Want opinion on which story I should write

Hi my name is Daniel aka OracleD3 and I have been a huge fan of Choice of Games for a while now, that I have build up the courage to join the forums and even write my own story :persevere:. I have always loved making up my own story’s and love telling them to my friends who also love my ideas and often help me :blush:. But I normally don’t other people besides my friends my ideas :disappointed_relieved: I once tried writing on a site that lets you post stories like a book. I was so exited, but people liked the story but I got mostly bad comments for grammar mistakes :cry: which scared me off. So that’s why my best friend William is going to co write this with me so I don’t make as many as I usually would :sweat_smile:. So if I do write all I ask is… Please be gentle with me :sweat: I scare off easily and it’s taking a lot of courage to do this. So just if you have criticism or advice please be nice :blush:.
OK! On to the topic at hand. So I have 3 ideas of what I want to write. One of them is more devoleped then the others were I have mostly all of the story figured out, another that I still have to work on but have a general idea, and the last one is basically just in its idea phase, but I love all of them so I would like you guys to help me choose :grin:. Im going to place them in the order of how how much of the story needs work from a lot, mostly, and just need to start typing :blush:.

Title: Sky-Touched
Plot: Scientist stated that the stars in the night sky are 4.4 light-years away leaving everyone satisfied. But no one ever predicted that the stars were actually traveling towards earth. Not until the year of 2036 when the stars began to rain down upon the earth. There was no damage but people who were struck by a star were marked by them on the back of their left hand with a mark of either a Sun, a Crescent Moon, or a Star. Not only were these people marked but depending on the mark they had these people gained ability’s from them. Deemed too dangerous the government decided to contain these people for their own safety. But every one knew it was for the safety of normal citizens of the world. Peopled marked were no longer classified as humans and were classified as new species. Sky-Touched. In the year 2086 Sky-Touched now live in city camps surrounded by giant walls and government guards to fend for themselves with almost no aid from the outside world. You are a Sky-Touched and child of one of the three great rebel leaders who want to liberate you and all Sky-Touched. Will you join your parent in the rebellion? Will you use your powers to fight or good old fashioned weapons? Will you discover why Sky-Touched are disappearing? Or will you betray everyone to win over the government and set yourself free?
***This all have for this story :sweat_smile: It might be a series or it might just be one book.

Title: Apotheosis (Title to be Changed)
Plot: In the mystical land of Spera you are one of the Deity’s of this land of fantasy.Choose to be the God/Goddess/Deity of Love, Battle, Death and Life, Sun, Moon, or Creatures(Animals). You and your siblings watch over the land and the humans that live on it giving aid if you so choose. The humans all know your names and have temples placed for each of you all over the land in hopes that you will hear their prayers and aid them. The land thanks to you and your siblings has always been well taken care of. That is until your brother Tenebris god of madness and chaos over throws you and your siblings. Taking away your immortality and godly powers he throws you out of your domain and sends you plummeting down to earth. Now you are no longer a god now you are a human with only a small ounce of your old powers. A Demigod. You must now find a way to regain all of your powers to regain your godly hood and stop your brother. And soon because now the land of Spera is under the god of chaos control and now demons roam the earth and other dangers. With the help of new human friends and one of your siblings you are on a quest to free the land from Tenebris. Hopefully you will succeed.
I dony know how long i want this story to be but so far I have a idea for 2 parts so it might be 3-5 maybe. You will be able to choose what kind of Deity you are and depending on what you choose will impact what your class is when you fall.
Here is more details or each kind of Deity you can be including your class and weapon choices:

  • Love: Choosing this makes you the Deity of Love. You help humans of Spera find all kinds of love not just romantic. But not only are you the Deity of Love but you are also a symbol for beauty, music, art, and kindness. The stone that symbolizes you is a Rose Quartz once you become human you will have a heart jewel pendent of this stone which contains what little power you have. You will have the power to enchant people with your looks and voice so your class as a human will be Bard. Power up your allies or distract enemies with your enchanted voice, also flirt your way out of a problem. Your weapons of choice will be either a harp, or a Lute.

