Moreytown Headlines


How would you sum up your Moreytown experience in one The Onion-style newspaper headline?

Example: Overconfident Ratgirl Loses Every Fight, Except the One With The Bear


Panther Police Informant Constantly Lets Cat out of the Bag? :sweat_smile:


Jk, jk :laughing: It would probably something more like “Local Cat Has The Worst Week Ever, But Also At Least Gets A Boyfriend Out Of It”

(the romances in this game felt so awkward for me. Interspecies thing aside, one of the male ROs has MY name and the other one shares his name with a person I really hate irl)


While I’ve only played the demo so far, I can safely say it would come down to this:
“Catboy just wants the world to bloody leave him alone before he kills everyone to regain peace and quiet.”


Sassy she-wolf becomes sex toy for renowned gang leader



Based on the demo and my understanding of the plot: “Russian Bear Becomes Leader of Anti-Human Cult.”

Is this article published in Playbunny?


I decided to give this one a go recently since it looks like nothing I’ve ever read before… and I learned that playing a CoG game whilst distracted and trying to alternate between reading and handling outside situations is a very, very bad idea.

In short:

“Fox Tries To Shower, Gets Everyone Including Herself Killed”


how do I romance lucy


You have to beat one of her gang members in a fight when they kidnap you. Best strategy: Pick someone who’s really bad at what you’re really good at. For example, I played as a rat and used my superior speed to take out the bear.

Then she’ll flirt with you and you can encourage it.


thanks for the advice



But yes, best to, uh, start a relationship, but not take it to the bedroom. :scream_cat:

  1. Rat Goes Missing Suspiciously at Same Time as Massive Bus Explosion

  2. Rabbit’s Lack of People Skills Gets Hundreds killed

  3. Unlikely Wolf Hero Saves Hundreds and Immediately Gets Arrested

“Next time on Moreytown Headlines, will ExcaliburV finally get a good ending for once?! Stay tuned to find out!”