(W.I.P.) A Hag Called Fate(Update: May 17, 2018)

Once a blue moon, an old dead W.I.P. returns to life. There’s tons of reasons why I didn’t get to this sooner but none of them are interesting to talk about. It’s not nearly as much updated as I wanted to get done, but it’s something at least.

If you’re wondering what this about, it’s your classic rpg. All of the things you expect. Evil overlords, heroes, princesses, orphans, eye patches, and an awful loot system, I made this in mind that if you played one rpg along those lines, you’ve played about all of them. So what’s the difference?

You’re role isn’t as the hero or the big evil overlord. It’s as the dragon in chief to the evil overlord. You’re not a child growing up to save the village or someone jumping into the blatantly obvious trap. You’re the village destroyer and the one who sets traps. You’re the one who delivers curbstomps to everyone else.

On another note, the way to think about what the focus of this will be, is not so much as “Good versus Evil” as much as it is “Pragmatic Villainy versus Stupid Evil.”

Link below:


Let me know anything about your thoughts.


Already love the idea. Gonna play the demo now.


One of my favorite games, even with such a short demo!

I am Lord Zaldor, Angelic Lord of Evil! Ha!

######And it was fun having my second character, Zaldia, getting everyone to laugh at Leo, the Keeper of Eternal Chastity.

Obviously, I’m really looking forward to more!


I love my super-lazy MC really looking forward to more.


I quite like this one so far, granted it’s a bit rough. I would most definitely hope you continue to write because I would certainly love to see more.

I really like it :grinning: hope you continue writing it.

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This game i super awesome. How old is everyone?

It’s fun and made me chuckle a couple of times, I do hope you keep up the good work! :+1:

I was very interested in this concept when I read about it and now I love it after playing the demo. There are some spelling errors here and there, but all in all I really you hope to continue this WIP because I really enjoyed it!

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Love this. Very JRPG. There’s a few grammar and spelling errors, but nothing to worry about at this point in creation.

Nb option?

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Should be “one of them”

“Their knees are shaking”

The demo was great, I do hope that you continue this and can’t wait to see more.

After “draw my weapon” add a comma

Grammatical error using though and but together

After “my spine” add a full stop

Grammatical error

Did you mean “the arrow narrowly strikes my head”?

I liked the idea but there are a lot of spelling and grammatical error. You should take some more care in that area.And how about adding some lore.The story seemed a bit confusing at first

This demo is awsome, i really look forward for more :heart_eyes:

I really hope we as The bad guy wont get beaten, i mean at least i dont want to get beaten! XD