Wayhaven Chronicles Fanwork! Everyones art in the first post!


Dude! That’s so pretty.


I’m working on something fluffy so have a snippet of the thing. It features my MC, Emma, with Adam so if anyone is into that :stuck_out_tongue:

Takes place when Adam has emotionally un-constipated himself because I was going over Sera’s tumblr and there was this one ask where Adam is an actual shit and I love it? I forgot the link but basically the MC has a fear the circus or something like that and Adam is just “don’t worry nothing bad will happen to you…now let’s go find some clowns”

Emma then loops her arms around Adam’s neck, tiptoeing slightly to reach her boyfriend, pulling him down slightly so she can rest her forehead against his. “Is that an order Agent du Mortain?”

A low chuckle escapes his lips as he leans even closer, his eyes glimmering with a kind of playfulness reserved only for her. The thought makes Emma’s heart skip, her cheeks flushing slightly at the intensity of his gaze. “On the contrary Emma,” he says as his breath whispers over her lips, “we both know how awful you are at following orders.”


Mayhap this will sound rediculous, outrageous, completely insane and horrific strange to your ears, yet I am going to utter this anyway: I like Bobby Marks. She is essential in the story as a character and can bring an incredible depth to both the Detective and the romance the Detective is developing with one of the vampires.

So I have been wondering, am I the only one who is fond of Bobby?

Anyway, I have been writing some snippets of the past relationship between Bobby and my detective (and will continue doing so). For those who are interested:



Glad I’m not alone in this one, I do ship Rebellious MC x Bobby, and plan to publish a fanfic too, but I guess I was too slow (aka I’m always holding back to publish anything), lol.


I like Bobby but not in a romantic light for my MC

But on my ledger is a Bobby and MC character exploration fic so def on the to do list


ohhhhhh, @dary0004! :smiley: tell your sister happy late or early birthday, lol

Raindrops (851 words) by impeccably_stressed
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Wayhaven Chronicles (Interactive Fiction)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: F!Detective/Ava du Mortain, Female Detective/Ava du Mortain
Characters: F!Detective, Female Detective, Ava du Mortain, Farah Hauville
Additional Tags: Angst, Angst du Mortain, Hurt/Comfort

The Detective has a nightmare, and Ava goes to comfort her.

(For dary0004's sister)

The Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One (Discussion) FAQ Located on Post 2

I think Bobby is alright … the MC had choice of picking his / her feeling for her, i chose she is my ex, it is hard to forget about her , and in Book one she said we will be hearing more from her that’s interesting to be honest, to have a test of will against the ex… to see whether we leak any information when having a dinner with her …

On the plus side, it will be beneficial to have good term with a reporter , we can feed Bobby with some exciting (but not dangerous ) “secret” but request her to redirect the attention from UB…

We can also feed Bobby with news that lure Murphy into the opening … it is not a bad idea to reconcile with Bobby


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Excuse me, I didn’t wake up this morning expecting this attack on my FEELS.

It was very cute, good job! I’m sure Alex will love it! You wrote that so fast!! Also, Farah is super sneaky I love it


(Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I was at work.:sweat_smile:)

Sooo, I honestly don’t know what to say. Your kindness and generosity has me at a loss for words. Thank you. Thank you so much for everything. When I finished reading it to her and said you wrote it for her she ran to her room and wrote you a thank you note. Since I don’t have an address to send it to I’ll post her letter and the translation I wrote on here for you. Thank you again. (The person she calls Dima is me. It’s a nickname she gave me when we were little and keeps using it now.) If you can’t read the translation let me know and I’ll type it out.

Her letter:





How old is your sister? Hope that didn’t sound too creepy. Just curious


She’s turning sixteen tomorrow actually.


You have the cutest sister in the world, men. It’s so damn adorable that she wrote a letter for Rose. Please tell her that we all consider her a part of this fandom and we love to hear from her.

Is so amazing that someone who doesn’t even speak english is so involved in the game, a 10 for both you and your sister!


Thank you very much. I’ll be sure to tell her that. She was actually all nervous because she didn’t know whether to put Rose, Ms. Rose, Mrs. Rose or what. It was like she was writing to her favorite celebrity or something. Actually thats pretty much what she was doing come to think of it.


Omg this is so cute I can’t :sob:

I am actually doing weird noises in my house because this is so precious I can’t even express it properly.

And please, tell her to not be nervous at all, everyone here is so friendly! Specially @impeccably-stressed lol. This fandom is like a big family of h̶o̶t̶ ̶v̶a̶m̶p̶i̶r̶e̶s interactive fiction lovers :smiley:


She’s going to look back on my posts once she learns english and kick me for telling you guys all this stuff. But thats not here nor now so I can talk about her all I want.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: But in all seriousness thank you all very much. I know it bugs her that she can’t read all your guys posts directly but when I read through them with her she really feels like part of the group. It really does mean the world to her.


Y’all, this entire conversation has been so pure, so wholesome, and it’s melting my heart. I wish your sister the happiest of happy birthdays. She seems like an absolute sweetheart!


Your a very sweet brother for doing this and happy birthday to your sister :slight_smile:


Also apologies for inserting myself when i shouldn’t >.> and just wanted to drop this and if your curious about her there is some pretty long info below :slight_smile: thanks!



So this is my Detective : Kira Kingston

-Independent but later on becomes a Team player

Very close relationship with her mom but become really rocky after the reveal because she feels like her mom is babying her and it fuels her insecurity that she’ll never be able to be as great as her mom. add to the fact she has now 4 grown ass babysitters following her every move makes her even more insecure though she incredibly adept in combat, Tech, and Deduction. Does not like authority at all and constantly bends the rules and is a horrible people person lol.


Wow so pretty! You should be really proud of your talent. And seeing as this is the Fanwork thread I should apologize to you :sweat_smile:.

I just told her and now she’s crying/smiling. She’s really happy right now.:grin: