To wips in need of romance


To any wips out their that need some help in the romance department give me a line at private messenger . I know about how writing romance for people make moat of us squeal with excitement , until we go to the key board and then it starts to get a little uncomfortable. Especially if your writing for the opposite sex, I mean I have been their and I wanted to spare a little pain for anyone who contacts this thread. And I am more than willing to at least give a few pointers for those of you that don’t want me to write any scenes.

Just drop a line on the thread if you want , but when writing a scene I would really appreciate if you gave me the demo(if there is any) to learn how the character acts, well that’s all I got to say.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Sincerely Roslyn


I don’t know if I’m ever going to pick this up again but I had started to write a slasher flick type CoG game where you play as a camper and have to try to survive, and optionally try to save your friends who would all be acting like typical slasher movie victims just to make it interesting. You’d have the option to behave like that as well in varying levels, and with that of course, there would have to be some romance, at least before the body count starts piling up. Any suggestions for making that a bit less stereotypical and/or stupid?


@Shoelip Have you watched Cabin in the Woods?


Well I can help you out when you want to get to it , so either pm me the details if your already to go, but by the sound of it it seems like it’s just now coming back to haunt you. But if your putting it back up again I would be willing to lend you a hand

Never seen it is it good?


It’s a good take on slash flicks and the horror genre. I was just mentioning it, not because of how it tackles romance, which is certainly different from the usual clichéd movies, but how it tackles parodies on the genre in general.

So, Roslyn have you thought of making your own romance game?


I really liked Cabin In The Woods. It is portrayed as a stereotypical scary movie. There’s the pot head, the jock, the blonde, and the “virgin” as they call her. But they still manage to make it original.

To be honest, it’s really late and I’m not sure if I just made this movie sound kind of cool or terrible. Ughhhh, @FairyGodfeather, I should have just let you explain it…

Edit: You already did lol


Yeah, I saw Cabin in the Woods. Not at all what I was expecting. Thought it would be a little more light hearted. Very enjoyable despite that.

[spoilers]My least favorite scene is where they abruptly kill off the gorgeous, half naked, Jules. :frowning: [/spoilers]


I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t see the ending coming either. I mean come on, are they really that selfish???

But back on topic, I will probably pm you in the future because romance scenes, well lets just say they aren’t my cup o’ tea.


Well send me a line for pointers or just let the wild dog off her chain and let me write it for you.


@Roslyn_samalt06 I may drop you a line sometime in the next couple of weeks as well. I was debating wether to even include romance in my game as I don’t have much personal experience with the topic.


@youwish12 Careful, the movie isn’t that old. Don’t go giving out ending spoilers. But on the topic, and obviously that means that what I say next may be a spoiler, so stop reading if you don’t want it… I don’t think it was selfishness from their perspective.


Well romance is always in demand on the forums , so yeah if you change your mind just pm


But in my opinion I would include romance just because it’s the sweet to the sour of a game. It is also a great way to reel people into a story , I mean unnatural even has fan girls . So I just want you to keep in mind the benefits of including it


Yay! I was just thinking about how terrible I am with writing romance. I’m still determined to try to do it myself, but I’ll definitely keep you in mind for consultation, @Roslyn_samalt06. :smiley:


I thought Cabin in the Woods was hilarious. I may have accidentally taken my mother in to see it under the assumption it was a comedy movie though and she spent the entire time hiding under her coat and jumping. That just added to the humour for me though. Is that cruel?

I liked what they did with the relationships.

Anyway I think it’s an interesting deconstruction of the slasher/horror tropes and you could do similar with your own game for the romances.

Oh no! I must stop. I started writing a cabin the woods style choice of games synopsis of how I’d do it. But no! I wouldn’t do it. I’d spend a day poking at the idea and lose interest. I think it’s a great idea for something with romance though.


I am actually curious how you would have done it, but maybe we should move it to PMs since the movie did only come out earlier this year and it only came out on netflix a few months ago.

My idea for a slasher flick game was more along the lines of having the majority of the cast be the stereotypes we expect, but having the player character have a choice, and by that choice, allowing them to actually save their friends given that the right decisions are made. Of course I’d have to add stats and multiple survival paths to add reply value. I was thinking also of going for the Friday the 13th route where the campers are all essentially there for a job, this way the spread of stereotypes who wouldn’t normally ever be friends at least has a plausible reason for being together, and it means you get to know the characters over time. One problem I have is that I’m not sure how much of a stereotype I want the characters to be. Enough to fit the tone I’m trying to create, but not enough to make them completely unsympathetic… And we should probably take this to PMs as well… :stuck_out_tongue:


*knock at the door of the cabin that’s alone in the middle of the woods*
Wonder who that could be ? Better go look out the window to make sure it’s no one dangerous,‘looks out and sees horribly disfigured man with axe’
Oh he must have wrecked his car out in the middle of the woods.opens door
Hi I’m Jeff don’t worry I’m not dangerous or trying to kill you I just wanted to see if I could barrow some water because I over heated out side, I brought my axe here as leverage to make sure I return the bucket that I’m asking to barrow.sure come on in , suddenly a knife appears behind from behind the girls back as the man’s back faces her. She quickly brings it down , wedged between the sections of his spine.the man let’s loose a blood curtailing scream as she twist the knife the man cloaking the the floor in agony, as crimson puddle quickly forms as his hands writhe around his back trying to grab the handle. The girls lifts the axe up and brings it down without hesitation spraying the walls with a beautiful shade of red.

Now that would be messed up if horror movies were really like that, but no we get the average don’t judge a book by it’s cover , judge it by if he would look normal holding a knife and chasing your butt around the forest.


Man this is getting off topic, but if the OP isn’t complaining… Hey did you ever see Tucker and Dale Versus Evil? It’s whole plot is basically based on the idea of people making those exact assumptions.


Yeah , oh I have a great idea what if we made a game were your romance option follows you through out the game helping you defeat your nemesis then at the very end your romance option turns on you and your nemesis confesses their love . Now that would be a messed up ending


Just for fun have a game where you are the killer. Get to pick the weapons what would best terrifie your victims. Choose the reasons you are stocking them. Why are you so impossible to stop. Can you kill them all. Just a stray plot bunny I had hoping around :wink: