Hi, this is the new project im working on and its about WWII and you play as a fighter pilot! Plans include a ranking up system, squadrons, and I will be including some major air battles, like Pearl Harbor, and others! Any suggestions and comments are greatly appreciated, thanks!





Hmm, sounds like a lot of research is needed for this. Good luck!


My grandfather was a Chief Fire Control gunner on a B-29 during WWII. we know for a fact he was at Okinawa and flew out of Great Bend, Kansas. The only war story he ever told while alive was how he delivered wine for officers this one time. Personally, and I’m obviously biased, I’d say a story involving the crew of a bomber would be more interesting than fighter pilots. But that’s just me. I’m a history major and I’m going to be watching this with great interest.


Thanks for sharing! And thank you for being interested with my project. Also, im not sure if I should create a choice to play as a pilot or a crew, i guess we’ll have to wait and see!


Thank you so much for the interest!


what about having player as pilot but having him choose if he is fighter or bomber pilot ?
that was player always is pilot, only exception is that if he is bomber then he has relations with his crew, while if he is fighter he has relations with other pilots in his wing.


Sounds exciting, I enjoyed writing the air combat sections of Divided We Fall :wink:
I would say that if you wanted to be both historically accurate and include the regular CoG feature of choosing gender, perhaps include the option to be a Soviet pilot, as there were women fighter pilots in the Red Air Force. Just a tip!


heh speak of the devil i was looking for the woman corpses in red army and air ones are o 586. Fighter air Corps, 587. bomber air Corps
and 588. night bomber Corps (Night witches) later 46. Tamanian guard
night bomber ). Zdroj: http://technet.idnes.cz/pilotky-za-valky-a-helene-dutrieu-a-nocni-carodejnice-a-marina-raskova-1k1-/vojenstvi.aspx?c=A120504_151914_vojenstvi_kuz

its in my language but i still think that knowing what were the numbers of these ALL women corps could be helpfull


Hmmmm what area would you be more focused on the combat or the general story? I tend to find combat in cogs a bit tedious :pensive: but i would be very much interested in the inner workings and daily life as a fighter pilot, and like the guys said above having a female fighter pilot would be great.


This seems like a good story to write. I wish you the best of luck and you have my support.Do you know all the ranks, and have a rough idea how the dogfights went back then.


Thanks for the support and yes, I am very familiar with the ranks, and how dogfights were back in the 40’s/ WWII era


It will be alot of work, to make multiple storylines but im a dedicated worker, so I think ill do a fighter pilot storyline first, then bomber.


Well, im hoping to balance combat and general story so that the player can reallyn expirience how being a fighter pilot during WWII was, and I will be working on a male gender based pilot storyline first, then i will add gender options and a bomber pilot storyline, and thanks for the interest!


Thanks for the interest and support, and yes, I know about all the ranks and I have a good idea of how the dog fights were back in WWII.


Thank you for the tip! And I will be adding a gender and bomber pilot option later when I finish the first, pilot, storyline, but don’t worry, I will definitely add a gender option to play as a female pilot!


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WWII seems to be a hot topic on these forums all of a sudden.
Anyhow, will we get a hot wingman in this game, or do you plan to focus mostly on the fighting and flying itself?


I dont know yet, i may make a possible romantic encounter between a nurse/doctor or another pilot though!


Hey, I think this could be a great game if done well.

I think it could be interesting if one of the romances is with a pilot from an enemy country.


hmm, good idea, I might add multiple possible romances in the finished demo, and thanks for the interest and support!