Werewolf Noir (Wip) - Minor Update 06/07/2020

Who would have thought I would be posting a side project wip before my main project? This is my first time posting a wip here so I’m pretty nervous haha

Well anyways, I’ve started a side project Werewolf Noir.


In it, you play as a lone wolf who has lost everyone they ever loved, their spouse, their son, and now you’re trying to find your son’s killer. You can choose between being a criminal, a vigilante, or a private eye. All while meeting interesting characters, hunting down your old pack, and maybe even falling in love again. Before all of that though, you need to find out how the MC lost it all.

What you can do in the game (including what you can do currently and what I plan on adding in)

  • play as male, female, or nonbianary (and trans)
  • Find your son’s murderer and get your justice or revenger
  • choose between becoming a private eye, criminal, or vigilante
  • hunt down your old “pack”
  • fall in love with one of the 5 row or none at all
  • learn to tame your wolf instincts or let the beast control you
  • as the private eye: discover injustice and crime, doing your best to help others and find killers so that no one has to suffer like you did ever again
  • as the criminal: really the sky’s the limit. Are you a killer? Have you started making your own pack? Are you a thief? its your choice
  • as the vigilante: you’re taking justice into your own hands, you find your targets, you decides who lives and who dies

Now as for the RO’s (who will be introduced in chapter one): there are 5 romance options for Werewolf Noir with the gender being player’s choice (including a nonbianary option for all ROs). There will be poly options for: The Detective and The Loner, The Ghost and The Loner, as well as The Burglar and The Hunter.

Romance Options (with concept sketches)

The Burglar a.k.a Ego:
A vampire who’s had their grip in the shadows for almost a century now. Most famous for heists they pull off and the information they hold. They know when to get their hands dirty and when to stay back. They’re known to be quite a flirt, and very protective of their things. Their most notable feature is the red viper tattoo that wraps around their torso. Dorian he/him, Pandora she/her, Echo they/them

The Ghost:
A newly awakened ghost who is quite happy to have someone in the apartment building that can finally see them. They aren’t registered with the city, don’t really know they have to. They won’t talk about their death. They’re more content to just sift through MC’s place and try to befriend them. The Ghost is asexual, but cares deeply about those they connect to. Aurie he/him. Anima she/her. Aide they/them.

The Hunter:
A demon straight from hell, but you didn’t hear that from me as beings of hell are strictly forbidden on the overworld. Known to most only as The Bounty Hunter, they work to hunt down stray monsters and killers and take them out before they can cause anymore harm. They usually hide their appearance by wearing a dark hooded coat and a mask over their face.They’re quite secretive and rarely let anyone close for fear of being sent back down. Zenith he/him. Zira she/her. Zed they/them.

The Loner:
A lone wolf, drifting through the city seeing the sights. No pack to claim as their own, and no interest in such a thing. The most jarring thing about their appearance is the ever present wolf ears. If anyone’s pointed it out to them they haven’t made an attempt to fix it. They’re quite a positive presence in the city which is something it desperately needs. No one really knows what their interest in the city is, but the drifter hasn’t left just yet. Diego he/him. Dawn she/her. Dusk they/them.

The Detective:
Detective Winters, a top tier investigator that’s trying to clean up the corrupt system they found themself working in. Of course this made them no friends in their colleagues especially after arresting other cops. Now they’re lucky if they even get a case with a partial lead. Sadly, their newest case is one without. The only thing in common was a bunch of dead kids. Detective Winters has learned to keep themself closed off and skeptical of everyone, only trusting themself to have their back. Perhaps there lies a soft heart behind those stony walls. Ethan he/him. Erin she/her. Dakota they/them.

So far I only have the prologue done, but I’ve made it kind of lengthy. This is going to be a pretty grim start to the story (I promise I’ll make up for it in chapter one). I’m going, to be honest, I don’t know how often I’ll update since I’m working on two WiPs at once. I’m going to try for every two weeks??

also if you’re sensitive to violence and death remember that your mental health comes first, I have the warnings listed before the actual game starts as well

To play the demo, go here

Invite to the discord: link

feedback is greatly appreciated and if you want to come check out the Tumblr https://canismaxim-games.tumblr.com/ (just specify if you’re sending in asks for werewolf noir if you ask there)

Update Log:
06/07/2020 - added in the stats page and some stats to the prologue


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Sounds awsome we get to be werewolf as well


thank you for spotting this, should be fixed now :)!

