Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality – Overpower the Human Sovereignty Movement!

You can only romance one or the other. For Bly always go and train with her. And in Chapter four choose to go with her and choose to be with her then you’ll have sex with her. For Dena always talk to her and be kind to her. And in Chapter four choose to go with her. And then choose to be with her to. Then y’all will have sex.

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Where is the discussion page for Werewolves 3: evolutions end



Hello again friend I hope you are well. I love your first book. And I LOVE your second book. I got it back in July as soon as it released XD. Also I read your comment from earlier about you thinking perhaps the romance scene with the topping in wolf form was self indulgent, it wasn’t :] I wish more writers for both books and movies had the courage to take such creative risks with their work. Mature rating is definitely worth the superb storytelling.

Anyways, I set my Choice of Games account to email me whenever a new game/book comes out on the Google play store. Whenever I get those emails I feverishly rush to check my notification to see if it’s Werewolves 3 Evolution’s End (great title by the way). But it’s always some other game/book.

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Hi. :slightly_smiling_face:

This will answer your question as to why your post was most likely edited:


Hey, Andre, thanks for the love and I’m glad you enjoyed the books!

It’s good to hear that you liked that particular scene–I knew it was a bit risque, but it seemed to go over well and I’m happy with it!

Regarding Werewolves 3, it will be quite some time before it comes out. My attention at the moment is focused on finishing my Vampire: the Masquerade game ‘Parliament of Knives.’ Once that’s released it will be full-steam ahead on Werewolves 3. Unfortunately it’s far too early to give you an exact timeline on the project, but rest assured I’m committed to making it happen!


Yo Greek, I NEED to say that I would love more one to one, werewolf to human in book 3, something like Anna talking about the voice in werewolf form in Haven Rising, it is just so… idk, wholesome to read. Somewhere in book 3 imma want a human to just pet the main character like a dog, and there be goofy-to-serious choices like growl or just straight off go with it, a good change from the bloody chapter! Do or protests will happen! LOL

Dena m/m spicy scene… I just need to say: I want more of it! dunno why it isn’t it by default, they are werewolves!

Also, how does the werewolf human form look like? Are they more… hairy? Or just literally like any human?

If Choice of Games ever makes a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game, they’ll know who to give it to.

I agree with you, it’s just very hard to fit that in, to be honest. Due to the very nature of their plight, the werewolves are in hiding or incarcerated for the majority of their on-screen time across the 3 games. I’m hoping to remedy this somewhat with the continuation of Ahote’s political arc from book 2 as we move into book 3, but I haven’t completely fleshed it out yet. I’ll certainly take your advice and try to fit in more human interaction. Did you get the scene in Werewolves 1 where the MC can stick their head out the car window and get the ‘Doggo’ achievement? :rofl:

Mostly just my nerves and being careful. The fact is that I’m courting both the everyday CoG fans AND furries. I used to be quite big into the furry fandom during my younger days (Anthrocon Philly class of 2001, represent!) so I know what furs like, but I also don’t want to squick non-furry folk. If I have the time, I might make it so that there’s an option to do this in more sex scenes in Werewolves 3, but I can’t make promises at the moment.

I left this purposefully vague like I do a lot of things so the reader can picture characters the way they want to. An older fantasy writer, Glen Cook, used to do that a lot. I remember reading his classic series ‘The Black Company’ and wondering why he was so sparse on character descriptions, but then read later that he purposefully did that so people could imagine them how they wanted to, and it worked for me as a reader. I feel like that would work doubly well in an interactive medium.

Anyway, to actually address your question (I ramble sometimes,) in my head the human form is definitely more hairy than the average human, but not excessively-so. And if they were inclined to groom, they could certainly do so, although it might grow back in a bit faster.

@MisterJB That would be pretty cool! But I would absolutely need to get back to Werewolves 3 at some point or my readers would create mean Reddit threads about me! lol :sweat_smile:


I WISH, I don’t know how to get there but I would assume not have a good “karma” on both military and the people?

“Joluwun, wanna go for a wild ride?” :rofl: pls don’t kill me

Here goes a bunch of out loud thoughts and questions, be aware! it’s just interesting how the main character and Haven werewolves are so clueless of the outside world… with the whole main character visit to New York nearby marketplace (being a big dork if you try to flee and almost transform inside the shop :rofl:) I am intrigued to see more of this side of him if you flee with Ahote and the guys, perhaps you can get to know one of the Metalheads better and see the outside for what it is (perhaps Slayer? I really never thought too deep on it but that whole “I am sorry” talk with no further integration to his story makes me go “HMM”) If he didn’t attack the dudes, I hope my memory is in check and that he’s a good boy-dog-wolf-werewolf-dude, because so far mine probably behaves like a full-on Packleader and trashes on Sonoma leadership close to an elder or adult he needs someone to take him out of the hell hole that might be coming, there is so much to see and learn out there! Like… going to a zoo and seeing for a first time a (>insert the color you chose) wolf staring at you! Then he howls and some deep thoughts >insert here< hehe

Plus, it’s just me or the main character might become a president and a beacon of hope or any close to that, just this fleeting feeling that Ahote-flee route may just do an 180° that the other 3 branches wouldn’t? So far Rivera is a good thing for werewolf survival but she wants to dethrone humans from power and then kill all of them, if I did understand her correctly, while Sonoma just wants to kill all of them as revenge (and her werewolf gas will be taken further development and just might be one of the fuckest thing I would see in one of the branches, everyone turning into werewolves and total chaos…) while Maker makes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: things with her “next gen humans”.

