Werecat (Title is a work in progress.)

I’m starting a new game currently called “Werecat”. The basic concept of the plot is that a canine nature spirit known as Lupind is angry with humans for destroying so much of his creation, wolves, by making them into pets. He places a disease into many dogs so that in a few generations, there will be wolves capable of spreading lycanthropy to man. A feline nature spirit named Sena believes that Lupind is acting foolishly, so she contacts one of her Druids (Druid/Priest/Shaman. I’m not entirely sure yet which would fit the best.) and informs him that she is going to place a gift into a human child (Possibly children.) who has not yet been born. In order to be able to fight off those afflicted by the disease when it arises. I have the opening scene written out already:

“Lupind stop and think about what you are doing!”
A great lioness growls agrily to a large, menacing wolf. They stand in a great forest with gigantic trees teeming with life.
And yet despite this, all in the forest aside from the lioness and the wolf have grown silent, watching the exchange cautiously.

“You honestly expect me to sit idly by and ignore what mankind has done to my beautiful creation?” The wolf Lupind snarls. “My great wolves have been brought down to the low of mere housepets for these greedy creatures. They have done the same to your creations, and yet you still argue against my decision? I suppose you couldn’t possibly understand, you have many beloved creations. While I only have the one. You disapoint me with your foolishness Sena, but how could I expect more from someone who cares for those awful humans so much?”

The lioness Sena roars in rage. “But this unleashing this disease upon the world, it’s foolish! They don’t even realize that they have offended you! Just stop and think about what this will do!”

Lupind merely turns away from Sena and growls, “There is nothing you can do now, I’ve already placed the beginnnings of the disease into many of those lazy housewolves. In a few generations, I will be able to take the disease to man. They will see the error of their ways, and the true beauty of my wolves.”

With that, Lupind quickly sprints off into the woods. Leaving Sena behind before she can respond.

As you can probably tell, it’s still pretty rough around the edges. But I am open to any critiques and ideas that anyone has.


Wolves aren’t the only canines.

Use adjectives sparingly; they’re only enhancers when used with moderation.

How are humans going to know the ‘true beauty’ of the wolves from being savaged by dogs and infected?

Sounds awesome. Awesome has heard of werewolves and I’ve been thinking of doing a game sort of like this (not wolf but different) once I finish my current one. Go ahead your gonna get many fans.

I think they are going to see the beauty by being one themselves. That’s what I assume anyway

I think it’s an interesting premise.

Don’t write by committee, just sit down and write the game. There’s no need to share every small section. Make the game you want to make.

it would be cool to play as a wolf too…

For some reason, it strikes me as rather akin to something old Disney would create: Strange villain creates magic dogs, which turn people into beasties; benevolent witch creates ‘Chosen One’ infant, who fights the bad doggie werewolf monsters that chew on your toes while you sleep.


I was more going for they where his favored creations. The ones that where most precious to him. But I see your point with the adjectives, I’ll work on fixing that. Thanks! :slight_smile:


If they were his only creations of course they were his favourite…



Do you have any ideas as to how I could improve it? Or could you please elaborate as to what makes it meh? I’m hoping to improve as much as possible, seeing as I’ve never done something like this before. So I’m open to any criticisms you have.

@VampiricPotato It’s impossible for anyone to judge your game on the little bit that you’ve written above. Take what everyone says (including me) with a pinch of salt. If it’s a game you want to write then write it. Don’t listen to those of us on the forum who say “yay” or “nay”. It’s your game, do it your way.

You can’t write a game by committee. The way you’re doing things just now you’re just going to let the game killed off before you even begin. You don’t need our approval. Just go for it, follow your gut, get it finished, and make the best possible game you can. Then come to us for feedback.

Don’t take the criticism to heart. Don’t let the comments stop you from writing your game. Just write it.


Alright, thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll do that.


Well said! A good critique should encourage you to improve, never make you want to quit.

Go for it

Well, considering i’m a Nyan cat I say FULL SYSTEMS GO ON THIS GAME!

Sort of an update: I’ve worked on the story and I’ve written more. But I’m having some problems figuring out choicescript. So unfortunately no demo yet. :frowning:

@VampiricPotato @2Ton might be able to help you with ChoiceScript if you need it

I could too!

@VampiricPotato What’s the problem sir?

No! 2Ton is mine. :frowning: