Welcome to Moreytown: Becoming Lucy's Pet?!

Looking at some images from Welcome to Moreytown, I found this one:


There’s some pretty nice fanart of the MC, but leave that aside for a moment and look at the relationship with Lucy Zhukov.

I am her pet! What? Can that actually happen? If so, how? I tried to get that result on my own, but so far I haven’t succeeded. Has anyone done that?


It has been a really long time since I played but yes I did get that on one of my playthroughs. Instead of fighting her, just submit I believe is how you get to that situation.

But it doesn’t give me the option to submit to her, only fighting and trying to convince her to save the rally, none of which allows me to become her pet.

Also, in the image, the MC has a very good relationship with Lucy. Can you even fight her if you have a very good relationship with her? I’m not even given the option

Beat Tiny in the fight, then you get to get it on with Lucy, then it is all about keeping her satisfied. I don’t remember the exacts but I think you need to be successful in stopping the Saints attack.

I think you need to romance her for that. I’m not sure…
I always played as a cat, challenged Lucy but had to fight Tiny instead, and always lost (what a surprise XD) She still flirted with him but I never accepted and my cat MC still had a very good relationship with her.

That is why I said you have to beat Tiny, and only Tiny will impress her. I just can’t remember the steps after that.

I’ve done that. As a rabbit, I managed to beat Tiny. Then she flirted with me and I was given the option to either have a sexual relationship with her or refuse. I’ve tried both ways and none of them work. I mean, yeah, accepting counts technically as romancing her, but it doesn’t give me the status of I am her pet! in the stat screen

It is the choices you make after that, about how you deal with the Saints and how you respond to the Running Dogs after escaping the event.