Welcome to Moreytown: Share your Moreau!


After playing the above game roughly half a dozen times… and tearing my hair out getting all of those achievements, I thought it’d be cool to ask the community who’ve played WtM just who it was they made and played through the game with!

Let’s not discuss whether or not the game was good or bad-- there’s literally two other threads we could all go to for that. I’m just interested in reading about all the types of characters other people made while they were playing. :slight_smile: Here, I’ll start with some rough sketches I made!

I liked playing the big guys… hahah. From the left to right we have Timur (Russian Bear), Robert (American Wolf), Ajay (Indian Tiger), and Issa (Kenyan Lion).

Timur and Robert tended to be more Feral, with the former going down in a blaze of gore-y while meeting with the Damned Saints, and the latter shacking up with David and finding a job with the community center. Ajay and Issa were more ‘Pink’, with the former ending up an informant of Kris’, and the latter joining up with Lucy’s Running Dogs.


Hello, I think it’s a great idea, considering how much I like this game.
My first character was Paul “Croc” Juneau (I’m french and in french Croc means fang). He was a lone wolf, quite litteraly. He was more feral than pink, but his keen sense of smell allowed him to understand what was happening around him, and to manipulate the situation to his advantage. He knew how to be persuasive, but when it came to a fight, he never backed down (Serguei’s scarred body is proof of that) . And finally, even though this lone wolf ultimateley wanted to be left alone, he could’t resolve himself to let David and the people at the rally die. That’s why he stopped the threat by himself, as a security guard.
That’s the story of Paul “Croc” Juneau, a not so original story of a nobody turned hero by the sheer force of circumstances, and how he decided to give a damn, after all…
Anyway I’ve made other characters, but since I can’t draw for shit (I love your drawing by the way :slight_smile: ) I wanted to describe mine a little bit more and I think one character is enough


I’ve got four characters (and more on the way, I plan to keep reading this) and I’d love to share 'em!

  1. Luis Veraguas: A rodent, specifically a rat, from Panama, Luis was all-in-all a good-hearted guy. He tended to act more like a human than a moreau, at points, but that suited him more than being a feral beast, he figured. While he had no silver tongue or combat skills to rely on, he managed his way along through intelligence and, occasionally, sheer luck. However, this poor rat was not long for the world. Drugged, kidnapped, and tricked into wearing a suicide vest and joining the bombers at the Rally for Peace, Luis’ last act was to sacrifice himself to stop the bombers, ending the threat at the cost of his own life.

I’d rather not make a rediculously long post by detailing all of my characters, but if you’d be interested in hearing, I’d be happy to share. Just let me know!