(W.I.P.) A Hag Called Fate(Update: May 17, 2018)



It would be really helpfull if there was an index in the stats explaining the world and the characters in it makes its easier remembering the names looking forward this could be a great game! :slight_smile:


I found pretty enjoyable, really creative. :slight_smile:

Apart from typos, I find it really refreshing. I hope that the author will continue it, a lot of good stories/games are unfinished…

Yeah, to those who say it needs some polishing (including me), if the author decides to go on with it, we can then contribute to his efforts/writing.

I’d really love to see how the story and its world looks like in its completion, as a whole. So thumbs up for continuing it. :grinning:


Oh man, I really enjoyed this. The concept is fun, and I’m very eager to see what else will come up. I definitely got a bit of an RPG feel from this. There are a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes in it, but I think this is a really fun idea. I’d love to see more!


Love it, specifically the dragon hybrid part


Interesting concept, mostly because i like playing as a villain. Now, take care with grammar, bc the story got potential.


Really cool idea. Loving serving as the second-in-command to the villain. Can’t wait to see how it develops.


I like this wip been replaying it alot :grin:


oh I can tell this is going to be good.


I absolutely love this idea. Please continue this amazing title !!!


Feels like I’m playing a reversed final fantasy game. It’s a very cool concept, I like it.
Some typos aside, it’s very good.
Keep up the good work.


Actually that is still correct without needing edit. “clearly not one they intend to follow” makes sense on its own.

Making it “clearly not one of them they intend to follow” would make it worse, with less of a flow.


We’re the bad guy’s right hand! Not the bad guy himself! We don’t have to be defeated for the cliche to continue, just our boss.


I actually love this wip I can’t wait to see more of it


I love how lazy it allows my apparently still super-cute mc to be. That laziness is probably also why he cannot be bothered to become the evil overlord himself. In general our overlord appears to be a bit of an idiot surrounded by highly competent lieutenants, such as ourselves.


The only reason he remains in power is because of us.

I look forward to the incompetent’s downfall.


But then we have to find and groom another useful idiot evil overlord and that sounds like a lot of work, my mc doesn’t like having to do a lot work. :unamused:


I wasn’t saying my Overseer. would look forward to it.

Just that I do.


I LOVE IT! I get to be a evil minion! All my dreams became true!


Well, this was certainly fun.


My aspirations for a lazy yet uberly powerful villain has come true~ Excellent job