Way of Monarchy (WIP)

Romance would be nice and it could influence things in various ways- marriage for allegiance, or power, and the problems you could get for marrying for love, but poverty.

Choosing where your village is is a pretty good idea, some more thoughts:

Mountain areas- good for defense, but less trading caravans until you upgrade your village with a travelling pass.

Lake- Fishing industry, sea trade.

Forest- Easier access to building equipment, but greater risk of fire.

Frontier- greater trade, lesser access to equipment.

That sort of thing, looking forward to it!

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[quote=“Cooncat54321, post:13, topic:5806”]
-Do you want a romance in the story?
-Do you want a choice to choose where your village located?*[/quote]

[quote=“Mim, post:14, topic:5806”]
Romance would be nice and it could influence things in various ways- marriage for allegiance, or power, and the problems you could get for marrying for love, but poverty.[/quote]
Romance played a huge part in power and ruling, erm…well marriage did anyway. I would be interested to see romance, both in the ‘for the people’ and ‘for me’ aspects. But not something like in Choice of Romance. Being a king/queen or leader in general often means having to either choose yourself or your people. You must think of the whole and not the piece. Tough choices revolving around that and love and life would be very interesting!

As for the choose where your Kingdom is: Will it actually effect anything or do you have a set story in mind? Would you want to add that many variables? Could you take that or would it be too long? Is it something you could add at the end as a polishing final touch? If so, I might save it till the end and just go back and re-add it.

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Yes for both questions.

Rogue country?! I have to start making my laws where to begin, petty prisoners are made soldiers, captured soldiers get handicapped and sent back to their home…

-I would say that choosing where the village will place may cause certain event to occurred, but it won’t interfered with the main plot line I am currently planning. It also determined the aptitude of the the village of what the main resource the village could provide and trade.

-Hmm, I don’t know if the game will turn out like what you expect, but I will try to make it fun to play!!!


  • Thank you for your suggestion! I will keep the information you provide for a good use!

-It seems that Romance( or marriage) have won the election (?). I will make up more character that will interact with your main character. I won’t writing code asking you about what the you preferred between girl, boy, both, or none, since I found it pointless.

Let’s me know if you have any suggestion on potential love interest (Except for Prince and Princess, these one already included.)

Writer statue: struggle learning code
PS. Just a stupid question. How could you post a link to you game? All I can go through is Firefox

Because I’m awful at explaining things, this should help.

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keeping an eye on this, sounds interesting so far.

remind me of an other game i seen, name escapes me right now.

take you time too make this.
that said wouldn`t mind a intro demo a.s.a.p.

cheers and good luck with this

Interesting. Sounds like it could be a pretty good game. Good luck with it.

-Thank you! I really need help with that one.

-Glad you find it interesting! This there another game that have the same idea?
I currently writing it right now, maybe a few week?

Thank! I still new to this so it is a pleasure to hear the comment!

Working on coding right now! But my Exam is coming right up, so I don’t really know when, maybe a couple of week.

Sorry but I can’t stop thinking about Crusader Kings after reading this thread lol.

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Yes for romance and yes for location choices and I have some suggestions/questions
1:maybe for location choices (if you include them) there could be a mountain location for good mining but the miners discover a horrible secret in the mines!
2:will there be a chance for power-hungry rulers to conquer other areas?
3:is there any date that we expect a demo by (unless IRL or major coding problems occur)? no rush :smile:
4. will we get to name our village/capital/kingdom
P.S. I may have already mentioned this but I’m REALLY looking forward to playing this! :smiley:


  • Crusader Kings is a Grand strategies game which I never heard of it until now (need to search in google). It won’t be like that because this is choice of game. It is still a ‘story’. My game will be more simple than that.

-1. I will see if it’s fit in. Thank you for suggesting!
-2. Yes! Their will be some of them try to steal your village! So be careful!
-3. I don’t really sure since my exam is week away. I may not be able to make much progress.
As for the Way of Monarchy progress, I already start coding. Almost finish with the prologue!

For your information, I want to lay more background in the Empire

The setting in the game consists of four Empire. They were called “The Blessed Four”

the Empire located dangerously near many volcanoes. It is gift with many of mineral and iron that come from the eruption of volcanoes, which are the resource for making armor and weapon. Laviana is known as the first empire that were created in Varia and have a reputation of ‘The Strongest Soldiers’. However, because of the volcanoes, the empire’s agriculture suffered. There are often desperate need of food each years because of this.The majority of races living in Laviana are dwarf and human. Other races are rarely been seen. There are a rumors that there are dragon’s lair nearby.

Located in the middle of the forest, Roofa is known as the empire of nature. Forest is like their second home. Exotic fruit, herb, and high quality potion are the main import for this Empire. They have a plot of land for agriculture, but lack of iron and armor. They are also lack of trading route because the difficulty in transportation. The majority of races living in Roofa is Elves, little of them are halfling. No dwarf lived here.

Mysterious is the only definition of Mi-Chous empire. The citizen of Mi-Chous empire contain only two races, the Kinian and human. Kinian have a pair of wing on their back. Some are bat-like, some have features. With their appearance like angel, they were called ‘Masters of the sky’. No one Know where the capital city of Mi-chous is located. Maybe they have it, or maybe not. No one knows. Their trading routes doesn’t existed. They currently are independent with balance resource.

