we need more horror wips

like give me scream , texas chainsaw, friday the 13th, etc books. i can’t be the only one who wants more of these type of books.

i love the fantasy choices but it’s getting kinda repetitive.


Definitely need some more horror stories. I’m working on a couple horror WIPs myself, Meteoric and A Specter Over Kilerth.


Fantasy horror stories!


I definitely agree. I would love a slasher based story. And I feel like there’s a lot you can do with something like that. Having choices and stats determine whether you survive or not. Maybe have a clue system that helps you discover who the killer is. It would be awesome.


cant wait !

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now that sounds like a good idea

The only reason why there is only a few horror wips no i mean horror novels, is because the fact that is hard to build tension in words and text. While in videos or images you can feel the tension of the main character when they encounter with the killer because we can see it or hear it. But word? Uhh is hard to create!, unless of course you can add ambience like sound in the wips, so we can feel the tension or maybe add some image to jumpscare some peolpe after touch next button. But that aside, yes we need more horror wips :grin:

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I disagree. I’ve read some absolutely nightmare-inducing horror novels.

Now doing that when the player is actively making decision and trying to emerge as unscathed as possible instead of trying to make things worse may be another animal.


I actually disagree. There are many horror stories out there that only use words. Actually it can be an advantage if done right because what your mind can imagine can be worse than what can be put on the screen if the writer is good enough. And that’s just it, horror is HARD. There’s a fine line between creating enough fear and tension, and it just becoming silly, predictable or just grossing your audience out. It’s one of the reasons why the I’ve written some “dark fantasy” games that skirt the edges, but they rarely stray into true horror genre. I have a lot of respect for writers that can pull off really good horror stories.


Oh man I super agree. Horror is my absolute favorite genre and I’m always on the lookout for new horror WIPs to check out. I’m working on one myself (The Lonely Shore), but it’s always exciting when I see a new one. I agree that horror absolutely can be done really well in text. It’s been interesting to try and figure that balance out in my own project. I think the feeling of, like, creeping tension can be done great over text, with a combination of pacing and description.


Even Friday the 13th got turned into novels, so I believe it can be done.

i loved reading ur wip!

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They’re only one chapter long so far, but both stories have demos up

Oh, thank you!!

Peolpe have different taste, so i cant really relate sorry :grin:

I can’t agree more. Horror has been one of my favorite genres for a long time and it has enough subgenres that it opens to a lot of possibilities, especially when you add choices to the mix.

(it can also go pretty well with other genres on occasion too - one of the books I’ve read recently did an interesting blend between sci-fi, fantasy and some horror elements)


If you haven’t already I definitely suggest going over to the Interest Check Thread and liking and commenting on any premises that catch your eye. Horror isn’t my jam, so I don’t know how many people have posted horror ideas, but the best way to encourage more of the thing you like, especially on these forums, is through regularly interaction with the works.


And if you’re game, after seeing some of the ideas presented in said interest check thread, create a WIP of your own and share it to the world! There are really good horror stuff out there(in Twine at least), check out Bogeyman.

And once again, the next step to reading, is reviewing, playtesting and creating your own stuff. If you see a market for horror stuff, then why not create some?


i’ve been thinking about making one !

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I’d also like to see a WIP where you ARE the slasher! Getting to choose your motive and modus operandi.