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Found a typo, “Shadow Lord” where Linus is supposed to be a Silver Fang, only happen when going after Melody first.

Rage causes minus to those dependent on how many. 1 Rage is 1 Failure, 2 Rage, well, supposed to be 2 Failures?

I get lot of 3 and 4 Passes when dealing with Dex, Stealth, Wits stuff and only 1 Failure listed with each group I came across.

Stat page says, 1 per Rage.

Backing down alot I guess is the best thing to do otherwise end up with 2 or 3 Rage, Chapter 4, had no gifts or clan yet. Chapter 5 is when get access to other spirits/gifts/clans.

Cant decide until have access to all known, but unknown what can be decided upon.

I wont waste days of training until I get a full list. Which is affecting how I go.

I wonder how many more are like me out there, perhaps something should be indicated somehow? This will be higher number of “wait and see” people than expected. As long as there is no serious death situations prior to finally getting your gifts I suppose? Or something said for those that dont want to waste points/days until they know all the gifts? Idk. I wont get gifts or clan until I see all of it anyway, then choose.

As per the Demo: Stats > Journal > Werewolves > Rage
“Rage above 1 incurs a penalty to most uses of the following Skills: Clandestine, Persuasion, Streetwise, Subterfuge, Academics, Computer, Mechanics, Investigation. You may also suffer a penalty to other Skills used in a technical or analytical manner, like using Survival to calculate caloric requirements for a long trip. The penalty is equal to Rage -1.”

So it only really affects skills and not attributes. If you’re playing a wolf that’s consistently at 4 Rage or higher, rethink using options that use those skills or just focus on attributes since the penalty to those skills is equal or greater than the max potential level of the skill.
But I dont really think its that serious tbh, most high Rage wolves wont use those stats much, unless you’re trying to be like Podge or something. And even then, I’ve done a Glass walker Combat Ahroun run and had a blast. I think youll be fine. Plus banking your EXP isn’t a great idea since there are a couple scenes where you can lose money depending on what you have in your wallet and your choices. And you get access to the gifts a little after you free any of the 3 wolves and access to the tribes a little bit after you free 2 two of, which I think is chapter 4.


I only have the 2, no Podge to see what he opens up. I am aware of few of the gifts from the two girls. Once i know who gives what, i will start deciding. I dont care for several and my style isnt fully welcomed by several. Prefer full access before deciding to the limit time got to train. I may have to to do a meta game affect but wasnt trying to do that “in character of that run” doesnt feel right. I can, just was avoiding it.

Money, I dont bother buying anything so far. Left the house like it is, only got couple dresses, until need to replace, but easy change, no destruction is path I took clothes wise. I do fit better as child of gaia or wardens, or gnawers. Trying not to waste money on junk that dont need. Maybe if i went glass walker or other more charming type, i would.

I have a question about Podge. There are a few scenes where his behavior raises a few eyebrows as to the nature of his personality. The two that come to mind readily, and perhaps the only two, are where he is said to be wearing daisy dukes and is essentially a cam star. The PC is then given the option to decide to essentially go 'cool story bro why are you in my house ?", “Good point sexy” or some other 3rd option i forget. Is this supposed to be some sort of subtext that Podge is a feminine guy or potentially bi/gay? Or does this just show that Bone Gnawerers are the ultimate shrewd recyclists and utilitarians, doing and wearing whatever essentially gets the job done, never wasting anything or any asset they have (i.e he needed pants to wear in the house or emergency post-change and found a pair that fit him that happened to be daisy dukes and found out that cam stuff was an easy way to make money in the human world)

This isn’t to say I have an issue with either option, as it could very well be both or some other option I’m not considering like maybe that’s just how he dresses, just wondering and wanted to see if the thought crossed anyone else’s mind. Love how the characters feel distinct and different like real people though, haven’t really felt like that in some time, reading characters that come alive like that

Is this supposed to be some sort of subtext that Podge is a feminine guy or potentially bi/gay?

I don’t think having a feminine disposition or being non-straight have anything to do woth being a cam star??? Plenty of cam star have those hypermasculine “dudebro” persona (don’t ask me how I know this). Besides, I’m pretty sure most IF ROs are Bi/playersexual unless stated otherwise, so you can just headcanon him as whatever.

If anything i find it annoying how Podge, a full moon seems to thrive with a job that needs charisma??? Meanwhile when i have more than 2 wrath i stumble like a buffoon in any social statcheck (maybe he’s just stupidly hot, i guess).


His being feminine 100% does NOT have anything to do with being a cam star, I was asking about the femininity in relation to him wearing daisy dukes, and because the natural association with gay or bisexual men is that they are feminine, hence the question about subtext.

and Lol yeah Podge is definitely an interesting guy. The first time i played the demo and i saw “full moon” and “bone gnawer” in the same person I initially thought I misread the text, but then I saw he was also an engineer too. Charisma-based job, tech guy, AND charisma/information-based tribe but he’s an Ahroun? Podge surprised me and opened my eyes a bit since before this I would’ve never considered a full moon with his skill set. I wonder how he handles all the rage penalties to basically all the stats that help him do his job and tribal duty lol

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Whoops sorry! RIP, my reading comprehension. NOW THAT YOU MENRIONED IT, i remember the lanlord’s son refers to Podge as a twink(?) Though sometimes he was descipted as brawny? His physical attribute probably just change in between homid and glabro form?? I guess we can only wait for the official portrait just to be sure…

EDIT: Yeah… I know you have no malicious intent, but maybe don’t generalize all gay and bisexual men as being feminine by default? Though there is nothing wrong with being a feminine dude, not all feminine dudes are gay/bi and there are plenty of masculine dudes who are gay. Gender presentation does not always convey certain sexuality and vice versa…


Uh, no?


