Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality – Overpower the Human Sovereignty Movement!

Lol. That’s fine I can wait until Book 3 for a poly threesome with Maker and Bly.:wink:


From the look of things at the end of book 2, i can see an ending that is a continuation of the williams ending if you got that, a werewolf supremacy ending with 2 variations, a movement for mass conversion of human, or a more subtle conversion of volunteers (maybe Justin :slight_smile: ) and a neutral ending seeking peace with the public. How do you guys think of this assessment?

I’m a metalhead in real life, so I found myself aligning with Inferi’s gang. My werewolf was also in a romantic relationship with Bly throughout the game so he interacted with them often. In one scene Bly approached my wolf character and asked him to let her lose on purpose in a sparring match so she would look less impressive to the Metalheads. With her history as an outcast in the Haven pack, was she just unused to the attention of being looked up to by them, or did she have another motivation behind that?

Also, being someone who likes metal myself I was wondering if you are a fan of or listen to the bands those werewolves are named after. Of the four main Metalhead wolves in the story, Slayer and Havok are the names of thrash metal groups, while Inferi and Augury are modern technical death metal bands and are also less well known. I actually checked out the music of the latter two after playing the game and liked what I heard.


Bly was uncomfortable with the way the Metalheads revered her after she helped break them out of prison. She’s used to being the outcast, the underdog. Even though she was a trainer back in Haven, she never really felt like she was looked up to. She was, after all, the wolf who refused to do her part in the pack’s jobs for the military, and it was only recently that Ahote quietly passed on the information about the abandoned dojo that she and Jolon set up. After everything that’s happened in the last year, she’s secretly frightened of being responsible for another wolf putting their life in danger because of her training making them too confident. She doesn’t want to be a hero–she wants to be Bly.

I’m a huge metal fan! I think you’re the first person who’s publicly acknowledged my little metal band tributes. I’ve been a big Havok fan since I saw them in Quebec City several years back, and I thought it would make an awesome name for a big brute of a thrash-metal wolf. The achievement ‘Killing Tendencies’ is named after my favorite Havok song, and the quote that opens Chapter 5 references two Havok album titles. The achievement ‘Relentless Mutation’ is a nod to the Vancouver-based technical death metal band, Archspire.

Glad you liked Inferi and Augury! Inferi just announced a new EP coming later this year and I’m psyched as hell! \m//


Oh wow, I can’t imagine what she thought of my MC (who was also her lover) throwing himself head on at UberWilliams as if he wasn’t a third of his size.

Speaking of, was the Uber Lycan from Underworld the inspiration for William’s mutated wolf form?


Honestly, I haven’t watched those movies in years, but it might have been a subconscious thing. For inspiration, I was more going with a combination of The Hulk, and Resident Evil 2’s main monster villain, constantly mutating and bulking up after injecting himself with the G-virus.


Thats actually not far off believe it or not. William’s hybrid was basically a hulked out werewolf with no weaknesses from both vampire or werewolf other than attrition

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Call me curious but i was curious on the bond between the main character and tiva. is there a meter to it or is it simply keep on track with good comments. Besides the group affiliation bar, i’m curious on the outcome of tiva seeing lapu after the experimentation. from what i could infer she seems completely overwhelmed due to her finally coming to peace with him being gone, only for lapu to resurface. long story short, does character interaction matter on keeping tiva as the MC’s significant other or will lapu be swooping in and taking back tiva?

Edit: for all those looking for the answer to my previous question ^^^ … the comment section under ikarus_1337 will have the answers for you (look around july 24th)

so for all you like me, do try to double check. :slight_smile:

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does anyone have a guide to achievements?
I got very angry as I don’t know how to stop sonoma from throwing gas at humans,and I did it on a pacifist route

Hello! I absolutely the sequel and I’ve been completely sucked into the world of werewolves since I began playing and have played through it countless times by now, however, I’m stuck wondering how to get the “transfixed” achievement, i’ve been trying everything I can think of to no success and with nowhere else to turn, was wondering if anyone could help me get it

So, I opened my game on Steam to check if I already had “Transfixed” so I could help UndereNeko and, much to my surprise, the game had erased all of my progress for seemingly no reason. I had to redownload my saved games from ChoiceofGames, the game told me that I had yet to unlock any achievements (thought thankfully they remain on Steam) and it sent me right to the beginning.
Has this happened to anyone else? Was there an update I missed?

