(W.I.P.) A Hag Called Fate(Update: May 17, 2018)



Makes sense. Though sad to the option go, as I liked the idea of it, I understand your decision.


Although I have to admit that I wasn’t around long enough to see the option for being in love with Zaxton, I really do like the idea. But yeah, that sounds like a really fair explanation for it and I can’t blame you for getting rid of it.
Although if it’s alright for me to ask for it, I’d be fond of the idea of having options that at least imply some past “thing” between Zaxton and the MC whenever he’s brought up. Maybe not a full motivator for the MC, but I personally think it might be nice and I could personally see my own MC as the type to have had an interest in him.

But hey, it’s your game, and as of right now I’m pretty satisfied with what I’m seeing. Getting to play as the right-hand man to a villain is a pretty great breath of fresh air and I’m glad that I got to play the demo. Really can’t wait to see where this goes. :grinning:


I miss this so much also welcome back


So good to see this back! :purple_heart:


Oooooh. I came on this site long after this story looked like it died, but I did find the demo, and I really, really liked it. So glad to be wrong!


No way its back beautiful


I just so desperately needed to say it, I made an account just needed to say it because no one else seems to want to even acknowledge it.

“Did your wings get bigger?” That line. Easily my favorite. I wonder if even when it updates if there will be anything that will beat that part.


Will you add saves?


I was leaning towards doing that. Probably will see what I can do before I can update it which at this rate is only a little bit faster than the coming of a new episode of Yugioh Abridged. Few things though.

Didn’t really think of how long I wanted this to go for in general. Like I wasn’t planning on doing a sequel or anything so it’s probably just going to be a long one-off game. Mainly because, just the way I see it? I there’s multiple endings, I would like to think that the one I get is canon instead of seeing a new game in a series a while later and it just being “Haha, nothing you did ever mattered!”

But yeah. As soon as I’m smart enough to figure out a saving system is supposed to work, I’ll most likely put one in so it’s a lot easier to just come back too later on if I’m planning for a long game.


This was a really awesome demo. Really fun and creative. Only problem is the spelling.


Yeah. That’s a real problem for me. Notepad doesn’t pick up on spelling errors and compresses things pretty tightly so it gets kind of hard to notice when there’s about 700+lines to proofread and adjust. I did my best to get rid of the half a million spelling errors that were there before, but going through again I missed a few.


"“Look girl, my eye is up here.” Shouldn’t that be plural “my eyes are up here”?

Is the mc meant to be a cyclops of some sort? Otherwise this is one of the most annoying bugs to me.

Otherwise keep up the good work.


Nope. That’s used as singular on purpose.


So, does the mc only have one eye or are they blind in the other?


To say that it’s been implied would be an understatement.


Heya! Just wanted to tell you that the demo is awesome and i hope you keep working on it!

2 quick questions though, how old is the MC supposed to be? Pretty sure that in the beginning it’s stated that the MC is a few years older than the group of heroes but later it is stated that the MC’s sister is supposed to be hundreds of years old. So that kinda got me wondering how old our MC is. Also, are we going to find out how we lost our eye?


How do you know that heroes aren’t actually hundreds of years old themselves?


They wouldn’t really be young if that where the case, but point taken maybe they just look young i guess.


Young is a relative term when you consider what the comparison scale is. Here’s another thing to think about. When the MC considers someone “weak” would that really be true? Or is their perspective just skewed when comparing someone to themselves?


Love A hag called fate it was fun play and your work great see on it