  • Battle: Choosing this makes you the Deity of Battle. You don’t take sides in the war of humans you give aid to any worthy warrior in battle. You also symbolize war, strength, bravery, and honor. The stone that symbolizes you is a Garnet once you are human you will have a sword shaped jewel pendent containing your powers. You will have the power of great strength and inviolability and also great combat skills so your class as a human will be Warrior. Your weapons of choice will be either a clamor or war hammer.

  • Death and Life: Choosing this makes you the Deity of both life and death. You are the deity that takes humans that have died onto the after life, you also are the one that gives life to every new born soul choosing their mother. You also symbolize fear, poison, motherhood, and fate. The stone that symbolize you is a Obsidian once you become human you will have a Yin and Yang shaped pendent. You will have the power to summon spirits and corpses to come to your aid and also be able to sense deadly situations before they happen so your class as a human will be Necromancer. Your weapons of choice will be either a crystal ball or a enchanted dagger.

  • Sun: Choosing this makes you the Deity of the Sun. You are the Deity that is said your heart is the sun itself giving warmth and light to the world. You also symbolize Fire, Nature, Light, and Faith. The stone that symbolizes you is a golden Topaz once you become human you will have a sun shaped pendent of that jewel. You will have the power to use Fire and Plants to fight enemies and also light to heal yourself and allies so your class as a human will be Cleric. Your weapons of choice will be either a Staff or Gauntlets.

  • Moon: Choosing this makes you the Deity of the Moon. You are the Deity that is said your heart is the moon itself and the stars are your tears, blanketing the earth in cold night revealing all who they truly are. You also symbolize Water, Darkness, Hunting, and Truth. The stone that symbolizes you is a Lapis Lazuli once you become human you will have a crescent moon shaped pendent. You will have the power to control water and darkness and also be able to hide yourself in shadows your class as a human will be Thief. Your weapons of choice will be either a Bow or Crescent duel blades.

  • Creatures: Choosing this makes you the Deity of Creatures aka Animals. Legend has it you created every animal in the world from the great dragons to the littlest worm with love for all of them. You also symbolize family, loyalty, freedom. and will. The stone that symbolizes you is a Peridot once you become human you will have a pendent shaped like a paw. You will have the power to call upon the aid of all animals and insects of any kind you will also be unable to be hurt by any animal like monsters unless they are demons so your class as a human will be a Beast Tamer. Unlike the other choice your only weapon will be a whip but you will have a animal companion that will fight along side you that you will pick from a Drolf(half wolf half dragon) or a Wendigrizzly(half wendigo half grizzly bear).

The last option is the one i have mostly all of the story figured out. It is a witch story inspired by shows about witches such as Charmed and American Horror Story Coven and even books about witches.

Title: A Witches Path
Plot: “Congratulations, you are a Witch!” your aunt says to you one day. After spending 16 years of your life thinking you were human one day after being pushed too far by a group of bullies discover the truth about yourself. You are a Witch. Now that you know its time for you and your Aunt to move back to your family’s home town and be around other Witches like you. On the way your aunt tells you that there is a tradition for all Witches that once they turn 13 years old they must choose one out of two covens to join. Already 3 years behind you must choose a coven to join. Will you join the Coven of White, witches that believe that magic should only be used for good and never for ones own personal use, or will you join the Coven of Night, witches that believe magic should be used however they choose to use it as long as humans don’t discover it. Each Coven wants you to join them, its the first time in your life you fell so wanted but you soon discover why. Soon you find out that there is a prophecy about you that states that you will be the most powerful Witch that ever walked the earth and depending on which Coven you choose will decide the outcome of the world, choosing the White Coven is said that you will unite the human world and the magical world into living together in peace and harmony, choosing the Night Coven is said that you will lead witches to enslaving the humans making witches rule the world. You now know the truth on why each Coven wants you, will it affect your choice? Are the witches in the coven truly your friend or are they pretending to get you to join their coven to fulfill the prophecy? One thing is clear others have their eye on you not only witches but things that lurk in the shadows. Will you have the power to fight them? Choose your aura, familiar, and powers in this modern Witch series.

