(W.I.P.) A Hag Called Fate(Update: May 17, 2018)



I’m partly fearful of bumping up my own topic, but I want to acknowledge the people who took the time to sit down and play through the quick version. I was actually surprised to see the interest people are taking into this for something I did just out of sheer curiosity. Honestly, I probably don’t want to leave it half finished myself, but it is satisfying that people want to see more. On that note:

  1. As people have pointed out there is a number of grammatical errors and spelling errors that I seemed to have missed and it’s good that they got pointed out. Thanks. I’ll fix those as my first action.

  2. I’m not married to the intro chapter and might give that an overhaul eventually. As well as expanding the chapter of the second part in the temple. It feels a little too sudden with everything that happens.

  3. I cannot give an estimate when the next update is. Since it seems for the most part people enjoyed it, it makes me feel somewhat bad to say that. Though, I’'m sure people would rather wait for higher quality content then if I rushed half finished content anyway,

Other then work and daily life, I want to improve my skills with choice script(Coming a long way from not being able to manage a stat screen about a week ago). Then there’s the matter of adding better content which takes time. I think the way I want to stylize it is so that while you can get parts of the story, it will take more then one play through set of options to actually get the full background around the story (Some of you probably have a pretty good idea.) Oddly enough, some of the comments actually gave me a strange thought for a potential future minor character.

Last minute details. It feels too early for people to have a serious opinion on characters but if there are any you particularly like or hate(Of course, one of them only exists so they can be hated. You know the one.)

Also was considering the possibility of the “protagonists” having minor chapters. They won’t change anything game wise and would only be there for story wise. Though some of the M.C.'s decisions will probably surface. There will be an option to skip them since there is nothing affecting game play in them if you don’t feel like reading them.


This is quite a fun read! I’d love to see more in the future.


I found a few errors, but for the most part disregarded them. I really liked this demo! …although I made my poor Kurikaius, Angelic Vice Commander, a woman scorned but a potential femme fatale. Serious, proactive, peaceful, and in possession of a nice, big hotspring! Even bad girls have to kick back~! [Starts humming ‘Bad Little Boy’.]


I do like this as it shows some of the impact of my mc’s choices. If you do make at least one from the POV of Leo, please.

Aww…my mc just loves playing and toying with the little would-be heroes, he may even want to keep some, like say a male variation on princess Leia of Star Wars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Soooo how is everyone?


@idonotlikeusernames says everything I was going to say in this post:


No nb option??? No nb characters at all?


Oh god, I’m imagining a Navi-Type character.

“Hey! Listen!”

Tis cool. Take your time. Most of us are patient.

Azul seems like a fun character, and though I enjoy making fun of Leo, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy.

Not two? Hmm…

Brimea or Grandfather…Brimea or Grandfather…I can’t decide which i hate more!

I love it! Would we be able to make minor unimportant choices as those characters?

Bikini included? :no_mouth:


Nope I wanna see all of his chest, here since you asked for it a Star Wars male pleasure slave outfit.

Click at your own risk



I didn’t ask for it!

I was asking if you wanted it!


Guys, stop with that. You made me remember about Han Solo’s death.


I did initially debate this but ruled not to include it(At least not currently) because I still need to improve my own writing skills before finding a way to make it work inside the structure.I don’t feel that that it can move into the flow of the story naturally, without it seeming outright forced which would probably hurt more then it would help.

There’s the added fact of the gender specific content for re playability. Weaving non-binary options in would be complex to do, since the game world has characters who have their own specific interests in men or women( I don’t force their actions, I might not try punching a demon lord in the face but Damian would absolutely do that. I personally, don’t hit on everything with legs. But Leo does.) Mind you, this is still very early that you could barely brand this even in alpha stage yet. The M.C. might not get that option but their might be other characters in the story who are(If I can do it naturally without it being their only reason for existing in the story.)


So let me get this straight: you’re worried about how it would fit in with your world-building.

In a game with magic, demons, shapeshifters and dragon-people, you’re wondering about how you would fit in the concept of genders other than male or female, which have existed in the real world for centuries… because you’re worried how to write people hitting on them.

Right, count me out of being interested for this…


Sorry for your loss of interest. For the sake of other people who would like it as option, I will see what I can do as a workaround in future updates. I can’t argue that the setting isn’t all too serious in itself so there’s no reason to take it too seriously(Though depending on what you pick the motivation reason for the M.C. can get severe. Female M.C. that liked Zaxton leaves stuff to be implied(Not dark exactly). That’s too be expanded on.)

This will require additional characters to be added since most characters other then the Overseers( Was intentioned that they would be romance able on male or female routes if they are your preference) have preset preferences(Not everyone likes the same things. In Azul’s case, most probably already have a pretty good idea). The added characters probably won’t surface until further into the story though so there isn’t a complete overhaul.


I need to agree with @KiNDERPiSTOL thats just not okey. And you should know better than that since you have been on this site from 2015 :pensive: just give some respect.


Wow, chill a little bagel, that’s unnecessarily harsh.


I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the term, but being non-binary means as much as having a gender-identity that is neither male nor female. (The most common, binary (two), genders.)

(And please be civil regardless of the tone of the conversation :slight_smile:)


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Actually, people can be physically born as neither male or female, or even as both. It’s just pretty rare.


Well I guess you learn something new everyday well my comment still stands that the author shouldn’t be forced to add something they might not want add to their game if they feel like it doesn’t suite the story they are trying to make,

And to keep this civil I deleted my comment