"Werewolf: The Apocalypse — The Book of Hungry Names" Demo Available Now!

Really? I take it if you get a screen saying “If the clan you picked doesn’t want you, which other would you like?” you’ve failed the requirements for the first?

That’s just a suggestion if you don’t want to join your first tribes pick the second one or any other tribes

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What clans can you join in the demo, then? Shadow Lords and maybe Glass… the hacker ones? That’s the only clans represented by NPCs that actually show up (the three stooges at the start don’t count).


Tribes @JBento not clans, you can join almost all of them except Black Furies, Hart Wardens, Silent Striders, Ghost Councils, Galestalkers, and Red Talons.


Damn, I missed joining the Children, then. :confused:

Do you happen to know the prerqs for that? I didn’t actually MEET any of the Children, though, so what, are they supposed to just email me or something?

you Recruiting Nin you can enter the deep wood and join the Childrens of Gaia

Recruiting Podge unlock the urban blight which you can enter to join the Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers

Recruiting Melodie unlock the barrows which you can enter to join the Shadow Lords and Silver Fangs

Just make sure your alignment matches the patron spirit of the tribe requirement, otherwise you can’t join them

After you have recruit 2 members of the broad brook sept


Ohhhhh, I didn’t manage to do any recruiting, I ran out of choices first. Isn’t that just possible after the Glass lady gives you the go ahead?

Now I’m just confused. The demo ended before I got the go-ahead. How can I recruit them and therefore join the tribes, then?


ONE of my favorite lines from the demo so far: “ He disappears down to the street, then returns with a perfectly spherical burrito for you and another for him.”

PH3AR the spherrito!


I’m one of those people who kept failing through Night Road, even though I managed to somehow mostly fail my way to success (of a sort?) but this one’s been much easier for me. Which is odd, because Werewolf was never one of my stronger games (Wraith was.) But I am approaching this more like I did Parlaiament of Knives*, pick a main ally, bind them to your cause and branch from there. It seems to be working so far and I’m interested to see how far it’ll get me through the entire game.

*This approach did NOT help at all in SOS, which…really I think it should have?

Hmm…I do need breakfast…

Recruit 2 garous talk to them then the stromcat will notify the patron spirit of the tribes that you wish to join head either to the woods, slum, barrows talk to the patron spirit after that it will notify that your alignment matches their after that you can join.

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Theurge in game rn cause it has so many interactions with all the spirits
Close second is Philodox cause their entire job is be calm and understand as a judge
Close third is Ahroun cause haha funny werewolf combat

Glass walkers cause they seem to get industry isnt going anywhere, better to go with the flow to help control it rather than sticking to shit that clearly failed. Dont destroy oil plants, that just makes people try more, build them solar panels and solve the root issue. Children close second cause actual empathy

I mean just look at what they do, there’s no doubt in my mind that they are one of the most impactful cosmic forces wide in fighting against the wyrm


Chapter 1 was good.
Chapter 2 didn’t care much.
Chapter 3 (not complete) is very good.

I will most likely buy this once out.

I dont think I finished Night Road? I will have to try it out again I suppose. I thought I did… maybe… i dont recall it well except driving and escorting other vamps around.

I think it definitely depended on what sort of “build” and goals you had. I remember playing tremere and kind of making decisions as I went rather than focused on one goal (with or against the elders) and it made it harder to play (to the point that I code dived on the first playthrough while testing to see what was going on behind the scenes which is unusual for me.) It was definitely a power fantasy and I agree with what you’re saying (many CSGs do tend towards having the world revolve around the player rather than the other way around so I don’t think it’s that unusual for a CSG), but one that seemed to have a favoured build and goal set (at least when I played the beta) which affected the actual stat checking side of things.


What do you type in google to get the pic and the result that you shared?

“Werewolf the apocalypse glasswalkers tribe.”
click on wiki, done


…played again
Realized why I couldnt find shelter every time
I was, in fact, too socially inept to find him 3 times in a row
God I cant wait to max out stats and not fail every other stat check XD

I think it could also really help if the game just explained more about the system and about how rage works. It’s explained, but the explanation is like three menus deep in the stat screen and you don’t even get access to it until Chapter 2.

Some kind of choice between “I’d like to learn how the system works?” and “I’m familiar with it” before you pick extremely meaningful things like your aspect would have been helpful in my first playthrough because I would have known that I was picking the ‘one rage, loses wolf the first time he backs down’ archetype and been able to adjust my expectgations/gameplay accordingly.


Additionally, I’ll note that you get a Rage reset quite a bit before the game tells you Rage resets are a thing, and that the reset values is based off your aspect.


Guide for the Beginning Stats, listed in order. Below is the exact same information for viewing or if someone wants to make an excel version (idk how to use Excel lol). Valid and correct as of 4/4/2024.

  1. Wilderness Tracking - STA + DEX + Survival
    A. Loved the woods- STR + WIT + Aim
    B. Strange Visions- COM + WIT + Intimidation
    C. Helper Mechanic- INT + RES + Mechanics
    D. Young Leader- STR + CHA + Leadership

  2. Tech Savvy - INT + WIT + Computer
    A. Nice Family - CHA + MAN + Leadership
    B. Street Rat- STA + RES + Clandestine
    C. Occult Acolyte- CHA + COM + Academics
    D. Violence Reshapes- STR + STA + Combat

  3. Intimidated Allies- STR + RES + Intimidation
    A. SCA Nerd- DEX + COM + Combat
    B. Street Dealer- DEX + MAN + Streetwise
    C. Future Leader- RES + CHA + Leadership
    D. Wilderness Survival- STA + WIT + Survival

  4. Manipulated Allies- CHA + MAN + Investigation
    A. Aspiring Hacker- INT + WIT + Computer
    B. Mystics & Con-Artists- DEX + WIT + Subterfuge
    C. Helped Interface- INT + COM + Persuasion
    D. Brutal Exercise- STR + STA + Athletics

  5. Searched Archives- INT + COM + Academics
    A. Book Thief- DEX + WIT + Clandestine
    B. Angry Street Kid - STA + RES + Streetwise
    C. Garou Orator- CHA + MAN + Persuasion
    D. Frighten Enemies- STR + RES + Intimidation

New Moon Ragabash- DEX + WIT + MAN + Athletics + Clandestine + Subterfuge
Crescent Moon Theurge- INT + WIT + COM + Academics + Awareness + Investigation
Half Moon Philodox- STA + INT + CHA + Investigation + Persuasion + Subterfuge
Gibbous Moon Galliard- RES + CHA + MAN + Academics + Leadership + Persuasion
Full Moon Ahroun- STR + DEX + RES + Athletics + Combat + Intimidation

Initial Form
Homid- INT + Mechanics
Glabro- DEX + Aim (bow)
Crinos- STR + Combat
Hispo- STA + Survival
Lupus- WIT + Athletics