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I liked the interaction with your son, however a little boy wouldn’t know what a ‘lizardiologist’ is. I think it’d be more realistic if you changed it to “work with lizard” and the adults can teach him the word “lizardiologist”.


  • This reads more like a novel than a choice game. There are a lot of texts and *page_break without any choices, and I do think the interaction with your spouse is a bit too dragged on. I think you should focus more on the son (make the son the ultimate motivation) instead of the spouse, because they are dead anyway.

  • The switching between past and present tenses confused me. Here’s an example:

By the way, you could use $!(texthere) to capitalize the first letter! Add a (!) in and you’ll be fine.

  • It’d be nice if you can weave the lore of the world into conversations with your spouse to let the reader know early on. As of now it reads like it’s set in a “normal America” type setting instead of “werewolf society” type setting. There should be some sort of police patrol to protect people from wolves (and not just broadcasting news. Many people don’t watch the news and if the same logic follows, many people would get killed by werewolves like the MC)

Overall I like your writing and those are some things I think would make this better. Remember that people like to have choices even if it’s just nonsense fake choices like:
#drink soda
#poke the cat
#lay down and cry

Choices make for a more engaging experience. Perhaps you could give different options to interact with the spouse. I’m sure some people dislike the “gently”, “softly” dialogue and prefer a more rough dialogue. :slight_smile:


I like story it like some of movie I watch when I was kid

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thanks for the feedback! This is a first draft so I do plan on adding more choices to the beginning so this is really helpful. Thanks for catching the tense issue I will try to keep that in mind and get it fixed.

I really like the idea of working more of the lore in and the police patrol. I’ll really take these suggestions into consideration!


Will u be able to become the alpha

it’s definitely a path option i have planned out :),


Can we become a werewolf hunter? Using the “gift” they forced on us to take them out.


thats a good question! And sort of, the “vigilante” job choice will pretty much be along those lines. I’m not calling it werewolf hunter just cause there are other supernatural creatures in this world space that might get on mc’s list :),


Just finished the demo and I really liked the story and being a werewolf on top of that is already a huge win in my book lol

Even though we don’t get to spend a lot of time with our spouse and son in the story, you sill maneged to make me feel the guilt/sorrow of the MC :ok_hand:

keep up the good work :blush:


when i try to play the demo i get this:

the description sounds really interesting though!

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Kind of feel sorry for an MC losing both kid and spouse Take Along tool on someone and including their been murdered so I believe my character would be a criminal killing his way to get to his Target


I thought that was just right, actually. The correct term would be “herpetologist”, but I think the son’s just old enough to have learned “if you study X you’re an Xologist” and applied that to lizards without knowing the technical term.


hm thats odd, im sorry you got that. I checked the link for myself today and it’s working fine now. I know dashingdon was a little slow yesterday so perhaps it was just an error on the sites part? it should work now but if it doesn’t please let me know!

that’s what I was going for actually!

thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I do plan on having memory choices for mc as well as dipping more into the supernatural element of the world!

Oh I feel you lol I feel bad for mc but I’m definitely going to try to make each career path unique and rewarding for mc


I just tried it again and it works fine now!

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Duuuuuuuuuuude your story is heavy!!! I like it. Hits you right in the feels. I started crying too.


Bulk_Biceps felt that, it’s your heartbreaking :sob: you’re not alone.


I don’t think it’s necessary to focus on the son as “ultimate motivation”, instead of focus on the loss of the MC’s family, after all, they were married for at least 7 years (they may have been in a relationship with them for much longer) and had a son (or adopted), they watched their partner being brutally killed 5 werewolves trying to buy time so that the MC could get in the house and keep their son safe, after that, they had to join the pack to keep the child safe while trying to find a way for them to leave the pack, they probably didn’t have time to overcome the death of their partner after all their son was probably traumatized by what happened and they had to be by his side to help him and keep him safe, both deaths are relevant and leave room for the growth of the main character after all now he has to deal with both deaths, the death of his partner who sacrificed himself for them and the death of his son, who they were unable to protect.

I have a doubt, in the game MC says that if they were inside the house they would be safe after all their partner sacrificed himself so that the MC and his son would enter the house to be safe, but the werewolves could just knock down the door or even jumping through the window and attacking whoever they wanted, is there any kind of protection in the houses that prevents supernatural creatures from entering?
I really liked this game, good luck with your main project.