Wardens' Call [WIP] update 40k+ words [new thread]

[New thread]
I’ve begun work on my new game Wardens’ Call. In it, you play as a young college student thrust into the hidden world of mystical creatures.

  • Do you wonder if this had ever happened to anyone else? From what was supposed to be a normal day had now turned with some 12-foot tall robot thing coming for your throat. They say the world is a pretty big place, does that include strange monsters, mystical objects, a secret society, and evil beings lurking in the dark just waiting to eat you up too? Experience the mystical world of the supernatural as you are forced into a broken order dedicated to protecting the realm. It’s time for you to heed the Wardens’ Call!

  • Romance your fellow Wardens as you try to clear your name by finding the very criminal that started this! Just try not to get too banged-up on your job as a Warden, else you may not survive.

  • One of five weapons call for you, which one matches your soul I wonder? Can you maintain an attunement to unlock the secrets buried with it?

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary but still human among a world of elves, demons, and others. All of this in the world of modern times! Want magic cellphones that will never break again? You got it!

It’s about (30%, 5 Chapters, 40k+ Words) done, and I plan on updating every month.

Ok! In case you don’t know, this is my first time making a game! This includes code so hopefully, I meet my quota set, otherwise, I’ll just update with what I have. This game is a slow burn type of game. It may get more, um, gruesome as time goes on. This is just a warning, for now, as of right now it isn’t.

So I think I’m getting used to the forum format of this, hopefully, this looks alright and explains juuuuust enough. I plan on moving away from, a set chapter to update, system so I won’t have to make another thread, just in case.

This is now 5 chapters long. That’s two more chapters than last time! I gave it a quick edit which I will give it a more in-depth one later(most likely when I have it done). A majority of the grammar issues should be cleared, otherwise the two grammar checkers I use did nothing. Fixed the whole walls of text issue I felt like I had but I may have gone overboard.

Problems that remain.
I’m still not able to wrap my head on getting the stats menu to be an actual menu. I’ll keep trying. I’ve come across a new concern, and it is ballooning choices. As this is my first attempt, I am unsure if some choices or ideas are safe enough to not destroy me from ballooning. We’ll see. There are definitely parts where I wanna rewrite after reading through them but I’ll save that for after the chapters are finished.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble!
To play the demo, go here:https://dashingdon.com/go/5343


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