The empire that depend their take on agriculture and fishing. It was labeled as the most friendly and welcoming empire. Easy to access for both merchants and travelers. Though, they are known as the ‘connection’ between Roofa empire and Laviana empire, providing both empire with the resources they lack. The population consists of Human, Merman, and halfling. Although, there have been more corruption sneaking underneath. The empire has the largest, infamous black market.

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The four empires sound great, and I’d love to be able to completely flip their reputation by the end of the game. Get the corruption out of Inkaza, form a powerful trading system as Mi-Chous, etc.

-Thank you! I create these empire because of many thing, plot and all. They are very interesting both their cultures. Some of them have secrets that are waiting to be reveal!

By the way, I already hit 1.3k words! (including the code thing)
And it only prologue! (I don’t know if I should be proud or not)
I might be posting it by Sunday, looking forward for feedback!

oops mistake!
thank you for pointing out! @TheMeek

Please tell me you meant 1.3k words… I’m sure you did, but this has a world of potential and I for one am looking forward to seeing the results.


I add the plot up little bit. It was the plot of why you were thrown into the role of ruler in the first place. Your parents were both ‘mysteriously’ die when you are fourteen years-old. That’s when the village goes down-hill. When you have turn eighteen (the common age to be given responsibility, blah blah blah), there are numerous problem for you to solved and there will be a clue for you to find out what really happen!

I would say that this game will turn out more dramatic then I thought…urgh, got to finished it!

-Thank you for pointing out! I reply it in my phone and not properly look at it. My bad. Please look forward to it!


I personally think that it has lots and lots of reading. Argh…
The prologue isn’t finish (I’m so sorry!), honestly, there are more but I will update later.
(It not even half of it, and the code is hard for the stupid me).

Well, here it is?

Way of Monarchy

This sounds fun and it should have romance and you should be able to pick which empire you start in also if you put in dragons I would like a way to train/domesticate/ally with them

“When your respectful parents were ‘mysteriously’ died, you are suddenly thrown into a role of a ruler!” - “were” should be “are” also died should be Killed
“into a role of a ruler!”- “a” should be “The”
“The ability to change the way your home is within your hand.” - " the way" is unnecessary
“or will it labeled as a blessed city” - Missing a “be” between “it” and “labeled”
“The paper neatly pile into stack” - “Paper” should be plural, Missing are between “Paper” and “Neatly”, Missing “a” between “into” and “Stack”
“you could see the thick layer of dust covered all of them.” -“Could” should be “Can”, “Covered” should be “Covering”
“It is an edvidence that there haven’t been anyone come in contact with them " -“Is” is unnecessary, “edvidence” is spelled evidence, “haven’t” should be “hasn’t”
“at these paperworks with feeling of resignation” - “these” should be “the” “paperworks” remove the “s”, missing 'a” between “with” and “feeling”
“There seem to be no end to them as you spend hours trying to arrange them. " both “them” should be “it”
“Your head starts to hurt by just staring at them.” switch “by” and “just” p.s your head would hurt by staring at anything for too long so it would be best to change “staring” to “looking”
“It’s would be a pain to do it all, even if you spend an entire day doing them” -Remove " 's” from “it’s”, “spend” should be “spent”
“Thinking back of why you are doing this right now” -“of” should be “on”, saying “right now” is unnecessary
“you often questioned yourself what you want to become” - “want” should be “wanted”
“When you ask your parent” -“ask” should be “asked”, “parent” should be “parents”
“Some of your friends want to be a knight,”- “want” should be “wanted”, remove “a”(unless all your friends wanted to be one single knight but that would need to be some big armor) “knight” should be “knights”
“some people want to become a merchant”-“want” should be “wanted”, remove “a”, “merchant” should be “merchants”
“But it is not for you” - i’m not sure what’s not for you but i think you mean its not for the player to decide so add “to decide” on the end
“It was the time you snap” - not sure what this means but it’s wrong
“Since you are born,” -“are” should be “were”
" You are designed the one who will stand over others," -“are” should be “were”, “designed” should be “Destined”, add “to be” between “designed(Destined) and “the”
“you do not know what they mean” - do should be “did”, “Mean” should be “meant”
“It make no sense.” - “make” should be “made”
“when your friend go on and on with their dreams.”- “friend” should be “friends”, “go” should be “went”, “with” should be “about”
“many villages have an alliance and form many cities.”- “have” should be “had”, replace “an” with “created”(or similar words)
“Some of them form for the purpose of surviving and conquering other territory.”- “form” should be “formed”
" Human is not the major habitat that live here in this world.” “Human” should be “Humanity”, “habitat” should be “inhabitant” “live” should be “lives”
“Fortunately, your tiny village were not part of this war” -“were” should be “was”
(starting here you went back to the present without warning so these corrections are assuming you are no longer in flashback mode)
“or maybe because this village is not in their eyes.” - “eyes” should be “sight”
(back to flashback mode)
“These major cities form themselves”-“form” should be “formed”
“the Empire located dangerously near many volcanos.” - add “to” between “near” and “many”, “volcanos” should be “volcanoes”

More Corrections later…

Actually, adding ‘are’ makes it sound clunky, just take out the were altogether. “When your parents mysteriously died, you’re suddenly thrown into the role of a ruler.”

sounds much better.

“It is up to your choice to make!” take out the ‘up to’. “It is your choice to make!”

Also ‘the’ should be ‘a’. [A] thick layer of dust.