly find peace?

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I got the Reunion ending too. I’m hoping it leads to something great. I was so worried I’d get my pack killed. Yet somehow I became the Paragon in my pack’s eyes, and Admired by the military, with a good like percentage from Jolon, Denas, and White. Is this a good thing?

Thanks very much!

After a few more tries, I now have just two hidden achievements to get.

  1. Sacrifice - which I believe is the ending where the central character literally gets himself/herself killed whilst fighting the Williams uberwolf (refusing Razor’s instruction to scarper if she turns up to fight Williams, which I’ve rarely seen happen).
  2. Out of the frying pan. I wondering if this involves being captured and quizzed by Rivera, and winning her respect - but taking the ‘Finally, some human blood!’ option, instead of the ‘stay silent at Greene’s killing’ option, which won me ‘Deceptive Revolutionary’.

Can you (or somebody else) please point me in the right direction? Thank you.

  1. When Razor intervenes you have to choose “I can’t let Razor die in my stead. I’ll fight to the death to defend her if that’s what it takes.” to get the selfless sacrifice achievement. You won’t get it if you choose to call for help.
    2.You need to get the Sonoma Camp ending, then pick options that make you wary of rebels. When you talk with Sonoma choose: “I believe that our species deserves to live free, but I’ve only just met you. I’ll join the fight, but only if you offer complete transparency.” or “It’s hard to trust a whole group of people that I’ve never met, but what choice do I have? “I’m in,” I say warily.”
    Later when you talk with Ahote choose: “I wish I could feel at home here, but I don’t. Sonoma rubs me the wrong way.”
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Hello new user hear I was just wondering if anyone could explain how maneged to finish the game with rost on me side bit only have a knowledge state of 55 a stealth stat of 50 something and combat stat of 63 but not have the rage skill from what I understand at least having rost should be impossible (my diplomacy is somewhere in the twentys I think) but when i talked to him i said something about mighty rost and that made him join me in the final battle how do i do that again

If you flatter Rost by calling him mighty when you first meet him, he’ll join the pack during the final battle. I think that option is always available, regardless of stats, but I could be wrong.

Hmm I just re played through to that part and I didnt see a flatter option thanks for trying though I appreciate it

I tried the peaceful ending for the first time with Bly (despite knowing that a peaceful cabin in the woods is absolutely not her setting) and the crazy girl actually tried to tango with a grizzly bear because of how bored she was.


Please can anyone tell me what triggers the Sonoma ending?

I want to cure Rost but I haven’t been able to get the Sonoma ending

Hello everyone, I’m doing a stealth path, cause i like it… Aside from intimidation, what else should I raise together? Combat seems like a bad choice, since the stealth already has options for combat (the cunning strikes).

I decided for a stealth/knowledge build pretty good btw, the things is about the sequel did anyone notice that a new created char at the second games, doing the same choices as you did, get stronger than the one you really played? In other words i see no reason to bring my char from the last game, cause a new is going to be stronger anyway.

I haven’t noticed that but I imagine that a character created in Book 2 lacks the nuances that playing through the first game grants your old character.

That is to say, while you can choose to, for instance, specialize in Combat and Vitality during character creation in Book 2, your character is likely to have points in other stats which were earned through smaller choices that the character creator won’t bring up and which you will lose if you don’t carry your character over.

So in short, I’m planning my games.
In one word, what are tohose 5 endings?