BTW, UndereNeko, you get “Transfixed” by catching Maker in her bathrobe and trying to flirt with her. She’ll use her vampire powers to hypnotize you. I think that this happens after the raid on HSM.

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Hello GreekWinter.

After reading your reveal about securing the hard drives, I tried to do this as a ‘logistics’ wolf, but failed to come across the room with either Bly or Jolon. Now I did earlier once come across the hard drive room (with Jolon, I think), but I’m not sure how I did so. I might have been an ‘assassin’ wolf. I’ll need to try this, when time permits. But if you can please clarify exactly how the main character can get to this room, I’ll be grateful, thanks.

I want to be able to get into the hard drive room again, so that this time I can get the drives to Kotori!

You have to start as a ‘logistics’ wolf. In chapter 3 when your path diverges and you head toward the computer system with Bly (and sometimes Jolon) choose:

  • What better chance will we get to view hidden human secrets? I’ll take the time to glance through the windows into the rooms below as we progress.

  • I’ll drop to the room below: I want to learn something from the computers.

  • Lie: “I didn’t see anything like that.”

How to get these achievements?
We’ll save you all
Science prevails!
Sonoma’s hobby
Curious correspondence

I can help with some of those achievements.

‘We’ll Save You All’: This is one of Book 2’s endings, and I got to this ending twice. Both times by trying to take down Rivera during the army’s attack on Somora’s camp. Both times I failed (on the first occasion Rivera took Somora with her in the helicopter, on the second attempt Somora was injured but not taken). My character left the camp with Somora’s wolves (plus the Romance Option and a few other friends), and holed up in a not-so-safehouse, where the HSM attack and capture the pack survivors! This ending results in the achievement.

Sonoma’s hobby: I’ve not actually got this yet - but today I came close! After the raid on the HSM facility, back at camp your character has a choice of actions to take in the aftermath of more feral werewolf attacks. Choose a research-based action that’ll involve you being at Maker’s lab. When you leave her, go to Sonora’s cabin. If your reputation with Sonoma’s Rebels is good enough, you might end up as her lover for the night (if you so choose)! That should win you this hidden achievement.

Curious correspondence: In the Nail, after breakfast speak to the friendly guard, and get him to tell you of a safe space or that the werewolves are about to break out. By following his advice, you - along with Bly - should be able to get to the control room that Maker has accessed. She’s in communication with someone unknown on the computer. If you’re stealthy enough, you can sneak in and read the screen!

Science Prevails: Not had this yet. Suspect it’s an ending where your character betrays the pack and throws himself/herself fully behind Maker and her research plans.

Hope that helps!


Right on all accounts, DenaFan, except for this one (And I hope it’s alright to post spoilers now).

You actually get this achievement by having enough Reputation with Sonoma’s Rebels and then siding with Sonoma against Bly during the raid on the HSM base (altough I cannot endorse anyone doing this for any reason beyond getting the achievement and then immediately restarting).
Sonoma will lead you to the basement of her cabin were it’ll be revealed that she has humans imprisoned there and she has been experimenting on them.

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Ahh… Thanks, Mister JB.

I got ‘Sonoma’s hobby’ mixed up with the secret achievement of ‘Scratching an inch’. And it’s actually the latter that I’ve described how to get. I did manage to get ‘Sonoma’s hobby’ once.

Apologies to M.Agil.R_HRP, and anyone else that I confused!

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This isn’t meant to anyone in particular but if one wanted one’s MC to be the leader of as many wolves as possible in Book 3, what would you say is the ending we should aim for?
It seems to me that the best for that is to go against Rivera, don’t break up the pack, follow Sonoma into the helicopter but then fail to kill the General, the end result being a united pack, the respect of Sonoma’s followers and Sonoma herself being too wounded to effectivelly oppose you.
The only downside is Rivera’s survival.


Thank you @MisterJB and @DenaFan I’m having trouble getting all the achievements because I feel reluctant to choose some of the option

Well answering that would be best case scenario, since by siding with either the elders or Sonoma would split the pack in half.