Just a note that Al Goultier’s crass and ignorant sons are not exactly experts on LGBTQ identities and presentation. If they called Podge a twink it’s probably because they wanted to call him an f-slur but don’t want to get torn in half.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with fem guys and I wasn’t saying gay/bi men are fem or vice versa, I wasn’t generalizing. I was asking because it is common in media to show men as being feminine to establish that he is gay/bi or otherwise is attracted to men (subtext). I was just asking if those details portraying his femininity were to hint at something more. Especially since if you free Podge after Mel, Elton says that Podge wanted to fuck her and maybe the author wanted to show he likes men too without outright saying it. Idk, hence the question.
Additionally, @AletheiaKnights , while you in particular may not have that association, and neither do i because I know masculine gay men personally, the vast majority of people do. Its in part due to stereotypes and inauthentic portrayals on TV and movies yes but that doesn’t change the fact that The average person will automatically think of a fem guy when they picture a gay or bisexual man. Perhaps ‘natural associaton’ carries the connotation of ‘most mlm are fem’ and i should’ve instead said "common association

My completely unsolicited opinion was somewhere between the above and “is this troll trying to provoke me?” Because I think I had considered his dim view of me letting the Spider’s servant go to mean I’d pissed him off more than a little (hence his pushing his way into my living space.)


I think there’s a problem with the way stats work/are measured for skill checks. I chose to try to steal from Udolpho working at Epicycle Bikes with 2 dots of Wits and 1 dot of Clandestine. I failed, which bummed me out but I found reasonable. Then, when I chose to go find Podge (as the first Garou I rescued) and found myself accosted by those thugs, I tried to run into the traffic with 3 dots of Dexterity and 1 dot of Athletics. I still failed and got my money and phone stolen. Either this game is much harder than Night Road or it needs to have its success criteria tweaked. I hope it’s fixed by the time it releases because saying it has me hooked is an understatement, as everything I could say about Kyle’s books

Doesn’t this basically mean that you’re nimble, but slow and winded easily? Um…I don’t see a failstate with this combination as being out of bounds. You’re not athletic. But you’re dexterous (good with your hands and fine motor control.) In other words, you could probably knit a sweater with your feet, but would still fall off a treadmill.

I WAS playing in storyteller mode, where they tell you exactly what the choices will check. The check was DEX+Athletics, so I think it’s reasonable to say there must have been an issue there. Either that or the game is just too hard

Yes, and if the challenge had been climbing a wall instead of running into traffic, you likely would have succeeded. If you had your stats 1 Dex + 3 Ath, similarly you would have probably succeeded at scrambling around in traffic dodging cars. The context of the stats matters just as much as which of the stats are being measured does. Does that help it make more sense to you? I’m not always great at explaining things.

It explains what you meant, but that isn’t how it works. In Night Road, you were in chapter 2-3 and could succeed in anything you set out to do as long as you had decent-to good stats. Then, with the experience you gained from succeeding at things (which here is replaced by training days), you were supposed to improve upon those same stats so you’d be able to succeed at later challenges. Context doesn’t matter, only how far you’re in the game and how good your stats are. And don’t tell me I shouldn’t expect things to be the same as in Night Road seeing as how it was written by the same author on the same universe

I’m REASONABLY sure that’s not how it works. I’m pretty sure the game doesn’t test both parameters individually, it adds them up and then tests. I don’t think the game cares if your Dex+Ath=4 is reached with 3 Dex/1 Ath or 1 Dex/3 Ath, only that the total is 4.

Someone who’s familiar with the TTRPG system could probably enlighten us.


That’s exactly what I’m saying, thanks for explaining it in a more technical matter

I’m more into CoD than WoD but in attributes and skills there’s pretty good parity. As a GM I think you would have a tough time trying to successfully run through traffic with only 4 combined dots.

At the table I would assign a penalty based on how hazardous the traffic is. Quiet Suburb? 0 penalty. 4 lane highway in the middle of the day? maybe as much as -5.

Each dot represents a die you would normally roll, and this is where WoD and CoD might differ more substantially.

Regardless, depending on how hazardous the street is, odds of successfully navigating the situation decrease pretty rapidly. 3 in an atty is just above average. 1 in a skill is amateur. An above average amateur (or your equivalent average pro, think of an athlete who is good enough to be on the team but never stands out) has a chance, but not a great one depending on the hazard, and I assume that we’re not actually doing random rolls behind the scenes in this game, so it’s possible the flat dot check would just be higher than 4.

I haven’t played through the scene for context.