This is a four part series that i already already have most of the story figured out. Here are the titles of the seres

  1. A Witches Path
  2. A Witches Hunt
  3. A Witches Trial
  4. A Witches Fate

There will be 12 love interest, 3 boys and 3 girls in each coven to romance. They are rivals to a counterpart in each coven so the stats screen will show them as such so if you increase one characters view you will lower their rivals view.
You will also choose a animal companion to become your familiar out of a Crow, Snake, Cat, Dog, and Opossum.
You will also choose the powers you have. You will Have Active power for combat, Defensive power, and a Passive Power. You will choose one power for each through out the story not all at once. Your Active power choices will be

  • Pain Illusion
  • Pyrokinesis
    If you have other suggestions of powers let me know :blush:

So those are the three stories I cant decide from. Please let me know which one you think I should work on and your thoughts on each one :blush: I cant wait to get started its still scary but a fun kind of scary.


Witches in the 21th Century? Sold. Besides, there’s a prophecy. I love prophecies. Go for this one.


I think they all sound like great ideas and would be interested in playing all of them at some point, I mean I love witches and gods/demigods and magic powers :smile:


Someone is already working on a witch story I think go with the God one that sounds amazing.

They all sound good but if I choose I will go with Apotheosis😀

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Aptheosis is my choice.

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Go for the Witch story, please😊

I love magic and charmed to go with the witch story.

The Witch’s Path sounds fun, and if it’s the most developed story, it makes sense to work on it. Hopefully you can work to subvert the whole “light=good; dark=bad” cliché, without going full “light=bad; dark=good”, which is almost as clichéd. One of my favourite series for doing this is Night Watch, by Sergei Lukyanenko, in which light (the eponymous Night Watch) and dark (the Day Watch) have been at “peace” for some time, and work together to ensure a balance is kept (e.g. if the light side saves a life, the dark side is allowed to take a life in return).

Good luck with whichever one you choose. :grin:

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I hope it’s as fun to read as it sounds. To clarify the Night coven isn’t evil neither of the Covens are. They simply have different political views on what it means to be a Witch. The White Coven think that being a witch means magic should be used only to help others and fight evil, The Night Coven thinks being a witch is having the freedom that magic should be used how ever you personally choose such as using it to make yourself rich. There will be a third party in the story that will play as the main villain. So all you will have to worry about is do you believe magic should have rules or be used as you wish?
I hope this isn’t as cliche :slight_smile:

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Oh, the Day Watch aren’t exactly evil; they’re just more ruthless (and the Night Watch can get quite ruthless too, if it’s for what they perceive as the greater good). The Day Watch also contains vampires, werewolves, and other creatures that need to kill to survive, so it’s not completely selfish.

As for your story, that sounds fine. I was a little worried about the prophesies:

but I imagine you could easily flip them around, so that the light isn’t completely good and the dark isn’t completely bad.

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I kinda like sky touched and winches choice myself.

The second story looks promising. I think you should go with that.

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The god one sound really cool.

Am really impressed by these potential stories,but I liked the first and second ideas the most. I wish you the best of luck on your game! :slight_smile:

I really love your ideas!!! I personally like the gods one best! But Maybe you should do the witches? ( that my second choice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) because it’s already ready to be typed up? I just want you to not be to stress out and if you already have a laid out plan for these series than you should do it.

The second one sounds promising.

Sound like my kind of guys, by the way I hope that we will be able to play as a male character.

Besides if the mc is badly bullied at the beginning I’d want him to be able to use his magic to make himself rich and incredibly handsome and then return to give his former bullies a taste of their own medicine and it doesn’t sound like that’s something the white witches would condone.


Oh yah they are pretty fun to hang around the love Interest in that coven are basically the popular crowd in your new school :smile:. Oh I have it that “Witch” is for both males and females like in the show Charmed. I just think calling yourself a Witch is cooler than saying Warlock or Wizard :slight_smile:. And yes if you choose to be like the Night coven you can use magic to buy items instead of actual money.

Can’t I just use magic to create actual money (or things worth a lot of actual money, like gold)?
Cause I think my teenage mc would rather shop for sexy clothes than make them himself with magic.