(W.I.P.) A Hag Called Fate(Update: May 17, 2018)



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To move this on to a more peaceful conversation @Frosty what do you have planned in term of magic spells since I would like to give you some ideas on powerful spells both offensive,defensive and supportive.

Also I really like using the soldiers as its really makes the Mc a badass tactical person along with using magic against the heroes and being lazy is awesome as it alludes to the MC being a destructive person when awoken.


My plan, if it will be possible:

  • Secretly betray Grand Father and join forces with the heroes.
  • Kill said Granddaddy.
  • Take Granddaddy’s former position as ruler.
  • Throw the Heroes in the dungeons, along with a troll for no other reason than I’d want an excuse to yell “There’s a Troll in the Dungeons!”

I’d be able to get rid of two annoyances (An incompetent ruler and a party of pesky heroes) without anyone other than my fellow Overseers having knowledge in my involvement in the Gran Father’s demise!


That wouldn’t work for my character, i like controversial villains better, like Toguro.
(I mean, who wouldn’t want to kill weaklings with finger-flicks?)
I would probably stay with Grand Father until he becomes an obstacle to my world peace objective, then i would either kill or imprison him. Wage war and manipulate heroes into their doom, ruling the world as a supreme being.
Then, world peace and a lazy angelic lord sleeping in his magnificent throne.


Though our means of achieving it may differ, it seems our end goals are the same.

Long live the Lazy Angels!


I really liked this and it was pretty well written. I like the fact that we are the badass this time around, instead of being the one who witnesses the badass.
Overall looking forward to it :grin:
I keep thinking of the Overlord games whilst playing this too




I very much agree with this. In the end it is up to the author’s discretion how the story is going to be told. If someone tried to dictate to me how my story should be written instead of making a suggestion of what they would like to see I would be more inclined to ignore them.


I don’t take it personally. I will add the inclusion for the fact there is enough of a number of people who seem genuinely interested in having it, It’s in no way due to one singular person’s comment(Besides, there is even proof that they said they liked what I had, until I made one comment they didn’t agree completely with. That’s okay. You can’t control other people.)

I’m just worried that if I did it too seriously, then I would project my own feelings too much into the game, as a guy who really can’t help but feel it would have been better if he was born female.(This isn’t the thread to discuss that though.)

The spirit of games is they can be anything as long as the players can have fun. That should be the ultimate goal.


@Frosty, you are the author. and this is your creation; it’s ok to project your own feelings into the game. But, um, on that note… could I make a suggestion too? I haven’t noticed it amongst the replies (that may just be me being a little unobservant but hey, I’m not the stick-up-her-arse -and yet she’s an incorrigible flirt-, angelic second in command; I can afford it) but could I maybe suggest a bisexual option? That might be a little much, and I worry that I’m bringing something like this up too soon after that little non-binary thing, but I just wanted to ask.

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I love this fucking game :heart_eyes:


Okay, this is pretty cool. (Lillian is the only character in a COG that I’ve really enjoyed being a dick to.)


Wait, what now this was reopened, for real, pinch me! :astonished:


Yep. Thing is, I actually had a fair bit ready a while ago, but then it didn’t work out quite as planned and I had to remove quite a few things, more characters, full scale wars, and overpowering boss monsters(Including an fantastically elaborate part where you battle with a giant iron golem) but sadly, it was too ambitious.

So, eventually I ruled that it wouldn’t necessarily be bad to keep the amount of stuff going on smaller and just see what I can build on that.


Replayed the demo and remembered why I fell in love with this wip


Yes! I’m glad to see this WIP is back. Was one of my favorites. Rereading this, did you remove the option where the MC was in love with Zaxton? I remember that being an option when we Sir Gregor our motive.


Lol gr8 title!! love the demo can’t wait for more!


It was available at first. Then I debated if that would be a good idea to still keep it if the player decides they’re interested in living characters(Or just to see what would happen realistically).

Mainly the reason I decided against it was because I didn’t see it as good to keep that as a possible reason while all the other stuff happens currently. Hope that makes sense.