Will Wilu be any more important for the story after saving him? He kinda just disappears after he saves you.

By the way, when does the game take place? Probably forgot if was mentioned in one of the chapter quotes… My guess would 2008-2017 :thinking: (please say COVID-19 won’t happen in that world pls :rofl:)
Also also! Where does Haven Rising take place? I tried searching but got just to “New Haven” =w=;

Are werewolves exclusively a North American thing? Were they all of Native American stock until immigration from the rest of the world diversified them (see Lapu) or are there werewolves all over the world?

If so, did European werewolves form packs with the Native American ones?


Bly gives me the impression that she would be very open to a primal, feral romance scene if the main character is male, with she and the MC both in wolf form. Judging by her words in the scene after the prison break, she’s interested in trying a lot of new things as long as it’s mutually agreed on.



To get the Doggo achievement in book 1 you have to get in the car with Tom and the mercenary group, before Sonoma intervenes in time and you end up in her camp. You can trigger this path if your wolf has achieved a generally high public sentiment, or if you used the communications center to broadcast to civilian channels.

Dropping in to try to address some of the questions, hopefully I hit all of them!


The Haven wolves, especially the younger ones like (you, Dena, Tiva, Lapu, Bly, Jolon) haven’t interacted with the real human world at that point. Haven is cut off from normal TV broadcasts, radio signals and the Internet, and they were always just given their food by the military. So when you’re out on your own, you have no idea how a lot of human commerce works for the most part. An Ahote student MC might have understanding of commerce from a theoretical perspective, but they’ve never used it before so they have no practical experience.

I’d love to get some more Slayer time/background story into Werewolves 3. He is a good boy :blush:

The games take place in (to quote MST3K) “The not - too - distant future.” No Covid (I play/write these games to escape)

Haven Rising takes place in the ruins of New Haven, Connecticut, the city right next to where I grew up.


Not exclusive, no, although that’s where the vast majority of the known werewolves live at the moment. The Scandinavian countries have quite a few, but I haven’t had occasion to mention that yet as none of the pack members have any way of knowing about it.

This may be a spoiler for WW3, so I’m keeping quiet on it. :sunglasses:


Absolutely! She’s in feral form for much of the ‘romance’ scene in chapter 4:

She bites down on your neck, lupine fangs drawing the faintest hint of blood as she forces you to kneel. “Down, ${gender}. On your knees.” You sink down before her, knees cushioned by a thick covering of fallen leaves and pine needles. Some primal part of you, deep down in the human half of your subconscious, fears the towering beast on a deep, irrepressible level. Rather than trigger your flight response however, fear leads to startling arousal, and you lean in, mouth slightly agape, desperate to please this captivating creature rising above you. Backlit by the flickering light of the camp, Bly’s ebony wolf looms like a force of nature, the scent of her excitement nearly drowning out the aroma of the forest. Leaves crackle as she steps in close, a clawed hand stroking your hair before knotting into a loose fist, pulling your head back until your eyes are focused on hers. Heaving breath rumbles hotly in her throat as she exposes rows of razor-sharp teeth that you know from experience could tear a man apart in a matter of seconds.

As for both her and the MC being feral, I’m totally down for that, but I worry a little bit about crossing a line into territory that would squick non-furries, right? Maybe if it’s presented as an option, though that would require twice as much writing. We’ll see what ends up happening. I’m all for it, but no promises :sweat_smile:


Excuse my dying grammar lol

I am super biased but when I read or think about werewolves I expect them to be turned/turn frequently not the polar opposite (like Willy), imo I would add more casual (not fighting or trying to survive) scenes where they are just werewolves, simple as that, reading back the first book makes me miss when they were just enjoying life (rope climbing, exploring the outside in werewolf form, are best example) instead of in a constant mission to survive/avoid extinction.

Honestly I think I am repeating myself but oh well.

I would expect/if not wish, book 3 having either a character in each branch taking you out of the loop the werewolves of haven got in, for example I am looking at Haken, that I lowkey wish he turns into a father figure to the MC in book 3, regardless of their choices in book 1, it feels right for me, does it for you? Maybe even more idk lol, Slayer boy and the Metalheads, yes now I am all in for him lol, and more that have yet to be revealed (can’t I simp for a chance with that white bodyguard wolf? Lol), but yeah, or scenes where you just relax, meditate, enjoy life, reevaluate your values, simply as that, as far as we are right now the main character must be in a fever dream or similar as a hot wound, you don’t feel the actual pain till it gets cold, as it is right now he hasn’t had a chance to actually calm down imo, to realize the hell they went through. (Expecting some PTSD or MC struggling with the experiences that happened in the last two books)

And what I just said before imo makes the story have it’s sparkle, the connections, interlude, a thought, promise/hope for a better future, character development before and after great struggles, highlights and underlines their depth and shows how they are not just killing machines (which why I go full in pacifist and barely wish to see the fully brutal route) lol

But back to the main topic, It really depends on how you write/phrase things on it lol, but yeah, having an option would suffice, iirc the last two or especially the first one had 4 options/choices every block of text so limiting for two or even linear content, if it smooth things for you, it would be cool!

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Here some info from him


I’m glad he’s going to end his series, shame about the hiatus with westward dystopia though, the wait will worth, take it easy over there, the most important is him and his personal life and well-being comes first.

Questions. What are romantic options in both books? Can you romance multiple characters?

I think rather than that the biggest worry is whether such scene will even be approved in the first place (though I guess the scene in the first and second book are pretty graphic, so it’s probably possible)

Offtopic (sorry lol) gotta love Haruki