Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality – Overpower the Human Sovereignty Movement!

After yet another try at this game, I’ve still to come across some achievements. From their placement in the achievement list, I suspect they are all contained in the big battle climax of the book:

Mine Sweeper, McLeod, Confessional (I’ve got the ‘I’m Telling’), Maximum Carnage, Fly Free (70% Academics wasn’t the breakout I was hoping for, to get this).

I suspect that I nearly got Science Prevails, when I failed to convince Byrne not to take Maker away after Sonoma’s capture (my Diplomacy was 60 something percent, and I wonder if 70% will cut it).

Can anyone help me out, please? Thanks.

I haven’t gotten Mine Sweeper and McLeod myself yet but I suspect that the mines can show up when approaching Rivera’s camp and you’d get Sweeper by expertly navigating around them and McLeod by stepping on one but surviving.
Confessional requires you to pretend to side with Maker and then force/convince her to confess that she isn’t a werewolf in front of Sonoma rather than using the canister to force her to transform into her “vampire form”.

Maximum Carnage and Fly Free are easy to get in one go. Basically, don’t betray Sonoma and join the Wild Hunt that goes after Rivera. Then you have to help Sonoma kill Rivera and for this, not only will you need Combat but also I think (I’m not certain) that you either need to have enough Rage for your Inner Wolf to help you overpower her or you need to select a way of fighting that synergises with low Rage such as distracting her while Sonoma attacks. But I’m not entirely sure. Sometimes I manage to kill Rivera, other times she wins.

If you do kill her, I think you’ll automatically get Fly Free because Sonoma uses Rivera’s helicopter to protect the convoy from above. If you don’t get it, that’s because you still need to either destroy or trick the other helicopter.

Thanks for the swift reply, Mister JB. Much appreciated! Looks like I was going the wrong way in trying to achieve Fly Free.

I had read that it’s possible for Rivera to be eliminated - but despite a few attempts, I’ve never been able to beat her yet.

Hello, someone could solve a doubt for me, I wanted to go the pacifist way but I obtained the achievement of “War Criminal” is it possible to realize the pacifist way without obtaining that achievement?